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The Targeted Toyota Prius Advertisement Plan Marketing Essay


This advertisement arrange for Toyota Prius will concentrate on the target market needs and desires. The statement will duly identify the prospective market with Prius differentiation and positioning in the market. The budget has been arranged at $25 million us dollars with sales goal of 50, 000 Hybrid Prius cars.

The Toyota Prius is a full hybrid electric powered car. It's a mid-size hatchback whichwas primarily a compact sedan. It'sdeveloped and produced by the Toyota Electric motor Firm. The California Air Resources Mother board (CARB) as well as the U. S. Environmental Security Firm (EPA or USEPA) rate the Prius as one of cleanest vehicles sold in the United States based on air pollution and toxic emissions. It's bought from more than 70 countries and regions

A marketing communications strategy which will interact with the prospective market has been created. The advertising campaign campaign will improve the brand image. The strategy use PR, Advertising, Immediate mail, Radio, Tv programs, Print (papers and periodicals), Billboards and the occasional Internet will be the key media. The majority of the budget will be allocated to TV and print advertising. The creative strategy is designed based on marketing theory that emphasizes on knowing the need and desires of the customer and delivering them the required level of satisfaction much better than the competitor it will highlight the unique factors ofPrius and abate the prospective market objections.

Automobile industry:

WORLD AUTOMOBILE PRODUCTION according to The International Corporation of AUTOMOBILE Manufacturers (OICA) correspondent's survey WITHOUT DOUBLE COUNTS the following statistics were obtained for the entire year 2009. The car sector which is the sector of engine industry includes private vehicles of all explanation and engine capacities so long as they conform to all rules and regulations and they are specifically made to carry people. The automobile sector plays a part in 84. 4% of total Toyota development in '09 2009 and it offers the Prius.


The Prius comes in more than 70 countries and parts. IN-MAY 2008 Toyota released that it experienced global sales of 1 1 million Prius. In September 2010 the cumulative sales of the Toyota crossbreed car Prius got surpassed 2 million units worldwide.

Almost one half of the Prius cumulative sales by Dec 2009 were accounted by the U. S. with 814, 173 Prius items sold since 2000. However, Prius' sales dropped by two consecutive sales decrease from its peak in 2007 to 139682 devices sold in '09 2009. In UK, Prius became one of the key market leaders in the Western european market. With an increase of than 20% sales of most Prius made were accounted by Europe. In Japan, the Prius became the Japans bestselling vehicle in 2009 2009 by overtaking Honda fit which was Japans bestselling car in 2008 (excluding Kei cars) and its sales almost tripled to 208, 876 in '09 2009 a feat achieved first-time since its introduction in 2007.

Prius Target Market

Toyota's cross vehicle Prius belongs to the lower/medium passenger car portion (C). Prius gets the good thing about being the 'first produced in higher quantities cross car' and aside from Honda Insight doesn't have an alternative therefore as this type of an automobile is new and does not have much substitutes the competition is not stiff. When compared with the only other option of cross car that is the Honda Information it in comparison with Prius doesn't offer the same comfort. The reason is clear. Honda's Information is a two seat sports car whereas Prius aspires to supply the comfortableness that as of any other Portion C car power of Prius because of its conventional buyers.

The market for Toyota's cross types car can be divided into 2 major categories Business buyers (B2B) and Consumer customers (Private clients)

Business buyers consist of customers who either by the automobile for work with/rental goal or for the business fleet. Due to low operating cost the Prius becomes an attractive choice for Toyota's business buyers. Car traders are also customers nonetheless they do not have a free will plus they have to sell the automobile that Toyota produces therefore the number of these 'customers' can be place by the business.

The customers buying process starts long before he makes the genuine purchase and remains long from then on. Toinfluence the customer behavior we first have to investigate and understand the customer's needs and would like. To obviously identify the thinking procedure for the business buyers and the consumer buyers the next is the complete cycle which includes 5 levels in it.

