Training: in Oceanic Bank or investment company International PLC


The need for trained in the human tool management initiatives of any organisation cannot be overemphasised. That's the reason training is paramount to the survival of each human reference strategy of any given organisation. Employee training is becoming a necessity to every corporation nowadays as training enables them to carryout functions and responsibilities efficiently and also learn new things, that may prepare them to take up higher tasks in the foreseeable future (Karthikeyan, Karthi & Graf 2010).

Human relations management training, broadly conceived, is a popular means by which numerous consumer organizations seek to enhance productivity. Public professionals consume prodigious quantities of management training and really should be seriously worried about the success and success of such consumption (Gerald, 1989). Traditionally, training and development was not seen as positively that may help, organizations create value and effectively package with competitive problems (Oludairo, 2006). Relating to Cascio (2003), many organizations both small and large shy away from training their applied because they think that by improving the skills of their workforce, their employees will be more marketable to rivals. And where there are well training programmes, there are inadequately implemented, like too much fine wine, may actually impede somewhat than invigorate a sturdy organizational health (Gerald, 1989).

Operational meanings of key concepts

The Concept of Training

Training's target has broadened in the past couple of years (Bernadin, 2003). Training used to target mostly on instructing specialized skills, such as training assemblers to solder wires or educators to device lessons plans. However, complex training like that is no more sufficient (Oludairo, 2006). In recent time, group has already established to adjust to rapid technical changes, provide quality goods and services, and increase earnings to stay competitive. Increasing quality required remedial education training. Similarly, employees today need skills in team development, decision making, and communication as well as scientific and computer skills (Oludairo, 2006).

According to Fajana (2002), training is the procedure that involves producing skills and learning concepts, rules or behaviour in order to increase efficiency on a particular job. Casco (2003) considers training comprising planned programme designed to improve performance at the average person, group and/or organizational level. Ubeku (1975) in his own contribution, defines management training as the procedure of developing professionals' knowledge, skills and frame of mind through instruction, demonstration, practice, and planned experience to meet up with the present and future needs of the business enterprise. This management training is the same as development or management development. Development refers to the process of teaching managers and professional employees that knowledge, skills needed for present and future task accomplishment.

Considering the aforementioned definitions, you can conclude that training and development involve the organized and continuous developing skills, learning principles, attitudes and knowledge needed by employees to perform effectively and successfully at the job.

Oceanic Standard bank International PLC

Oceanic Bank International Plc is undoubtedly one of finance institutions that helped bring new trend in the bank sector to Africa. Incorporated in on March 26, 1990, the lender commenced business on June 12, 1990. The bank has been growing from strength to strength since that time. Its shares were stated on the Nigerian Stock Exchange on June 25, 2004, having achieved a open public liability company position.

The loan provider is first rate in excellent deliveries and top notch banking technology in Africa. Based on the bank's website, the lender has a strong presence in advantage management, commercial bank, health management, insurance, investment banking, pensions, registrar services, personal savings & loans and trustee services, as well as over 370 business office buildings propagate across Nigeria, Cameroun, the Gambia and So Tom & Prncipe, Oceanic Loan company is one of the very most known financial services brands in Western Africa.

The rational for choosing Oceanic Loan company for this essay is hinged on the actual fact that the writer can be an insider who have been working with the bank for a long time and have been subject to group of training within the lender. Presently on the bank's study leave, the author has unfettered usage of the training methods and methods of the company and can specifically evaluate and evaluated the bank's training methods and techniques as demanded by the question at hand.

Brief overview of literature

Various scholars and research workers have added to training especially in the bank sector. Included in this is Richards (1997) who posits that throughout a management trainee programme, the real purpose is to concentrate on the individual administrator and not the position in the company. Richard added to training needs research, vis-a-vis; about core competencies, job profiling and identification of competencies gaps-either against central competencies for folks or against job information for generic jobs.

Another important work that focuses on trained in the banking industry is that of Niki Glaveli and Stella Kufidu (2005). The authors jointly analyzed the changes that took place in the Greek banking industry in three good years. The author also looks at the impact of the changes on the role of employees training and development for proper execution and success, using four case studies to investigate the effect of the environmental changes on these particular banking companies and the role of these training and development strategies in modifying themselves to the changing industry environment (Glaveli & Kufidu 2005).

In a far more related work to this research, Rainaye (2004) empirically evaluated the training policy in two commercial banks. The banks will be the State Bank of India and Jammu & Kashmir Standard bank Limited. Desire to was to study some type of training styles including Management's frame of mind towards training, training inputs, quality of training programmes and copy of training to the job. The study found out that working out situation is to a huge extent satisfactory. The study also evaluates the opinions of the employees of two cadres of both finance institutions and specifically that it can be made completely effective only once working out needs analysis and copy of training to the job are considerably better, besides attracting finer improvements in other proportions (Rainaye 2004).

