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Zara Competitive Advantages Essay

Keywords: zara competition analysis

There is a hardcore competition in clothing suppliers. Who may have a competitive benefits in clothing retailing will be the winner. "Competitive Benefit" identifies a company's profit and market share. Offshore supply is one of the techniques, which is employed generally by clothing merchants to accomplish low labour cost, as the apparel industry continues to be labour focused industry. The supply string in the garments industry is chemical substance and lengthy. Barbee and Carlyle (1999, p. 85-87) says that the resource string "encompasses all activities associated with the flow and processing of goods, from fresh material stage to the end customer, as well as associated information movement. " The much longer the supply string the excess complicated it is to handle and the more a corporation relay on long-range forecasts. Challenging consumers and competitive retailing have produced stress to do this with multiple refreshes per season. The center point is on replenishment of the precise styles, designs and colors that are selling well, whilst lowering, changing or abandoning the ones that turn out to be less popular than forecast. This decreases the issue of marking down the price tag on less popular clothing that fails to sell in the forecasted quantities. This craze, when taken up to the extreme of compressing design times, multiple refreshes, in conjunction with extremely swift response from the supply base, and everything done at low priced, explains the so-called 'Fast Fashion' market. ( Nebahat Tokatli, 2007)

Solomon and Robolt(2004) define "Fashion" as a method that is recognized by a great group of folks at the given time. In addition they individual fashion into four catalogues:

  1. High Fashion (Couture)
  2. Moderate Fashion
  3. Budget Fashion
  4. Mass Fashion

Fashion Life circuit contains the advantages approval, culmination and decline of the approval of a certain style. THE STYLE cycle is not designed for long time, it changes in very short time. It isn't compulsory that to present fashion and make an effort to encourage consumers buying habit before the decrease stage is vital "Fast Fashion" as a conception helps to take the marketplace and get consumer earlier than other competitor by dropping the lead-time in resource chain.


The techniques companies apply to reduce enough time gap between making the merchandise and enough time of consumption, through product and moving away from the considered seasonal basis called Fast Fashion. It analyzed that the growth of fast fashion formulas become obvious indicative from a production-driven market to a market-driven characterization of the outfits sector. It is not compulsory that fast fashion is a multipart process, which involves forecast, design, effective resource chain and transportation. "Best Practice "as the aptitude to do things in the well-organized manner. In other words it is a way of bring about a business function or process that is well thought-out to be increased to all or any other known methods (Kurian, 2004). From previous few years, corporation attempted to build-up their own source chain strategies to continue to exist in such a ferociously competitive market. There are some organizations who come up with new concepts, that assist them to gain competitive advantages over the rest of its opponents, such as Vendor Managed Inventory, Quick Respond developing, Collaborative panning, Forecasting and Replenishment, Continuous Replenishment, Efficient Consumer Response, and Just-in Time Production. It recommended that a few particular guidelines relating to the analysis of fast fashion are:

  • Consumer Demand and Response
  • Supply Chain
  • Just In Time
  • Quick Respond
  • Forecasting and Continuous Replenishment
  • Effective Distribution and Move System

In recent years, Zara, a most significant international clothing retailer and break new surface of 'fast fashion' guidelines, held in reserve almost half its creation in Spain and Portugal, making the reputation of being one of the exceptions to globalization. Since the 1980s, the subsistence of such exceptions has been fueling an expectation that the make of high-quality fashion clothing and tailored suits would stay behind in the industrialized main. Here I go back to this expectation in the lighting of the modern seminal change in the culture of fashion from ready-to-wear to fast fashion, and explanation that the greater than before multiplicity and fashion ability associated with fast fashion, displayed by Zara, have tilted the steadiness of competitive benefits towards, somewhat than from, firms in partially industrialized countries. As a number of supplier businesses in countries such as Morocco, India and Turkey have gained the competence to create intricately proved helpful high-quality garments with the compulsory elasticity and velocity, Zara has turned to sourcing from these countries.


The clothing sector is important to the earth economy.


Zara is subsidiary of Inditex group Spanish tycoon Amancio Ortega, is the owner of the Inditex group and Inditex group is the owner of the next brands such as Massimo Dutti, Yank and Carry, Oysho, Uterqјe, Stradivarius and Bershka. Amancio Ortega is well known Galician fashion designer. Regarding to Forbes ranking in 2009 2009 Amancio Ortega was rated as 10th richest man in world and top Ranked as a richest man in Spain. He was created on March 28, 1936 in Leon, Spain. He began working as delivery young man when he was 13 12 months old for a shirt-maker in Galicia. Through the learning period of his carrier, he realize and learned the how product and cost changes. While venturing from producer to the customer. In addition, the outcome was he become more focused on the importance to getting product directly to the buyer without middle man.