Recognition: The buying process start with recognition - the customer identifies his needs and want. It can be triggered by both an exterior andinternal stimuli. The inner stimuli can be brought on when his normal need begins to rise such for craving for food or thirst and becomes so high to operate a vehicle them. A need or want can also be triggered by exterior stimulifor example an ad of an automobile may bring the need for an appropriate drive or low-maintenance cost car.

Search: following the recognition occurs the customer will search for the product that will fulfill his need. If the buyer decides to have a new car then he'll pay more focus on cars, advert of cars, automobiles owned by relatives and buddies and any car talk anybody is having. With regards to the need the he might actively search the internet, talk with friends and accumulate any information he can by other means. The amount of search the customer is going to do depend upon many other things too such as the durability of his need, the availability of information, the ease of obtaining more information and the level of satisfaction derived from such search. The information can come from many resources such as personal resources (family and friends), by commercial sources (advertisements, sales promotions, packaging, displays etc), by open public sources (mass media, internet scores etc), and experiential options (using the merchandise offered by handling and evaluating them) for example in cases like this a try of Prius. The affect of these information sources will depend on with buyer. In US Nielson's survey it was discovered that 78% of consumers have the most credible endorsement of information from others. The consumer's awareness and knowledge of the available product can help him to drop certain products. Toyota must therefore design a marketing mix to make its potential customer customers aware and proficient in his brand.

Evaluation: following the first two-steps of that is the identification and search is completed the third step 'evaluation' comes into play. The company needs to know the choice choice of the consumer if he instead doesn't Prius. The evaluation phase is a difficult one as consumers avoid simple or solitary analysis process in buying any product there appear to be many process at work. Therefore the company should study buyers to determine the way they actually assess brand alternatives. If the company knows what evaluative process goes on they may take steps to effect the buyer's decisions.

According to a review:

Decision: after the acknowledgement, search and analysis the fourth step emerges that is 'decision'. The buying decision is guaranteed by motives. The motives of the customer is influenced by two-factors the first factor is attitude of others as in someone important to consumer who feels that he can purchase a low-priced car, then your chances of him buying a pricey car is reduced. The second factor is sudden situational factors. The customer may plan to buy a car based on his expected salary or product benefits but credited to unintentional factors like a bad customer feedback or an economic recession may direct result that the chance customer might not make a purchase.

After-sales: following the sales have been made the company's primary goal is not merely to meet client satisfaction but to delight him. After every big purchase customer usually suffer the syndrome called the cognitive dissonance. That is a post buying discord that is potential buyers' irritation where he feels uneasy about acquiring the disadvantage of the chosen brand and about getting rid of the benefits associated with the brands not purchased. The business must therefore take proper customer support just because a dissatisfied customer is harmful to the company. A bad person to person may travel quite a distance and may ruin other possibility buyer's intention. The business should therefore make them their property.

These were the essential customer considering process. The prospective market segments are now defined below of Toyota Prius.


The consumers (private customers) are the main segment on the market. The consumer's era is between 30 to 50 years old. They may be either male or female. The family lifecycle is they are likely to be committed with children. These are educated men and women who know the effect of hybrid cars to the environment. The income degree of the costumers is usually to be seekers ($4376-$10, 941) and strivers ($10, 941-$21882). Therefore they may be in upper middle class and have occupations that of high managerial or professional positions. Hence they not only are ready to purchase a host friendly car nevertheless they can also pay high go the comfort and future cost conserving from the car.


According to the demographic profile three types of probable buyers can be identified

The first one is the early adopters and technology pioneers these folks are the one who are enthusiastic about the latest technology who are the first-runners who wish to own the latest invention. The second type will be the people who are environmentally friendly they are the person who recognize the global warming situation the pollution and the impact of motoring industry about them. They wish to do something about it by buying a host friendly car. But there is certainly one set back they are seeking to express their concern and relieve their mind these people only somewhat worried and not prepared to cause them too much inconvenience. The third types of customer will be the customers who want for the perfect blend of low-maintenance cost car in the long run and the highly economized fuel consumption at an affordable price.