Badhu and Saxena (1999), in their work titled 'Role of Training in Developing Human Resources' proved that an organization must have well-defined training insurance policy as well as training manual and training should be made a continuing process. The duo also proved that the exec development programmes have been found to be useful in improving the efficiency, efficiency and effectiveness of managers.

In their research, Karthikeyan, Karthi & Graf evaluated the effectiveness of trained in six banks and how training contributes for expansion of the banking institutions. The analysis which carefully focussed on three general public sector banks and three private sector finance institutions has core targets of analyzing the effectiveness of Training in selected lenders in Tiruchirappalli Region, South India and to find the association between effectiveness of training and development and result of banks.

Assessing Training Needs

Organisations spend over $200 billion yearly on worker training and development (Wexley and Latham, 1991). They rely upon this training to help develop worker skills that are critical for success in today's fast-changing, competitive environment (Guthrie and Schwoerer, 1994). There training programs are a dubious investment, however, unless these are based after a sound training needs evaluation TNA (Goldstein, 1993). Regarding to Burton and Thakur (2003), a good training curriculum should identify: (i) the precise skill areas that are to be strengthened because of this of working out; and (ii) the resources that's available to support the training. They posit that an efficient training process must start with an intensive need analysis to clearly identify the training to be achieved, and it must end with a target training program evaluation.

A comprehensive training needs examination provides information on group needs- the organizational systems in need of training; task needs- the data and skills trainees must acquire for effective job performance; and person needs-the individuals looking for specific types of training (Wexley and Latham, 1991 Guthrie and Schwoerer, 1994). As shown in the amount below, the first rung on the ladder of training process is the assessing of training needs and providing answers to the following questions: (i)Who needs working out?(ii) Exactly what do they need to know or have the ability to do? (iii)What do they know or are now able to do? (Burton and Thakur, 2003). The other steps offer with recognition of training target which should be specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and time bound, implementation of training curriculum, evaluation, and adjustment if possible.

Assess training needs

-Who need to be trained?

-What do they have to know?

-What do they already know?Set training aims (specific, measurable etc. )

Plan training evaluation

-Did trainees like the training?

-Can they meet the training aims?

-Do they perform better face to face?

Develop training curriculum: content, location, methods, coaches, duration

Conduct Training

Evaluate Training

Modify training curriculum predicated on evaluation

Figure: The Training Process (Source: Griffin, 1990)

Training methods and techniques at Oceanic Loan provider International PLC

Oceanic lender places great importance on its training so in retrospect the bank is actually a workplace where staff really can learn and work at once. Training at oceanic bank or investment company int'l plc has been an important task or function to be completed by the recruiting office. Whichever level a worker enters the organization; it is essential for such new worker to undergo group of training both on- the- job and off- the- job.

The Oceanic Leadership Academy

The oceanic Management Academy is the training school for the lender. It is the first port of call for every new staff of the bank. The new workers resume rigorous academic studies in the Academy for five weeks where their success is chiefly determined by written and oral examinations. The Academy goes quite a distance to determine whether a new staff will be maintained in the lender or sent packing as staff who failed the brief course will be asked to leave the work of the bank. The Academy has very reach curriculum and work modules, almost all of which are packed to provide the peculiar nature and businesses of the bank.

The Oceanic Academy, being the learning arm of the bank is run by the Human Resource department. Based on the Bank's websites, the team is responsible for all capacity building and training interventions aimed at developing the skills and capabilities of employees, thus increasing their competencies face to face, their overall efficiency and the competitiveness of Oceanic Bank Group.

Induction courses

After the graduating from the Academy, the induction functions of the lender comes after. Induction training is conducted to newly hired staffs of oceanic loan company within the branches of the lender. The programme is supposed to enhance the financial literacy of participants whilst strengthening their knowledge and competencies. That is completed both on-the -job and off- the-job which allows the new basic level officers to comprehend the business and development of skills needed to perform their job functions required by the organisations standard and practise. A one-week induction course for experienced new hires and a three-day induction course are available to certain grade levels. In addition, desk-to-desk induction is organised specifically for older management staff.


Off -the -job trained in Oceanic Bank

This is an exercise programme beyond your group which is prompted by the bank. The lender usually sponsors and support their staffs for specialised trained in various fields especially in the area of the present day day technology, credit and home loan. Staffs are been directed on training in several training programs such as (center banking program) finacle training in Indian and other Europe. Such staffs attended back again more enlighten and have the ability to complete done such knowledge to subordinate and co- staff.

On-the-job training in Oceanic bank

Oceanic standard bank make most use of on-the-job training by assigning a trainer to the newly employee to place such employee through by learning the sensible aspect of the job on-the-job.

Job rotation is also an important training method utilized by the bank where workers are been migrated from different team to get more experience and familiarise themselves with all areas of banking, from marketing, credit, businesses and software of core bank software. Oceanic loan provider staff members gain a whole lot through job rotation as given employees possibility to work in several department of the lender is effective. This effort also helps workers to move around different team which allow them generate new ideas to other departments to enhance employee performance.

