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Why Apple Inc is such a successful company

Nowadays, the power of competition between organizations on the market is more violent daily. So, for you to get the competitive benefit for themselves, organizations need to get the appropriate strategies and solutions to adapt the competitive environment. So, "learning company" and "best practice" are two important ideas to lead organizations become successful businesses. The successfulness of 1 product depends on the contribution to getting experiences from inability lessons or by your time and effort of learning and the ground breaking of employees. Firm encourages their employees learning continually from failure and success of previous products. Then having knowledge and skills to find easiest way to resolve problems and create new better products to make earnings for group. A learning firm requires effective knowledge management and knowledge management to aid the distribution of knowledge, of course, transform to support learning.

Each company have their own way to become a successful. Apple Inc is one of the business enterprise which is a giant It company over the world used two methods of "learning group" and "best practices" to be able to overcome difficulties in the market today. Apple Inc. faces a great deal of mistakes, even failure in a few product lines in the past and learning with all the current failures of others. They have drawn a good group it is today.

So, in this discourse, let's see the case study about Apple. How Apple using and apply learning corporation and best practice in their company and how they make their products become famous and make them receiving a huge turnover.


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How will Apple become a learning firm? 4

What is most beneficial practice and just why best practice useful in knowledge management? 6

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When confronted with the difficulties and difficulties running a business environment nowadays, business need to improve knowledge continuously to make it through and remain competitive with other business. In the meantime, "learning company" and "best practices" are two important principles that will help businesses do well. From an mysterious organization has now become a famous brand with business strategy, the way in breaking success, Apple is one of the business organization encourages continuous personal learning to be able to overcome difficulties in the market today. We have to analyze how organizations learn and practice such as Apple to see the strategic vision and means of doing business that lots of companies in the world by shock.


How does indeed Apple become a learning organization?

Learning corporation is one that sought to set-up their own future, said that learning is a continuing process and development for its people, and one in which the development, adaptation, and change itself to meet up with the needs and aspirations of the folks, both inside and outside of it. The way is Peter Senge of convinced that has five major factors in the training corporation. Those are systems considering, personal mastery, mental models, building distributed visions, and team learning. Knowledge management is an instrument for learning execution. A learning firm requires effective knowledge management and knowledge management to support the circulation of knowledge, of course, convert to aid learning. A learning firm is at a higher level and requires far more than knowledge management. Work procedures to enhance the importance of learning and integrating all areas of knowledge. For an organization to study the relationship can switch between Kilometres and the LO potential, so companies need knowledge management. So an organization wants to succeed should be predicated on both these factors. Thus, learning should assist in organizational learning for staff organization, and should maintain it to contribute to continuous changes of the organization.

The interconnection between organizational learning and knowledge management is a fresh method of carrying it out and creating new suggestions to adjust to changes in the company. Companies should encourage their employees with critical thinking and generate new ideas, however, not all new ideas are correct. Therefore organizations should acknowledge editing faults and let people learn from experience and tests. This will create a flexible business in which employees will be designed to new ideas and change the vision within the business. This is a means that no-one has learned what Apple used to use with their organizations and have prevailed now. They does make the error of each product in the past and helped them defeat their product innovation to make new products reach the marketplace better.

Apple Inc is a U. S. producer of personal computers, computer peripherals, music players, cell phones and computer software. It was the first successful personal computer company and the "popularize" of the graphical interface in the globalization business environment. Apple's success the first time in 1978 when they realize they need to work in groups to place apples on the market at that time Steve Jobs, along with partner Stephen G. Wozniak He said it would require professional management and financing worth. Apple Inc. never halts learning and imagination to help make the enterprise and invention are created. This is the best way to adapt to the quickly changing and stringent requirements of customers worldwide.

Apple Inc. encounters a lot of mistakes, even failure in some product lines in the past and learning with all the current failures of other companies. It offers attracted a good corporation it is today. A CEO has explained that: "There is no edge that is invariant. Although core businesses of the company's employees are favorable, but it still must continue steadily to maintain creative edge competition available environment is increasingly severe. "Steve Careers and his corporation recognized that they must understand clearly what took place wrongly with Apple.

Within a decade, Apple has generated five products to completely change the facial skin of these created in the technology world. Which have been includes the iPod-the player is a departure for the conquest era technology market Apple's next start iTunes it's quite perfect-a perfect software with a good business model, it has persuaded many consumers, then the iPhone-despite the Smartphone was created three years but is still not found a rival, The AppExchange - the first online market for applications cloud and eventually Apple Store-The revolution is silently than Apple's. Some product launch can be an example of how learning and constantly kept up to date to bring new features in the merchandise. Apple was research and constant development of products that can catch the attention of many different types of customers throughout the world.

June 26, 2010 iPhone 4 4 was officially released in the market. For the first day iPhone 4 4 arrived, all of retail outlets were full of long queues of customers, most of customers likely to have iPhone 4 4 prior. However, apple iphone 4 4 did not satisfy as the customers expected. The customers acknowledged some problems in iPhone 4 4 such as yellowish pixels on iPhone 4 4 screen, circumstance of iPhone is easily to be scratched and get troubles when apple iphone 4 4 connects with other devices as computer, or iPhone accessories like Bluetooth. The clients are very irritated with the product and four customers were suing manufacturers. Apple recognized how to relax the clients and fixed faults such as show video clip how to prevent losing indication and upgrade firmware for apple iphone 4 4 to reduce programs problem and contribute free case for customers buy apple iphone 4 4. I believe Apple not only successful in terms of design and Apple know customer orientation "What do they want? And what do they need?" That shown sales of the apple, in series, sale volume of iPhone performed drop otherwise raise 60% compare with 2009, Apple earn 15. 7 billion USD.