The media consumption for such customers will be as adopted:

Print: Quality magazine ( Telegraph, Independent, Times, Daily mail), Country wide Geographic, Vanity fair, Stuff, New scientist, Waitrose Food demonstrate, Financial/Business press, Wired, Trade press, Car magazines

TV: BBC One, BBC two, BBC three, BBC five, CNN, Discovery Channel, Channel 4, Sky TV

Other: Capital FM, Basic FM, Jazz FM, Radio 4, heavy movie theater ads, intense use of the internet advertisement, Galaxy

All three types of customer will tend to be open to yet surrounding of the adverts is it of Print, Television set or others. The entire size of the prospective segments is small and therefore shows the eminent results that the cross car is yet to be common amongst other industries as well.


The private buyer or the business enterprise buyer is much more likely to come from an urban area or a city. One the power is that its available in over fifty percent the world covering more than 70 countries and locations and therefore the customer can be from everywhere of the world. One of the most probability of potential customer customers snooze in where there is a pollution and congestion problem such such as US the Prius customers can avail up to $2000 tax rebate which means customers do not need to only be environment friendly because its cost efficient too.

According to a study:

Toyota Prius: SWOT Analysis, Overview



World's major car manufacturer, includingbiggest Japanese car manufacturer

Reliableand safe Image

Research and development is one the greatest amidst other car manufacturers this insures impressive designs.

'Just In Time' Production

Toyota Corolla. The bestselling car with over 35 million units sold

Lexus another product, other strong brands


Knowledge of different Market segments/

Cultures scheduled to such great markets

World-wide syndication sites/ car dealers

Prestige/ image when put next with

Other Western makes

Relatively small Market share



European Union market, reduction of quotas

Hybrid Prius technology

Introduction of new models

Online buying activities


Strong competitors atlanta divorce attorneys segment;

(Ford, Basic Motors, Volkswagen, Mercedes, BMW,

Honda, Hyundai)

Public/Alternative transportation

Heavy taxation/ fuel costs increase

Worldwide financial recession

Internal strengths

Toyota is the world's most significant car maker. Toyota can achieve economies of range by having creation facilities in more than 25 countries. Toyotais able to quickly react to customer needs and reduce its operating cost and overhead by applying the "just with time" development, Toyota was main vehicle manufacturers to add this.

One of the very most expansivebudgets for R&D in automobile industrywith various research focuses on the planet ensures innovation at Toyota such by the world's first mass produced hybrid autos Prius.

Reliability and quality criteria are regarded as Toyota's major strength in car industry. The Corolla the devices of which have crossed 30 million make back 2007 since its development begin in 1966. In addition, it has a great many other strong brands on the market such as Lexus.

Internal weaknesses

Due to large world-wide market Toyota has difficulty in catering to different needs of different countries and culture. For example Western customers have distinct needs from Japanese and Americanbuyers, yet their prestige of trustworthiness is inadequate to convince European potential buyers who like toshow themselves with their collection of car and for that reason choose cars with more eminentcachet from manufacturers such as Mercedes, Volkswagen, General Motors and Ford. Some customers might choose a car from adomestic manufacturer to back the house industry (though Toyota has anoutputfacility in britain).

External opportunities

Till 2000 the Western european market was secured to aboutsome degree as Japanese manufacturersaccordedto confine their imports to the EU market through voluntary quotas. Since January 2000 these quotas were refined off and today were entirely opened to the European union market for Japanese Carmakers.