Job rotation of personnel also reduces boredom on the job because of diverse activity to be completed by employees. This also enables the staff to understand all the key aspect of bank as well as dealing with differing people and senior professionals across the business.

Knowledge showing section: This is a training program created by oceanic standard bank to be conducted by each branch on regular basis. It really is anchored by selected staff of the lender on the rotation basis. The goal is to bridge learning spaces on the functions of the bank. This is done specifically to revise each staff of the bank on operations of the lender, the position of the bank, introduction of new products as well as knowledge outside the banking operations

Short classes in Oceanic bank

The bank regularly organizes Open Classes which cover diverse regions of development including Control, Communication, Health and Wellness, Credit Skills, Marketing Skills and Soft Skills. Usually the bank transmits mails to staffs to point there interest whenever the organisation organises open classes for staff

The bank stimulates the staff to join up and screens their improvement for professional training. Consistent with this the Oceanic Academy lovers with various organisations like the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria (ICAN) and the Chartered Institute of Bankers (CIBN) in the region of Continuous Professional Development Programs.

They also encourage personal development of every staffs by allowing staffs to be on study leave for further studies, and opportunity the writer of this essay happens to be enjoying.

E- learning: This is the bank or investment company internet training facilities provided to the employees of the bank for training goal. There are various materials on this website which employees can read and download to permit them broaden their knowledge on the primary banking subject matter as well as non-banking related regions of study.

Effectiveness of Oceanic Loan company Training programmes

The oceanic loan provider training system is by way one of the better in the banking sector as attested to by staff of other lenders. The programme is well structured in such a way that it makes it easy for each and every employee to endure it without the stress. This is desirable as it makes the staff to love and appreciate their work. This in turn stimulates efficiency and increased productivity. Because staff had gone through certain training procedures, they are positive in doing their job and they build-up work ego and pleasure in delivering mentioned task.

Shortcomings of the Oceanic Bank Training programmes

While it is good to truly have a formal training university for personnel training like the Oceanic lender command academy, it is slightly unfair to based performance of new personnel on school room examinations, worstill, that those who failed the assessment are shown just how from the employment. That is hinged on the commonly known assertion that examination is never the best way of testing human being knowledge. A good staff that has reasonable practical knowledge of the bank operating system might be unable to successfully move written examination for one reason or the other. For this reason, the function of identifying whoever successfully approved through the academy is put to question.

Another shortcoming seen from the Oceanic Loan provider Training programs is the management of the delivery of the on-the-job training. More often than not in the office where this publisher work, the pressure of work and overpowering customer needs and queries don't allow room for coaching someone else on the job. The implication is that most new staff spend longer than standard in learning new skills while working.

Often, those doing working out may have no experience in training, no time to do it, and no desire to participate in it. Under such conditions, learners essentially are independently, and training likely will never be effective. Another problem is that on-the-job training can disrupt the movement of regular work. Alas, on-the-job training can total no training by any means in a few circumstances, particularly if trainers simply depart the trainees to learn the job alone. Also bad habits or incorrect information from supervisor or manager can be used in the trainees.

Conclusions and Tips for Improvement

Owing to the complicated nature of jobs in the bank sector, the importance of worker training has increased. Within a rapidly changing culture, employee training is not only an activity that is desired but also a task that an business must commit resources to, if it is to maintain a practical and knowledgeable labor force Karthikeyan, Karthi & Graf (2010)


Because of the gigantic benefits of training for an organisation, the total amount spent should be seen as an investment somewhat as an expense to the organisation. Training has been a very formidable part of each organisation. Plus its a prerequisite for effective employees' performance and expansion on their careers. Logically speaking, the higher the grade of training an employee receives, the higher the grade of production and vice versa.

It must be pressured therefore, that training and development improve quality, client satisfaction, morale, profitability, business development and development i. e. overall organizational efficiency. Hence, it offers organizations competitive benefit.

This essay advises an informal approach to accessing staff performance in working out school, vis-avis, the Oceanic Lender Leadership Academy. In this way, emphasis should be laid on assessing the delivery of sensible tasks given to the new personnel rather than simply asking them to create written examinations. Also, new personnel shouldn't be let go for failing the written examinations in the academy.

It is also suggested that on-the-job training should become more formalise in a way that pressure and workload would be reduced from the shoulder of the trainer. Such trainer, as a matter of known fact, should be allowed concentrate more on the trainee as opposed to the customers over the induction.

It is also advisory that Oceanic loan provider introduces some sort of personality development programmes such as role play, group talk and business video games. By this, the older, management and other lower staff can build synergy and the superior and subordinate romance can be strengthened for the entire productivity of the bank.

In Standard, the RECRUITING department should improve their training programmes in line with latest needs in the bank sector, especially in this get older of online standard bank and sophisticated fraudulence. It is because every organization that want to endure in this very vibrant world of banking will need well-trained and experienced visitors to perform the activities which have to be achieved.

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