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The Situation Of Hong Kong's Ocean Park


In contemporary international business with an extremely available market, many local enterprises are facing severe competition from large scale international company. Regarding disparities in overall strengths, it is quite essential and essential for local business to explore new development ideas as well as new space for development.

With its carrying on effort on re-engineering these years, Hong Kong Sea Park has turned a earnings of 95. 7 HK$ millions in 2004. However, with the approaching opening of Hong Kong Disneyland, Hong Kong Sea Park should be ready for the task from its main rival by beginning with its characteristics, repositioning, determining its utter advantages, carrying out redevelopment plan with the support from its companions and local government.

This report is principally centered on the declaration of the existing situation of Hong Kong Ocean Park and conversation about its future development. To commence with, there will be some basic advantages of Hong Kong Ocean Park like its quest, vision etc. Next moves the examination of exterior and interior environment. After that, strategic choices will be talked about. And finally, advice and suggestion are proposed to the CEO and Table of Ocean Area.

1. Strategy principles and vocabulary

Mission: "Sea Park provides all friends with memorable experiences that incorporate entertainment and education, while inspiring lifelong learning and conservation advocacy. Our aim is to maintain a wholesome financial status, while striving to deliver the highest requirements of safety, animal good care, products and guest service" (Ocean Playground Hong Kong, 2010).

Goals and goals:

-boost the number of annual guests from four million in 2004 to five million by 2010;

-to make a 0. 5 per cent contribution to Hong Kong's gross domestic product (GDP) in 2010 2010.


"Ocean Area aspires to be a world head in providing excellent guest experiences in a theme park environment hooking up people with aspect" (Ocean Recreation area Hong Kong, 2010). And, more specified, its eyesight is to be number one marine-based park for every single family not only from Hong-Kong but also from mainland China.

The main performance steps to determine the success of Sea Park are the following:

Firstly, it includes high reputation in both Hong Kong and mainland China. As it has been controlled for more than 28 years, it become a long-time favorite of several generations, many residents were sympathetic to Sea Recreation area. Thus, people who possessed visited the recreation area as children were now delivering their own children to it. Secondly, it had turn into a fixture of Hong Kong's ethnic heritage. Thirdly, the amount of visitors in 2004 is 4 m of men and women (with daily maximum capacity 35 000 people); total revenue in 2004 was 536. 2 HK$ m comparing to 428. 3 HK$ m in 2003, surplus for 2004 time was 95. 7 HK$ m comparing to deficit 4. 1 HK$ m in 2003. And lastly, its new brand (Whiskers) is recognizable at every house in China and plays a major role in the success of Hong Kong Sea Park.

On one side, we have stakeholders, who help to achieve park's goal and mission, such as Hong Kong federal government, Home Affairs Bureau and the Travel and leisure Plank, employees of Sea Park company and park's guests (customers). On other palm, we've those, who interfere with achieving park's goal and quest, such as activist communities (certain environmental teams and animal privileges activists), who insist upon forbidding of shopping for and travel exotic animals to park, trade associations and unions (bus companies and taxi motorists), who are against creating a mass transit railway (MTR), and rivals, who want to regain the market share.

2. External Environment

Key driving forces and their ranking

Raise and spend HK$5. 55 billion from private and government lending options to revamp park's well-worn products (approval of development plan)

Global changing in travel and leisure for Hong-Kong and Asia-Pacific region (development of tourism in region)

Disneyland's introduction - worldwide success of main competitor-Disneyland, coming to Hong Kong (Disney's success or inability)


FIVE Causes ANALYSIS for amusement park industry

1) Risk of new entry

As entertainment and theme recreation area industry takes a lot of cash (for area equipment, recruiting maintenance), the entry hurdle is high. Also plenty of time is required for park's planning, building, development and launching, a great deal of licenses and legalization is necessary (safeness, sanitary, security etc). Besides this, a huge space of land is essential to the introduction of the amusement playground, especially in Hong Kong, where in fact the land price in market is high.

2) Threat of rivalry

With low differentiation of products site visitors' choice will be based on price and service only. Because of this, there can be an additional strain on the price and service competition.

Ocean Park must perform different plans and activities such as redevelopment and release of new sights. You can find no rivals with exactly the same range of products. Disney's appearance is only expected.

3) Risk of substitution

In the family's leisure activities portion, where Ocean Playground is run, many organizations provide different kind of services. These include Cultural Middle, Zoo and Botanic gardens. Thus, Hong Kong, as a metropolis, has a number of cinemas, karaoke clubs, family cafes, concert halls and museums. Such services can't offer full selection of activities, which Ocean Park provides, nonetheless they have an impact on amount of customers, especially through the days of unique incidents, such as blockbuster's premieres or festivals.

4) Bargaining electricity of buyers (visitors)

As Ocean Playground successfully founded and located its image with original attractions, it has become a "must see" place for foreign visitors. The traveler bargaining electricity is low scheduled to it is hard for people to get the same experience at any other place as they have had in Ocean Park.

Local residents have a higher buying vitality as they have many other selections for leisure. For instance, they can go to Wetland Recreation area for ecotourism and dynamics and animals experience, they can also go to movies or fitness membership for entertainment goal. Moreover, the transitioning cost is relatively low for them.

5) The energy of suppliers

Suppliers have quite high electric power. Thus, construction components of amusement rides are huge and complicated, that's why playground is highly linked with supplier. On top of that, supplier is accountable for maintenance of items he has developed for playground. This induced in higher dependence of decided on constructor. Otherwise, the forex market is developed and the decision of suppliers is become increased now. While creating complexes (hotels, etc) with particular contractor area can't easily change to another builder because of high turning cost). The problem with the exotic pets is undoubtedly as Ocean Area can buy specifically country only.