Toyota's new cross types technology Prius has transformed outto be very flourishing in the US, Japan and European countries and already made severalnew models. Toyota could have the great things about being the first in this

Marketand other than Honda Understanding which is also a hybrid carbut rather than family car from the two-seater sports vehicle. Toyota Prius therefore currently has 90% market show in cross types vehicles). The entrance of new models in expanding sections generally offersmany opportunities. The new medium internet also opens up a new windows of opportunities for the marketing of autos and side by side improves marketing communications and slices off functioning costs

External threats

The chief danger comes from wealthy and big opponents who prevails the entire world market. Indirect

Competition comes from substitute methods of travelling such trains and buses because of low-costs. However in some countries it's comparatively a safe net because very few people are prepared to use public travel. However the access of the congestion charge in London has shown that car traffic can be decrease. Othergovernment incentives such as tax increases and fuel price increases are also directed at reducing the use of vehicles. These activities can dilute the number of car acquisitions and reduce ultimate gains of Toyota Prius

Objectives and Goals:

Targets are important to be clarifiedwhich therefore is should be achieved by organized actions. Targets and targets of your company is shaped and divided into three stages; corporate and business objective, marketing goal and communication target. Corporate objective is achieved thorough higher profits and more sales which is actuallystockholder wealth maximization. Marketing goals is the successful introduction of a new car in the market. However, Prius was not introduced in the market for profit era in fact in US it's sold at its production cost. Because of a research job the Prius model was derived which was introduced in the market for two basic reason first environmentally friendly responsibility factor which was best for the image of Toyota and the second was to show the engineering capacities of the company.

The pursuing are the main objectives and targets:

- To fortify the relationship with the Toyota Prius

- To enhance the interest towards Toyota Prius when a customer is planning for a new car purchase.

- To expand the mark market and enter into other market sections and reach them approximately possible

- Business buyers and Consumers (private customers) need to be up to date about the new product and brand name.

- Create awareness of by educating customers of cross cars and benefits of having a Prius.

- Target markets should be delighted about the new technology influenced Prius and reach to othersby word of mouth.

- Marketing communications should promptusers to find out more about the new Prius; see the

Website, order a test drives etc.

- The Prius ought to be considered a total and sensible option to conventional automobiles.

- At last communications should lead to a purchase, a far more eminentpercent of showroom trips should be turned into sales.

As the product is newthere are no trendsetter'sfor this product and also historical data is unavailable that could allowforming a concept what is possible or sensible or what's not. Including the Prius has been launched in Japan since 1997, but it was a different market with an alternative environment and for that reason only to some degree of valid similarities as compared to the European union and UK market. To check on if all or a few of these objectives are met post campaign research should be started out at regular intervals.

According to a review:

Current-market Strategy

The Prius offers technical specs that now other car offers. These unparalleledmarketing tips should be underlined in the advertisements and any barriers to acquire be underminedsimultaneously (unequaledmarketing suggestionscheme). Ad messages are likely to change over time, early advertisings shouldfocus on the consciousness and education potential client, whereas later shows can centre onproducingexcitement and concentrate on particular benefits. To appeal to the mark market ads should promote the automobile and its users to be innovational and creative leaders. barriers to purchase should be determined such as high initialcost anduncommon technology should be overpower by emphasizing the long runefficiency, success in Japan and by providing them product information. It really is vital to stress that the Toyota Priusdoes not want any outside recharging which is often lost with traditional electric vehicles and it provides thesame comfort as that of a normal car, the Toyota hybrid car should therefore comprehended as 'least darkish' and not'green' (and all the weaknesses associated your). The plan is suggested "to make thetechnology come alive" (Bernasconi, Disc, Oasis Advertising, NY).

It would add up to make different performances to target one of the three types discovered in thetarget market and stressing their grounds to buy and rebut their specific barriers to purchase. Consequently adsshould appear in media whichis given in the psychographic profile of where to advertise. The tone should be impressive, well-informed and funny if possible.

Communications methods:

Various types of communication combination are available. Two significantelements need to be considered whenever choosing the communication for the Prius: The high engagement in the kind of product and its own launch to threestages in the life cycle of the merchandise. Both of these elementsdetermine the client buying behavior and then the method has to be conformed to fit these conditions.

