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Winston's Romance With Julia: 1984

George Orwell's Nineteen Eighty-Four explores the relationship between Winston and Julia. Orwell will this by psychologically enlightening the audience of Winston's day to day life of love, pain, hurt and accomplishment. Winston and Julia show a secret marriage that eventually contributes to Winston's tragic fate of in the end being by itself and loving YOUR GOVERNMENT. Whilst Winston had been tortured within the Ministry Of Love he painfully overcame his hate towards Big Brother and was brainwashed into caring YOUR GOVERNMENT like all of those other people of Airstrip one. This, therefore, means no one can disapprove Big Brothers horrific behaviour regulations. However there are other factors that donate to his downfall. Winston will try on various occasions to reclaim earlier memories; this calls for keeping an against the law diary, which is later used against him in room 101. The demanding regulations that govern the citizen's lives enforced by Big Brother added to Winston's destiny. Without such stringent guidelines Winston and Julia's relationship would not have been forbidden and there would be no dependence on those to sneak around, and eventually be found and punished. Winston also rents a room in the parole portion of town with Julia, that they consider is a safe and private place, but blatantly find out they aren't in solitude, their every move had been documented. Together with the strict restrictions prohibiting relationships both Julia and Winston find themselves thrown in to the Ministry of Love where Winston is tortured and should go insane. These activities are factors that lead to Winston's fate, nonetheless it is finally his romance with Julia that is accountable for his tragic fate.

Winston's relationship with Julia can be seen as the ultimate reason behind his fate. Although the strict rules enforced frustrated Winston, he didn't figure out how to conform well to the rules, therefore his uncontrollable actions of continuing to see Julia in the end lead to his tragic destiny. Winston and Julia build up a very dependable secret romantic relationship, after she provides him an email that reads "I love you", which they both new was extremely illegitimate. Whilst their affair was blooming Winston's ulcer quit being inflamed and his health better dramatically, other to when he was in the Ministry Of Love. This shows that when he was recinded from his lover his tragic fate started to form. They extended seeing each other for an extended period of time and proceeded in hiring a room to acquire private sexual intercourse. Julia and Winston's marriage is very prepared and solution.

Winston's relationship with Julia is one of the main reasons that lead to Winston's destiny. If Winston got never broken the guidelines and attained or read Julia's be aware it is arguable that he could still hate rather than respect Big Brother. Instead after coming out of being tortured in room 101 his views and values change dramatically about Big Brother, he is convinced that YOUR GOVERNMENT is god and is also mesmerized to trust whatever YOUR GOVERNMENT means is correct. Winston and Julia hire a room in the parole part of town. They believe that it is a very private room since it has no noticeable telescreens, however they were wrong. They got trapped and where punished and segregated inside the Ministry of Love whilst being tortured. This business lead to Winston's fate in room 101 where O'Brien horrifically tortured him along with his very own words from his diary. As a result of pursuing a marriage with Julia, he had been forced to love and value YOUR GOVERNMENT and his alternatives, his feelings for Julia reduced. O'Brien used Winston's diary entries against him along with torturing Winston with Rats, this lead Winston to choose life over Julia "there is just one person to whom he could transfer his consequence. One body who he could thrust between himself and the rats. He was shouting frantically again and again. Undertake it to Julia. Take action to Julia, not to me. I don't caution what you do to her. Rip her face off. Strip her to the bone. Not to me Julia not me!" This positions the viewers to feel sorry for Winston and shows the viewers that enough torturing as well as your beliefs and interactions quickly change and crumble significantly. Furthermore whilst Winston was in the Ministry of Love he became very weak and physically ill, he got extremely sick and could hardly move and didn't eat.

Winston is enthusiastic about reclaiming past recollections. This obsession contributed to Winston's destiny because of his blatant disregard for the rules, as it is against the law to reclaim past memoires. He cannot agree to that days gone by is gone and has been changed right in front of him. Winston buys a diary from Mr. Charingtons shop. The diary helps him bear in mind his day to day activates and own specific history and words, however he dwelling address each diary complete to O'Brien, because he feels they are really friends and they can trust him. O'Brien later uses Winston's journal against him in the Ministry Of Love. Not merely did Winston lose his romance with Julia he also lost his romantic relationship with O'Brien, as he betrayed Winston. O'Brien reads and re -reads phrases Winston wrote in his diary using them against him, forcing happy memoires never to be kept in mind again "His heart, white as snow". O'Brien also strategically tortures Winston with rats, because Winston experienced mentioned in his journal that his very best concern with all was rats. Which lead to Winston burning off his mind and lead to his disastrous fate. The diary allowed O'Brien to really know what would really harm Winston and for that reason increased the strength of his torture, and added to his mental and physical express. However these guidelines were truth and Winston's stubbornness of not taking them and continuing a relationship with Julia led to his destiny.

Overall George Orwell's Nineteen Eighty-Four explores the relationship between Winston and Julia and shows that not only does indeed Julia and Winston's hidden knowledge relationship donate to his tragic destiny, but in a way Winston brought it upon himself by refusing to forget about past remembrances and refusing to accept the strict rules which govern his life. Winston's activities consequently of this refusal such as purchasing the dairy and hiring the room business lead to his demise. After he was captured having a key romantic relationship and his journal was used against him as a form of personal torture. However in the end it is this hidden knowledge relationship distributed to Julia that is accountable for his destiny of going crazy and becoming psychologically sick but most of all "He had won the win over himself. He adored your government". Winston fate finished up being mesmerised by YOUR GOVERNMENT just like everyone else in Airstrip one all because of Julia.

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