Drosophila Lab Report. What Format Do You Choose?

Laboratory report is a rather common assignment students are asked to do during their studies. There are several reasons why professors want them to complete this kind of task. First of all, it is needed to provide students with the opportunity for learning. And, of course, it teaches students to make their own experiments, to observe and to write in a good scientific manner. Laboratory reports are often difficult for students to write because they require not only deep knowledge of theory, but also a practical part. Therefore, we took care of your preparation to writing the report and would like you to look at the information written below.

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If you asked to complete this kind of report, it means that you are going to learn about drosophila, its characteristics, how to recognize the sex of drosophila and define its contrasting phenotypes, how to define the sex linkage and independent assortment of several different alleles of this insect and how to draw the map of the drosophila chromosome. However, you may need to make a report about one of the above-mentioned aspects. It depends on the requirements of the assignment. At the same time, the format of drosophila lab report is usually common with the exception of several details. Here, you can find the most widespread requirements regarding your lab report.

The laboratory report should consist of such essential sections as the title of the report, introduction, materials and methods section, results section, discussion section, the conclusion, abstract, references and appendices. Let us learn more precisely what they mean and what content to put in these sections.

  • Here, you should describe the further content of your report. When it is a scientific report, its purpose is to inform the reader about the subject of the experiment and what the main research variables are. Sometimes the title also provides the indication of the research methodology that was used. But you probably don't need to mention the methodology in your title.
  • This section exists for establishing the purpose of your experiment and gives a brief summary of what your laboratory report is going to be about. Also, it provides general information regarding the issue of your report in the context of relevant theory and previous achievements of the scientists in this field. It should be written in five sentences. It shouldn't be too broad, but instead you need to make it narrow enough with concrete data in concern to the key points of your report.
  • Materials and methodology. You may create one section for these subsections or you may combine them in the one section. As for the materials, this is simple the drosophila itself. And, probably some additional materials that are provided in the instructions. As for the methodology, it is going to be about what methods of exploration and experiments you used while completing the task. Most likely you used experimental methods and methods of observation. All the other methods are different in every laboratory report. For this reason, you should choose them in accordance with the requirements of your assignment. The purpose of this section is to show your potential reader (as well as your professor, who is going to evaluate your lab report) by means of what you did your research. This should be written in such a way that everybody could be able to repeat what you did in your experiment.
  • This section is going to contain information about what you found out. This is the most important part in your report because it shows the success of your research and proves its significance. You need to report the outcomes of the experiment while using the word «report» as the key word. Remember that the results should be stick to the real facts, not to the theory or hypothesis.
  • In this section, you need to interpret the results of your experiment and research, which means to explain, analyze them and make a comparison, if appropriate. You should begin the discussion section with making a statement in regard to whether the information in the results section supports the hypothesis. In other words, your hypothesis has to be proved in the discussion section by means of your achievements.
  • The conclusion. Here, you need to answer what you learned due to your laboratory exploration. This part returns to the general purpose of your research. You must have presented your purpose in the introduction section. Write about the use of your research, explain the reasons why you think your results are important. Additionally, you need to provide details of what you learned regarding the theory while dealing with the drosophila lab report. Try to be as precise as possible in this part.
  • This is a little paragraph that presents the area of your lab report. You need to underline the key points of your research here and to present it like this is a little version of your report.
  • Provide a list of references you used. But first, make sure your references meet the requirements of your assignment. Maybe there are specific sources of information that you need to use.

All in all, these are the main and most common sections of your laboratory report. To learn more, we suggest looking at a well-written drosophila lab report example. As a matter of fact, there are many services we can provide you with.

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