When he become director of local clothing company that time he discovered that only rich individuals could find the money for to get qualitative product. Therefore, Ortega started out processing his own product. He started buying cheaper fabric and advertising good quality. Amancio Ortega founded his own company called Confecciones Goa at the age of 27, in 1963. Specifically for fine bathrobes. After that, he continued manufacturing his own companies, then open up first retail shop in 1975 known as Zara.

ZARA started out changing the design, manufacturing and distribution process to lessen lead times and respond to new trends in a quicker way that was there plus point, called "instant styles". (Chiara Pirone, 2010)

Product Life Cycle

The product life cycle ideally follows four main steps:

  1. Birth
  2. Growth
  3. Maturity
  4. Decline

Generally, a typical Product Life Routine Curve looks like the main one given in the diagram where Sales lowers as the product moves over enough time line.

Zara's product life cycle also comes after the four basic steps but the timeline of the product in the life cycle is completely different. The organization manages in fashion industry and the changes regarding consumer's taste is very high. Therefore, the life of the trend or design is of maximum 5-6 weeks. The following number depicts the Zara's product life cycle.

Key Factors of Success

The organization targets following factors which can be their success factors:

  • They have brief lead time i. e. the clothes stay static in the store for less time which provides them opportunity with more and more classy clothes.
  • They produce clothes in low number and supply them scarcely which clearly expresses that the demand for the clothes is often high.
  • Due to brief lead time they can create variety of alternatives, variety of styles and the success percentage increases.


Zara can move from spotting a tendency to including clothes in its stores within thirty days, this means that Zara can identify and get fashion trend. Getting fashion until the time it is hot is a definite going on at full prices and less discount rates. Zara advances in stair using its customers. Zara's equipment can respond to the statement immediately and 51produce a response in conditions of a new style or an adjustment within 2-4 weeks. By shedding the amount created in each style, Zara reduces its contact with any particular product. The additional advantage of lower quantities is the fact if a style does not work well, there wills minimal stock to disposed during the season-end sale. Zara discounts only about 18% of its making, approximately half the degrees of competitors. Rather than additional quantities per style, Zara produces extra styles, about 12, 000 per year. So, that style sells out more fast and there are more new styles which already are waiting to turn out. Re-orders are different the stores look fresh every 3-4 days. Fresh manufacture, relocating step with the style trend and updated regularly the materials are just right to produce the lovely smell of success.

"Fast Fashion" strategy in Zara:

Zara typically has three sections women wear, men wear and kids wear. The majority of its stores were situated on downtown in big cities and were seen as a large windows with humble fittings. The business position itself as "contemporary fashion of medium quality at a good price"(D'andrea and Arnold, 2002).

In order to take extra market shares in such a filled with rivalry situation, Zara released sequential insurance policy of way of products:

Convert latest fashion into products quickly and completely in order to meet consumers. Zara gets a competitive benefit by offering customer stylish clothes at inexpensive prices. A team of 200 designers is accountable for turning the latest fashion into products. The collection was turned yearly with 11, 000 dissimilar items. To be able to acquire the latest fashion information, the business utilized a team of trend-spotters, who travel surrounding the world in search of new designs (D'andrea and Arnold, 2002). Thus, Zara's products are suitable for consumers change different qualifications and taste. Continue to introduction new products in small volumes, ironically in very high speed. New products were trialed at certain stores before getting into full-run development to keep failures in the entire range at a rate of just one 1 %( D'andrea and Arnold, 2002). Reduce the normal cost associated with running out of any particular item. Because the company feels that clear racks do not drive customers to other stores while revitalizing these to choose from new things. Furthermore, consumers will buy more and immediately credited to quickly changing trends. Because of this, Zara has increased sales and averted costly overproduction.

Zara would plan a primary collection each season, constituting around 50% of its forecast requirements. The remaining 50%, some 10, 000 items, were sourced opportunistically regarding to demand fads during the season and could be at any store in two weeks. Some accessories such as handbags, jewelry, shoes, thus increasing sales.


Zara has up and down included all its operations. Through the use of a "fast fashion" strategy, Zara have achieved a unexpected increase in gains and market share. By accept the "fast fashion" strategy the company has had the opportunity to diminish its make down sale to 15 to 20%. In contrast, the original industry's average is 30 to 40%. It's been examined to be the best way to help corporation achieve competitive advantages. Such best performs help Zara create an extraordinary supply chain and become the leader of in source chain management. The practice of execution of "fast fashion" has a few advantages "Quick response, reduced profile and forecasting, mistakes, shortened lead times and reduced transportation costs. In couple of years, as other main competition such as GAP, H&M, Grades & Spencer (M&S) have experienced a hard period due to low income and with drawls from international markets, Zara has managed a continual expansion in sales.

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