PR areuseful as they enjoy a high credibility however the exact message cannot be managed at such a low cost but this communication form will be of big effect to the new potential customer customers of the Prius as they sketch their information from the mass media. Personal marketing is very critical just because a car is a higher participation product and provides morestrong belief for sale which is given by personal marketing. The neighborhood dealerswho in advance would learn to know Prius car, its specs, working, material, efficiency, and its advantages to get over possible objection from the customers.

Personal marketing will also be of big importance when concentrating on the business enterprise buyer segment, because these customers buy in large quantities and therefore they might expect togive a presentation by a Toyota's sales representative to convince them that Prius is suitable for his or her fleet.

The costs of training and personal marketing arepresumed to be dealt in retailers and Toyota'soperating expenditures. Sales ads, pecuniary incentives to get, are most reliable to activate a choice or purchase. Sales campaign isessential at the commencing of the product life cycle to gain popularity or arouse a trial. Toyota isalready retailing the Prius beneath its development cost. However a supplementary third party sales promotion for Priusmechanism has been placed into place: The federal government, which is encouraging more cleaner fuels, gives a tax-rebate of up to $2000.

To get the largestreward out of this Toyota should advertise this truth. Otherwise Sales special offers should be utilized impromptu oncea drop in sales can is discovered. Advertising, a monetary form of non-personal mass communication from adistinguished marketing agent should be commenced, and also should bethe major communication methodstrategy and method this advertising campaign.

Advertising or paid promotion is controllable but has a backdrop that it'svery expensive especially for television. Advertising may be used to enhanceconsciousness, arouse engagement and communicateabout the cross car Prius. Customers are come to by placing advertising in their target media (as described before).

Direct mail in the form of newsletters can be useful for this marketing campaign to create awareness before the unveiling and to advise and offer them the opportunity to know about the product by a test drive etc. Toyota has recently atinformation set up but canalso purchasemore information. Immediate mail is also important when approaching the business customers and providesthem with thorough information about the Prius. Nonetheless it should be guaranteed that only individuals who are intended should receive the mail as people who may get the mail in error may lower their image of Toyota.

Recommended Campaign

In order to enter in new market Pre-testing is a vital step especially for a completely new product, to check on if the communication conveyed is conceived as expected by the chance buyers. Testing will help to determine the optimal blend and dilute the risk of failure generally.

Trying out with trial viewers who present everyone and the mark audience should include conception, modern-fashion and ground breaking strategy of most intended marketing communications and shows. A share of the financial budget must be appropriated for pre-testing.

Direct mail should be one of the commencement activities with pre-launch consciousness letters being sent to existing Toyota customers; those who fit in the target group explanation (Because 40% of buyers in USA & Japan previously owned a far more expensive car).

Toyota can also buy moreinformation directories from mass media that their target has subscribed to (e. g. Times, as faras legitimately possible) and then filtering among them with focus on demographic profile given above.

A second beckon of direct mail after the launching with more distinctdata should follow and

Officiallydeclare the launching of the Prius. At this juncture the audience should be given the chance to either pre-order the car (benefit of Toyota loyalty) or get a try at a local dealer.

Local dealer's own mailing work will be tested here. Direct email should also be sent to business buyers, which can be would have to be accepted in Toyota's data source. Their mailingsshould be custom-made to underline the characteristics that are essential for bulk potential buyers.

Direct mail also needs to be used by means of email to underline the Prius present-day image.

Emails could be prepared to change to immediately pre-order the automobile and purchase the car online, something that would invoke toinitiatethe mind-set. Newsletters should include specific pamphletsand eventually a CD-Rom.

Positive public relations will be created by pr announcements and press conferences. These can be used forthe unveiling and early period of the Prius to improve awareness and produce interest for the new product. The general public must be informed about the Prius' working and advantages. Power will be increased when general public relation shows up in media consumed by the mark market prospects. Considering the Prius revolutionarytechnology marketing will be wanting to talk about this product because of speculation from the audience and a good certain volume of called forcoverage could be predicted. The Prius will be displayed in ideal shows and expos in the automobile industry to start some discusses the Priusand this will put together the marketplace.

