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Considering topics for satire essays

Satire is a very specific genre of literature writing, which is also a very specific sort of humor. It is sometimes challenging, especially if you have never experienced writing in the style of satire. Writing in the satiric style requires ability to see and enlighten different subjects, phenomena, events, people, etc. in a mocking and at the same time funny way. In other words, satire is meant to express the truth so the reader could see its most ridiculous features and laugh at them, even if in real life it is not funny at all. As a matter of fact, a paper written in a satirical way may appear to be an excellent method to enlighten ironical aspects in that or another situation or subject. Therefore, if you need to complete a writing assignment in a satirical genre of literature, we recommend reading this article, where we provided a number of interesting topics and guidelines that will help you deal with this uneasy and challenging task.

Taking into consideration that satire usually serves for grabbing the target audience's attention in regard to a particular problem, by means of discussing it with humor and criticism, it is important that you pick an actual and really existing problem. For example, you may enlighten some current events that play significant role for contemporary society, or, you can enlighten traditional issues, like love or the sense of life. In any case, the topic of your paper has to be really interesting for your target audience. That is why we would like to advice you something before you start considering topics for satire essays.

  • Comprehend what exactly satire genre is. As we have already said, this is about writing in the manner of criticizing something by means of humor. You can present a particular issue in both harsh or quite gentle manner, although the overall purpose is always to grab the target audience's attention.
  • Remember that one of important objectives of satire writing is to point on disadvantages in regard to the issue that you discuss in your satirical essay and suggest methods to correct those disadvantages, not to break those disadvantages down even further.
  • When choosing a particular topic for covering in your satirical paper, you need to consider only those topics, that people are familiar with. Your paper is meant to be read and understood by the target audience. Therefore, if you want the reader to learn something from your satirical essay, you need to present a problem that is widely known.
  • Keep in mind that it is unacceptable to choose a topic on the ground of racial, ethnical, religious, national, sexual orientation or any other kind of discrimination. Avoid pointing at a particular group of people and follow the ethical norms, whatever you decide to write about.
  • Be very careful and attentive if you decide to write about some sort of tragic events. You need to be very selective when choosing words for describing a tragic event in order not to offend the feelings of other people. The point is, you can be funny, but not cruel in regard to other people.

Once you have got acquainted with the provided above information, you can proceed to choosing a particular topic. Below, we provided a number of possible topics for a satire essay that you may find interesting.

Issues to cover in your satiric essay

  • Social issues. There has never been a society without problems. You need to take a fresh look at the society you live in and figure out, which current problems and issues can be interesting to enlighten in your paper.
  • Political issues are also a good option to choose. Here, you may consider particular personalities in the are of politics and write about them in a satiric way. For example, you may enlighten the promises politicians usually give and never keep. At the same time, you can write about certain event in the world of global politics or the politics in your country.
  • Environmental issues may also be interesting to cover, however, it can be difficult to find an aspect that could be written about in a funny way. However, on the other hand, you may write about humanity in the light of environment by means of discussing how harmful the contemporary way of life is for the planet we live in.

Apart from these issues, we would also like to suggest you writing about more particular problems that contemporary society faces nowadays. For example:

  • Marriage as an institution. Consider discussing, whether sex exists after marriage, or why a lot of women get fat after they get married. Also, you may write about cheating and the reasons that lead to cheating.
  • Write about social networking. You can discuss people who spend the majority of their free time in the social networks like Facebook and others. Try to enlighten in a satirical manner how people nowadays tend to forget about real life, real relationships and live online, which is ridiculous.
  • Write about people's attitude to money. You can write how many people spend their lives while earning money, but it turns out that they work so hard and so much that they have no time left for even spending the money they earn.

These and many other issues, topics and problems can be discussed in your satiric paper. Additionally, if you have to write a discursive essay, we can help you with topics for a discursive essay, since we have a wide range of interesting topics for discursive essays.

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