Pendulum Lab Report: Historical Preamble

From the time of its awakening, a curious human mind was trying to understand all secrets of creation and realize obtained knowledge in practice. Nowadays, it may seem that first steps on this way took an inadequate period and that this elementary knowledge about physics and geometry were received with a great delay. This opinion is not completely correct. Of course, we cannot be sure that elementary measuring devices, such as pendulums and gnomons have been used in the Neolithic Period or during the building of ancient megaliths, such as Stonehenge or Ring of Brodgar. A modern archaeology papers format takes into account only verified archaeology findings, so we just cannot affirm with great confidence that these incredible structures were built with the help of these tools. Nevertheless, scientists proved that ancient Egyptians created and actively used first exemplars of pendulums in daily practice. Unfortunately for all humankind, their progressive technologies were not included in further industrial practice. The next stage of scientific development was realized only at the end of the saturnine Middle Ages. Famous Galileo Galilei discovered principles of classical mechanics using ordinary ticker as an object of study. Speaking about the history of a pendulum, we also cannot help but mention classical glorious experiments performed by Newton and Foucault that changed the image of contemporary science. Students must not be astonished to discover that some of commonly used models of pendulums are named in honor of these brilliant scientists and philosophers, such as Foucault’s pendulum and Newton’s cradle. They are still used in schools and specialized universities worldwide in order to demonstrate basic rules of classical mechanic and fundamental laws of nature, such as the law of conservation of energy and essential laws of non-relativistic physics. Moreover, a great amount of problem solution essay topics concentrates on principles of study based on these elementary scientific tools.

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It would be a gross blunder to think that a study of the medieval instruments of knowledge has only historical value. Regardless of the rapid development of quantum physics and alternative hypotheses, such as nonsymmetric gravitational theory, old-fashioned classical mechanics did not lose its relevance nowadays. Moreover, Newtonian physics suffers new peak of its development. One can verify this statement by oneself while examining a professional research paper writing service or other special organizations that provide assistance on issues related to school or academic educational programs. A multiplicity of themes devoted to this problem is extremely big and a larger half of them is classified as hard scientific sources, not like historical materials about invention and evolution of a pendulum as an abstract object.

The following part describes the simplest experiment with a pendulum that can be held not only in a specially designed physical laboratory but even in an ordinary lecture hall. Do not be misled by the simplicity of the operation – this elementary experiment will be undoubtedly useful for students because it is very demonstrative concerning basic physical principles. A pendulum lab report format postulates that students have to move accurately from simple experiments with an ordinary ticker to complicated experiments with spring pendulums and torsion pendulums without undue haste. This experiment will be convenient on the early stages of study in order to present the simplest and the most usable variants of tickers that pupils may be already familiar with from their daily practice.

Determination of the gravitational acceleration, using the mathematical pendulum:

  • - formulate and write a hypothesis about the principles of a future experiment. Use methods of writing obtained during a case study research in order to eschew logical gaps in your further work.
  • - prepare the protocol of the physical experiment. Double-check all key-points to gain confidence that all phases of operation are clear and understandable.
  • - organize your working place. Check all the materials that will be necessary during the experiment. Do not forget your laboratory protocol and writing utensils. An experiment that was not scrupulously documented definitely loses all scientific value.
  • - assemble the pendulum, which can be regarded as approximate mathematical.
  • - deflect the pendulum from the equilibrium position at an angle of no more than 15°. You will observe free oscillations of the ticker.
  • -use the stopwatch to fix the time in which the pendulum makes, for example, 10 oscillations. Repeat this phase of experiment several times, for example, 8-10 times. Write the obtained results in your laboratory journal. You have to be very carefully during this operation. Composing a laboratory protocol requires the same responsibility as writing a persuasive essay.
  • - calculate the acceleration of gravity for each experiment separately. Then calculate the average result for the whole experiment.

After the practical part of this assignment it will be quite useful to write a thematic essay about the accomplished work. This will help consolidate obtained knowledge about the primary features of pendulums and nuances of work with scientific instruments. Do not neglect this piece of work. Remember, that the received knowledge about classical mechanics is indispensable for the future education in specialized physical schools or even in common daily practice. After all, no one can consider oneself as a versatile educated person without deep understanding of fundamental physical principles. The modern educational program allows you to get this knowledge with all possible promotion, so do not lose your chance to get into contemporary circles of the well-educated elite.

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