Advertising is one of the main communication methods along with personal marketing. The

Use of Television ads, Print advertising, Internet seems most hopeful to attain and affect the target market sections.

The strategy is to use marginally different executions among each of the three mindset as talked about by their specific media.

Advertising will go through different periods to aware, educate and interest the prospective audience andthen preferably lead to a seller visit. Personal marketing as mentioned above is very necessary to make an impression on both business customers and customers (private purchasers) in thecar market.

Media Strategy

The favorite medium of advertisement for automobiles is television because of its high impact of prospectbuyers. Though very costly that is the volume of Television set ads but discovered popular TV group programmers should be utilized as much as possible Identified TV channels, BBC one/two/three, route 4 etc. Print out advertisements will be located in worthy papers and especially in their weekend editions (back again cover &second webpage). Extra advertisings will be positioned in car industry periodicals and those read by the targetgroup.

Titles identified to learn by the prospective audience: The Separate,

Financial Times, the days, National Geographic, Products, Daily Telegraph, New Scientist, Vanity Fair, Waitrose Food Illustrate, the changing times Auto, Express, Car, What Car etc.

Personal marketing activities will focus on target audiences print publications and Tv set advertisements but also involve Television programme that do show on vehicles (Top Items, 5th Gear, new technology programmes) the surroundings and maybe even radio programs with regard to even publicity. Press releases at regular interval to the prospective group and car industry.

Placing Outdoor billboards at occupied junctions will assist TV and print advertisements and really should be located in cities to reach the wide audience of car individuals at a lowcost

Internet also takes on a vital role a specific prius site will offer you all info through e-brochures and pamphlets plus immediate email will be delivered as email where prospect buyer is allowed to buy and purchase the Prius online. Plus, the clients can make their own customized Prius too. Plus all adverts should carry the Prius web address.

Budgets control and Timing of Factors:

Before the merchandise is really launched the marketing communication should be kick off so that at launch they show their full potential. Even long before that all areas that add to the creation and communication will have to meet regular interval for an integratedstrategy.

Pre-Launch: The set up of a site across the Prius may happen once the cross types car has been proven onexhibitions. Direct email will be dispatched before and after the launch. Personal marketing will be allowedbarely beforeand totally after Launch. After the product is available advertising campaign will start. Tv set advertisements will start ina flux into a 'consciousness pattern' after half-year to keep up consciousness for a product that has a long purchase circuit and requires a longer decision time.

Post Campaign Evaluation:

Post-testing (after and during advertising campaign) is essential because it helps to gauge the literalachievement of the campaign. It answers the questions such as was the amount of money worth spending above the advertising, were objective achieved after such long strategy planning. If not where did it fail? Comments from customers also helps when designingnext campaigns.

Post-testing will be outsourced and will be held by a company that particularizes in transporting surveys to finding out thepublic's reaction to the marketing communications. These tests includes the credit/ consciousness ofadverts, recall rate and its influencing power over feelings and frame of mind towards people. Was the prospective market segment protected and reachedwith the right concept also needs to be examined. These results may then be equated with results evaluated before the campaign commencement to state the

Affect the campaign had. Budget should be allocated for this post-campaign testing.


The survey considered all the in-out likelihood of the advert components open to ensure that each and every component is taken into account. We need a marketing communications strategy that makes use of advertising, personal marketing, new media and direct email, radio and tv. Personal advertising will be rendered by the prevailing network of local sellers. TV will be used for advertising and Print out Outdoor multimedia to start the purchases. The Internet will play asignificant role for bothadvertising and immediate mail, by using a modern medium to highlight the encouraged character of the car. However that this plan sofar is only a advertising campaign plan, and not definitive, it can mould particularly if pre or post-testing give harmful results and according to its end result will be taken appropriate steps to get over those obstacles. Prior to making the recommended action a long designing period with regular meetings of most parties is vital to guarantee the unity and wholecontents of the program.

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