An Enzyme Lab Report: The Important Specificities


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A variety of biochemical methods of isolation and examination of different ferments is extremely great. Nowadays, practically no one can consider oneself competent enough to write an independently – this is the main statement of most contemporary educational programs. Practically, that means that every single student will be estimated as a skilled researcher. It is a very complicated task to get good marks in a modern college or research institute.
Luckily for all undergraduates, there exists a great number of courses and specially created programs that provide a wide range of assistance, such as a psychology homework help or practical tips about the details of laboratory study. Nevertheless, the beginner cannot rely on help from trained specialists only because without actual work. No one will be able to correct their own mistakes in the future. Hereby, the only reliable way to achieve success in a study is to perform an assignment with its own hands, whereas the assistance of special services should be employed only in case of a great need.
Before the actual work begins, a foresighted author always tries to check all possible problem points in order to avoid them later on. This simple rule works for all kinds of scientific papers from an aviation paper format to an enzymology study report.
At first, it is extremely significant to refresh the researcher’s memory about the major features of the enzymes, such as thermolability, specificity, and a narrow range of activities. These characteristics are common for all types and subclasses of ferments. Also, all researchers know them from the time of school education or specialized courses when they performed a simple biology lab report.
Secondly, the student ought to understand all significant details based on the requirements of the modern teaching system, because usually, the details represent the most important part of the work.

According to an enzyme lab report format, the primal objectives of these papers are as follows:

  • Clear and lucid demonstration of the work obtained. All results and calculations are to be shown. Following this statement allows avoiding misunderstandings between the committee and the researcher. No one will neglect an enzyme lab report that contains all necessary calculations and strong theses.
  • Objectivity in the study and logical connections between all your statements.
    • Why did you choose that class of ferments for research?
    • What are the possible benefits of your work?
    • How do you plan to continue these experiments?

    All of these questions require clear and understandable answers. Otherwise, the scientific value of your work would be called into question.
  • A comprehensive study of accessible literary sources. Some inexperienced researchers ignore that part of work because they consider their work speaking for itself. Unfortunately for them, this opinion only indicates a superficial knowledge of the material. Of course, this requirement transforms into a very complicated task on practice, because of the number of scientific articles published in the sphere of modern enzymology. Using the special software, you can save your time for the search for significant papers. You can also use the same web sites that supply users with computer science homework help. The search algorithms are still common for all types of objects, so it is possible to use these services for enzymology research as well.

An enzyme lab report example: digestive enzymes

According to the previously mentioned objectives, we can say that a perfectly written report contains all materials about previous significant experiments, scrupulous calculations of your results, and comprehensible theoretical interpretation of the conclusions obtained.

Using a standard lab report template, a researcher gets the capability to accomplish all the necessary documents for this assignment. Here are key-points that are to be taken into account while writing a research paper about the main features of digestive enzymes.

Primarily, you should answer the question - what is the role of this ferment in the digestive process?
For example, carboxypeptidase destroys a peptide bond at the C-terminal, and sterol esterase catalyzes the hydrolysis process of the specific sterols.
Secondly, focus attention on the localization of a concrete ferment, like amylase or lipase. Amylase is produced in the mouth by the salivary glands, and the pancreas produces all subclasses of phospholipase. The localization of every enzyme designates its purposes and features of its chemical structure, so you have to emphasize this part in your report. This will help a potential audience realize the special connection between the specific ferment structure, such as a structure of pepsin or maltase, and its role in digestion.
Thirdly, it is highly advisable to demonstrate the potential usage of your research in practice. This field of study is one of the most popular and well-funded directions of biochemical research, so you can perform your enzyme lab report in a free form.

Nevertheless, a suggestion about the potential implementation of your methods in daily medical practice or possible application of your results in further investigations definitely would not do any harm. Therefore, the scheme above may be employed in other areas of enzymology after a careful modification according to your specific needs in every single case.

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