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The Ideas Of Structuralism And Functionalism Mindset Essay

This research paper will make clear both ideas of structuralism and functionalism utilizing the dualist possible to describe the interactional style between both these ideas with your brain and body. Furthermore there will be an explanation of how both structuralism and functionalism have impacted the practice of psychology in these modern times. Then there will be an explanation about how exactly both these ideas are had a need to describe our mindful mind and how they connect to the body.

The Ideas of Structuralism and Functionalism

Since the begin of your time, philosophers have been debating the issue of Structuralism and Functionalism ideas for many years now and by yet there is still no real consciences concerning which theory is corrects, even in these modern times the question still persist to the today. There are so many different viewpoints about these ideas that you have to do your own research to find out which is appropriate for your perception system. The process which will be used to clarify both theories of Structuralism and Functionalism relationship with your brain and body would be the Dualism prospective. Furthermore there will be an explanation of how both these theories have impacted the practice of psychology in these modern times. Then there will be an explanation about how both these ideas are needed to describe our mindful mind and how they connect to your body.

Dualism Prospective

This section will clarify how the Dualism prospective will used to clarify both theories of Structuralism and Functionalism and how they relationships with your brain and body.

According to Goodwin, (2008) dualism views your brain and your body as two specific entities, and that one may and does can be found exclusively. The centerpiece of the individual head is its potential to reason, whereas the body is the machine. Descartes assumed that the mind can have effect on your body and your body can have affect on the mind. This mind-body connections is based on reflex response system. The reflex is an automatic stimulus-response response that delivers a physiological model for Descartes' believes system on the mind-body question. Descartes described reflexes as thin cable like "filaments" that took place within the nerves and reaches out to the brain. If the senses were activated these filaments would move causing certain "pores" within the mind to open up. The procedure of the energy flow would produce the reflex movements. This reflex action can also give rise to the movements of energy stream in the brain. This process leads your brain to deliberately making decisions to do something (Goodwin, 2008).

The dualism process may be used to explain the way the mind can connect to the body by using the reflex response to relay the communications to the various body parts. Whenever you come to know each structural aspect within the brain, you'll be able to understand the efficient aspects of how the brain interacts with the rest of the body. The process may be used to gain an improved understanding of all subconscious and biological element of the human body, which is closed system. The mind and body influences each other how they will react to any given situation which may arise in your social environment. The mind and body are independent entities that work together to maintain the whole system.

Structuralism and Functionalism

This section will clarify Structuralism and Functionalism theories and how both these theories have impacted the practice of psychology.


According to Goodwin, (2008) Structuralism were more worried about requesting the question "What is consciousness?" and the main goals for Structuralism mindset are to study the experience in the individuals mindful and break them into their elemental devices, which show how these items could produce the mental functions. To gain a full understanding of the adult brain, the structuralist's used lab research to explain the mental techniques. This process allowed them to comprehend the workings of the brain and nervous system. The primary components of conscious experience are sensations and their impacts. These sensations have the characteristics to be different with the intensity, duration, and quality of their impacts, whereas the characteristics of images aren't as clear as sensations, because they lack quality. Structural mindset used pure laboratory science to find the basic framework of human awareness. Structuralism was in charge of making psychology into scientific procedure by using lab research to support their conclusions through experimenting under handled conditions. Structuralism was the start of experimental mindset with it organized approach to introspection (Goodwin, 2008).


According to Angell, (1907) the efficient psychology has three principal that form this theory. Functionalism is regarded as the psychology of mental techniques rather than mental components. The first principal is to discover "how" and "why" of real human consciousness. Functionalism deals with the challenge of the mind by negotiating between your environment and the organism. This process brings about understanding of the fundamental mindset of the human consciousness within the mind. The second main is to look for the process of awareness and how they may be classification. Functionalism has been described as both psychology and physical in its way. Functionalism understood the necessity for the mind-body romantic relationship when dealing with the individual consciousness. Presently functional psychology has a broad, flexible of view point in psychology (Angell, 1907).

According to Goodwin, (2008) he remarked that functionalists were more involved with the question of "What is consciousness for?" This caused the study of topics ranging from developmental to unnatural psychology. Because of this from these studies they became enthusiastic about the differences among individuals and how psychology could be used to resolve day-to-day problems. Functionalism used the trial-and-error learning process with the scientific learning process occurring through the creation of relationships between stimulus and replies model. The stimulus and responses model were successful in the setting up a learning process that make up the "Law of Effect". These relationships were strengthened with practice of the situations and reactions, which made up the "Law of Exercise". The educational routines were affected by the "Stimulus-Response" model and the "Stimulus-Organism-Response" construction that was at habit learning. Functionalism has branched off into various psychological fields; it is among the most leading part in applied, educational, behavioral, cognitive, public, developmental, irregular, and natural with cultural affects when psychology practitioners were committing to usually one specialty (Goodwin, 2008).

The Mind And Body

This section will describe how both ideas are had a need to explain how our body and mind work together.

According to Angell, (1903) there can exist no theoretical distinctions between idea and psychology, when mindset is interpreted as both structural and useful in their operations. The differentiation between philosophy and psychology is largely the results of the widespread try to make mental health an investigative knowledge after the manner of biological process that treats your brain as an organism from a structural and functional prospective. The implications are that structural and practical aspects of your brain and body are characteristics of two processes for the same purpose. Psychology can't, therefore, restrict 'itself to just structural problems, but questions as to what the make-up the conscious body and mind. The operations that are performed, cannot answer the questions without demonstrating how and just why they are really performed (Angell, 1903).

According to Matarazzo, (1987) William A. Hunt began his career learning psychology by incorporating structuralism and functionalism in neuro-scientific psychology. When Hunt learned the experimental approach to introspection, he used it to the study of human feelings (Matarazzo, 1987).


In summary the dualism process may be used to explain how the mind can connect to the body utilizing the reflex respond to relay the messages to different body parts. Whenever you combined structural understanding of the part within the mind, with the knowledge of functional aspects of the way the brain works and interacts with all of those other body, you'll be able to gain an improved knowledge of all mental health and biological element of our body, which is closed system. The mind and body affects each other on how they will react to any given situation which could arise in your social environment. Your brain and body are distinct entities that interact to maintain the complete system.

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