The Structure of General Microbiology Lab Report

Being a student of nature sciences is not really a simple role. Our world is very daedal and science observes millions of processes in it. Different fields of study concentrate on different levels and processes, and there are exactly defined rules for explaining and presenting one or another idea. Every student wants to achieve the highest result in his/her work. Sometimes, to get a highest grade, student needs to work very hard and run out of sleep & personal time. For those, who cannot imagine their life without science, such scenario is not a big deal, but those who need more time for other things, it might be a challenge. That is why we would like to introduce academic help services. We are the team of professional writers, and help students to achieve their studying goals. We are specialized in a wide range of academic papers, and instead of struggling with them yourself, you can pay to write an essay. To broaden your knowledge on the topic, we would like to discuss example microbiology report .

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If we try to compare nonfiction book report with lab report, it would be a comparison of flame and ice. Lab reports contain so much scientific data that it is hard to understand without an appropriate education. Each scientific report has to be as clear as possible, meaning each chapter contains only valuable and relevant information and the whole work is handled in a prioritized way. Title the report in accordance with the content. Moreover, always keep in mind that your scientific work should have connections with other informative essay topics or scientific works, otherwise, your paper can be considered as useless. You will find the most common structure of microbiology report below.

  • This part is for brief explanation of reasons of your work. You should tell about your goals and methods of how are you going to achieve those goals. Define the statement of the problem and theoretical background, which will build a strong expectation of the next paragraphs.
  • Approach and tools. This section should specify the main techniques and materials, used in your work. Definitions of additional instruments and the description of the actual research process. There is a strong point about that chapter – if someone uses your techniques and methods with the same research, he/she should get the same result as you. That means that you should be enough scientifically literate to provide only one possible ending result in your work, otherwise, it is required to mention other possibilities. That chapter should include the information about what you did without instructions and guides. The better you explained your method, the easier your work will be for understanding.
  • That part is the main reason of the report. Based on mentioned earlier, you present your findings in a structured way, supporting your data with graphs and figures. You need to follow a certain rules and be as plain and specific as possible. That means that your figures should be named correctly and the link to them in a text should be easy to identify. It is not a descriptive mystery story, it is science, hence, do not use long and complicated sentences. Some reports are heavier than others and in case of presenting your findings on public, make sure that you have defined your speech topics according to your most significant statements in the report. Use qualitative and quantitative examples to support your findings. For instance, microbiology lab report format should provide enough information to get the point of where and how the data is taken. It is strongly advised to use tables/charts/graphs illustrating your results in a professional way. Furthermore, those figures should have a logical structure to let the reader follow your main points of research.
  • Analysis & conclusion. This is usually the last chapter which is delivering two important points. Analysis is needed to give full wordy explanations of the results. Sometimes, it is crucial to go through one or another research stage, sometimes not. It depends on the complexity of your research, and whether you had surprising unexpected details or not. If you had such, you need to give full reasoning for those results and provide a negative or positive feedback. You can also say about possible changes to your lab, like what would be the result if the reaction is carried out in a lower pH? Conclusion is to express your own opinion about project’s success. You should compare your goals and your results, whether they match or not. You can address to other works and write some suggestions on improvements.
  • References should be used efficiently. The most convenient way for using references for the reader is to paste them right after the citations in the text. The most convenient way for you as a writer – is to list them is the end of your work. There are special guides on how to use references right and if you do care about avoiding plagiarism, better read them through.

All in all, writing a lab report is a heavy work which takes time and energy. Listed above provides a brief & clear picture on the topic. However, the requirements vary from place to place and some professors are not satisfied with a basic report, even in a well-structured format. That is why we offer you some help with it. Our professionals have enough experience to know how to answer professor’s requirements, and provide college essay writing service as well as Business Math homework help.

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