What is best practice and why best practice useful in knowledge management?

Many organizations want to find the nice way to make their business best but sometime they make some blunders in their decision. Alternatively, most of companies were successful when they use best practice system. It also makes a large difference in their own business.

Best practice means that organization try to determine and using easiest way to make company successful and achieve their goals and aims. Best practice help organizations identify their weakness and their durability then organizations can create strategies more obviously and carefully, making up real plan in future and improve activities running a business. When organizations apply best practice this means they have the awareness to develop continuous about product's quality and services, they can increase their competitive advantages. Guidelines can be used in any kind of business such as new software development, structure, vehicles, business management as well as government. Guidelines can become a part of helping copy tacit knowledge to explicit knowledge such as: documented by means of manuals, lists, studies, software, instructional documents or materials.

The cellular devices industry is very a competitive market in many famous companies as Nokia, Samsung, Motorola, etcThey were successful in their special products to make sure they are get more income and positioning in huge market. But it's a huge change in 2007, the services of Apple are iPhone, iPod, Macbook, etclittle by little show up in around the world. And Apple became a huge competitor of mobile industry in the world. Apple's CEO said "iPhone is a innovative and marvelous product that generally is five years before any other cellular phone". That's absolutely right.

According to the research of Nielsen Company, there are T-mobile operating system includes Android, iPhone and Blackberrry consistently dominate the smartphone market. Three of them desire to be the best one. Most associates in the research, they reply that they would like to own an iPhone better. And then iPhone is become a best Smartphone People in america need to get.


14. 1 million iPhones was sold to get 20. 34 billion USD for Apple in 25th October, 2010. It had been increased 91% for this past year. iPhone is the product can make most gain for Apple. On the other hand, Macintosh was sold 3. 89 million, increased 27%. ipod device is 9. 05 million, increased 11% and 4. 19 million iPad come to customers.

CEO Steve Jobs once put it: "Our goal is to stand at the intersection of technology and the humanities. " Apple attempts to adapt high technology to simple individual interfaces.

Depend on the ability to change Apple's best practice to business. There is absolutely no doubt to state that Apple is the top of impressive companies. They can use and apply all the key points, ideas to create something new of invention. Actually, the Apple's products aren't easy to acquire and integrate in to the life of individuals. But from then on, people recognize the easy features and make use of it quickly. That's reason why Apple was successful in short time. Yet another thing, Apple does best is they can make customers can gratify their products by giving best software and services, make them proud to utilize the products and services. It is also a main goal many companies want to reach on.

How best practice can be shared learning business?

The successfulness of 1 product depends on the contribution to getting experiences from failure lessons or by the effort of trying to learn and the progressive of employees. So, when companies apply best practice in learning company means that companies want their workers find the best way to generating profit, it will impulses employees contain the awareness to improve their knowledge, skills, and idea to generate better products and services. The errors or unsuccessful of products of their companies or competitors in the market before can help employees understand that which products with how quality and price to gratify target customers, to generate new products effectively appropriate to the predilection of consumers. Employees can discuss and exchange alongside one another to discover the solution to solve problems and prevent these problems or problems happen again. However, making use of best practice in learning firm is not easy, leadership should do first to make employees learning and follow. Innovator encourages employees offering ideas, innovative, and solutions bravely. Then everyone can show their thoughts, give advice and make company providing best decisions exactly and effectively.

Apple used best practice in learning organization that they realize which part is success which is fail in their product then having new idea for new product and successful. The product is not peculiar is iPhone. iPhone is one of all successful products of Apple, but no-one know that behind this successfulness is learning form the inability. The unsuccessful product is RORK E1; it is the mixture of Motorola and Apple Inc in 2004. Its characteristics is supporting iTunes feature- allows synchronization with Apple's iTunes software on computer via USB as any ipod touch. In another side, the capability of RORK E1 just enough for 100 music, with memory vehicles is 512 MB microSD, and acoustics transmission was suprisingly low because of lacking the support of High-Speed USB. So, consumers transform their back again to E1 and it is not hard to observe that E1 didn't achieve high turnover. Then, Apple and Motorola end co-operation and separate. However, Apple did not stop their wish to create a successful mobile. So, in 2007 Apple symbolized their own mobile is iPhone which not only music mobile but and yes it is a genuine PDA telephone. Therefore, people can easily see the successfulness of iPhone as well as the impact from it in the opponents as Nokia, Samsung, LG, and so on. It taken to Apple reputation and huge profit in a long time.


To sum up, not just only Apple but also all companies round the world receiving failing and from that failure they can find the lessons and encounters to avoid this problems and make more products with better quality and services to provide customers and earn income for their organizations. It also improves their competitive gain in the market and has chances to win their competition. Any firm has their own strategies and way to attain their goals but apply best practice and learning organization is the fast and best way leads those to success. They way they apply and keep maintaining best practice and learning firm can be affects in the effectiveness of company. If they apply and maintain in wrong way will cause the damage for company.

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