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Trigonometry Homework Help

Of course, as a senior student you’ve already heard of trigonometry. That’s an essential branch of math, which studies the relationship between lengths and angles of the sides. Humanity knows six key trigonometric functions actively used in computations. They’re cosine, sine and tangent. Students, who study math, definitely needs to get along with these basic functions. Trigonometry is widely used in many fields closely connected with technology and science. The well-known technique of triangulation is an essential part of trigonometry and it’s often employed in astronomy. Apart from this, trigonometry is used in such spheres as oceanography, statistics, geography, geodesy, land surveying, architecture, civil engineering and many other fields.

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Math is undoubtedly extremely important for grasping a better perspective on events, taking place in our world. A sound aptitude for math drastically improves critical thinking and enhances problem-solving abilities. Trigonometry is a specific area of geometrical and mathematical reasoning, used for studying the properties of triangles. Though triangles can’t be considered to be complex geometrical figures, they boast a wide range of applications. We should add that the primary application of trigonometry is often found in many scientific studies, where precise distances should be measured.

Finding relevance in navigation of satellite systems is impossible without trigonometry and this means that such cutting-edge spheres as astronomy, oceanography, aviation and naval industries, cartography and land surveying are bound to rely on trigonometry. Well, all of this sounds very impressive, but most of the math we see in class doesn’t seem to have enormous real-life application. There’s no wonder that many people doubt regarding its relevancy in our day-to-day activities. Yes, it’s really relevant. Let’s explore those areas where this science is utilized in daily activities and how we can make use of it to tackle problems on our way.

A trigonometric function is successfully used in music. As you know, sound is used to travelling in waves. These waves travel in the form of a certain pattern that can be used to create computer music. Computers aren’t alive, they don’t have an ability to comprehend music like humans. However, they represent audio tracks mathematically, depicting their constituent sound waves. That’s actively used by sound engineers.

We can’t imagine up-to-date architecture without trigonometry. We’re admired by these beautifully curved intricate surfaces in stone, steel and glass. Trigonometry greatly contributes to creation of this modern art of architecture.

Digital imaging is another real life application of trigonometry. As you know, complex digital imagery is made by computers, but that would be impossible without trigonometry. Exactly the use of geometrical patterns determine the precise location as well as color of all the points of the image. The image is formed with the help of triangulation – a trigonometry based technique. The edges of those triangles forming the image, build up a wire frame of the object, thus greatly contributing to a realistic picture.

Medicine is another sphere of trigonometry’s real life application. The cosine and sine are utilized in MRI and CAT scanning. Thus, these trigonometric functions help us to detect tumors. Moreover, up-to-date laser treatments also make use of trigonometry.

Did you know that trigonometry is actively used to measure the heights of mountains? People have been measuring them because it’s crucial for aviation or to be exact for navigation and aircraft designing.

No one denies that learning math makes us smarter. We acquire an extremely valuable skill to adept at solving tricky situations. Math provides a reliable basis for solving everyday tasks. It enables us to handle delicate situations with a positive approach.


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