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Your projectile motion lab report: why do you need this?

The given projectile motion lab report example will show you how one should properly examine the motion of any object. Furthermore, you’ll get familiar with the right projectile motion lab report format.

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As you might have guessed, we should start with an introduction. Well, most probably you’ve already learnt enough about the motion of an object in one dimension – on an inclined or horizontal surface. You’ve explored how it’s used to falling under the influence of the earth’s gravity. Now, your primary objective is to evaluate the behavior of a projectile. In this particular case, the object is moving in space due to some launching force. The given object is capable of undergoing motion in two dimensions at the same time. With the help of the video analysis features of Logger Pro, you’ll compare features of the position-time as well as velocity-time graphs with those you’ve studies before.

Now, let’s have a look at your objectives in this experiment:

Let’s see what you should use in your experiment:

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Now you should use your Logger Pro to emulate the motion of the projectile in several dimensions. Using corresponding tabs and tools of the program you can set the desired position of the object, the way it moves and observe the expected result in both Y and X positions.

Then, you can shoot a nice movie, depicting a projectile traveling in space. For this purpose, you’d better use a plain background to get sufficient contract with your projectile. Don’t underestimate the importance of lighting!

Your digital camera should be installed on a tripod. Make sure the plane of motion is set perpendicular to the view.

Properly position the camera, so you could avoid unwanted parallax and scaling problems. Utilize the zoom option for filling the screen with the motion.

The object chosen for scaling should be in the same plane as the motion of your projectile.

Once, the movie is shot, make use of directions, which accompany your camera to transfer the ready-made clip to your PC. If you’ve made more vide than you actually require, make a more manageable length using video editing software such as iMovie or QuickTime Pro. The ready-made clip can be used for your analysis.

Evaluation of your data

Once your experiment is over, it’s time to evaluate your results.

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