The underlying dynamics, that happen to be traveling five forces

1) Aftermath of monetary crises and increasing in number of suppliers will decrease supplier ability.

2) Disney's appearance decrease entry risk in entertainment recreation area industry and increase competitors' rivalry.

3) Developing of new systems will affect increasing of substitutes. Also competitors with new systems will gain (in this aspect Disney has an advantage)

4) Disney's introduction increase requirements in diversification of Sea Park's products.

5) Solution price advantages (185 HK$ for adult ticket at Ocean Playground compared to 295HK$ for the same solution at Disney).

6) The primary competitor (Disney) is also same market focused (households with children), therefore, this may rise buyer's electric power.

Based on the five causes analysis, the main dominant pressure of industry is substitutes. Less importance has suppliers and further - customers.

Looking frontward, the five pushes will change in this way:

-Rivalry increase with Disney's introduction;

-Buyer power will increase slightly;

-Substitute risk will also increase;

-Entry threat lower dramatically;

-Supplier electric power will also reduce.

Five forces a lot more affect Wetland Area - Sea Park's key competitor, located at the northern part of Tin Shui Wai, in Yuen Long, than Ocean Park itself, because Wetland park's products are less differentiated. It offers "a 10, 000m2 visitor centre, Wetland Interactive World, and a 60-hectare Wetland Reserve" (Hong Kong Wetland Park, 2010). Entrance of other rival - Disney and its own substitutes - doesn't influence much Ocean Recreation area since it has its niche.

More differentiation of services, aimed mainly to Chinese language indigenous culture will have an impact on rivalry, substitutes and buyers. Unique high-quality products and services will influence customers. For seeking suppliers big impact will have Internet and special web-sites with best value of service, characteristics, suggestions and prices.

Strategic group/space evaluation for Sea Park

There are 2 key opponents for Ocean Recreation area:

1) Hong Kong Wetland Playground, mentioned above. It really is a conservation, education and travel and leisure facility, consisted of large visitor centre, Wetland Interactive World and a Wetland Reserve. This area provided site visitors with opportunities to observe wildlife, awareness and understanding the prices of wetlands throughout the East Asian Region and beyond, wetlands conservation. So, it's mostly about wetlands. The Hong Kong Wetland Recreation area is also going to "be considered a world-class ecotourism center to serve both local residents and abroad travelers" (Hong Kong Wetland Area, 2010).

Compare to Disneyland and Ocean Park, Hong Kong Wetland Playground has different facilities and product range (such as themed exhibition galleries, a theatre, a souvenir shop, an inside play area), provide different services and therefore, like Disney and Ocean Park, has its niche. The number of facilities provided is the narrowest among 3 parks. Therefore, Wetland Area can't meet demand of these visitors, who want for excitements and extreme pleasure, which is often found on a rides at 2 other parks.

2) Hong Kong Disneyland, arriving in a nearest future.

After 28 many years of functioning as a near monopoly, Ocean Area would soon have to contend with one of the primary brands in the entertainment and theme park industry. Furthermore, Disneyland targets the same group of park's customers - households with children.

It has well-known brand and reputation. It is the world innovator in conditions of entertainment. Many of Disney's individuals (Mickey Mouse button, Donald Duck and Winnie the Pooh) were household names all over the world, including in Hong Kong. Image, which Disney company supports almost for a hundred years (The Walt Disney Company was founded in 1923) and Disneyland itself (first park was opened up in 1955) for half of a century (compared to 28 years of Ocean park) really helps to attract guests not only from Hong Kong and midland China, but also from different part of the globe, especially those who find themselves from the USA and European countries (The Walt Disney Company, 2010).

But, despite of distinguish of Chinese culture, Disney heroes may be much less popular in Hong Kong as Ocean Park's mascot, Whiskeys.

Among other benefits of Disneyland are:

- location (it could be reached in just ten minutes from Hong Kong's air-port and significantly less than thirty minutes from downtown Hong Kong);

- the price said to be the least expensive one of the five Disney amusement parks throughout the world;

- the area of Disneyland is 310 acres compared to 215 acres of Ocean Park;

- 5 times better investment than for Ocean Park;

- world-renowned innovation;

- high customer service standards.

Strategic organizations within the entertainment and theme playground industry in Hong Kong





Product range


Wetland Park



Geographical Scope

On one side, Ocean Park is a part of entertainment and theme industry. Its market is individuals with children. On other hands, Disneyland, its future competitor, pertains to the same market. Despite of this, Ocean Area has its niche with guests from mainland China and products range, combining entertainment and leisure as well as education.

3. Internal Environment

Ocean Park's resources

1) Tangible:

- financial - private and federal government loans; expected HK$5. 55 billion investment; HK$145 billion financial efficiency; surplus from functions in 2004 was HK$182. 2 million on revenues of HK$536. 2 million; online current assets - HK$283. 2.

- physical - Sea World, marine life and real animals: 35 trips and attractions; beneficial and convenient location on the southern aspect of Hong Kong Island; vast selection of new activities, like the Abyss Turbo Drop thrill trip, seasonal and special occurrences (Chinese New 12 months, Easter Holiday, Warmer summer months Vacation, Halloween and Holiday), popular water-related activities, interactive activities with animals, "edutainment" programs, successful Sea Jelly Spectacular and so on.

2) Intangible:

- long-time reputation of park with federal government, customers;

- new brand - sea lion called Whiskers;

- cultural traditions of Hong Kong;

- large number of repeated visitors.

3) People:

- 37 100 employees, their skills and knowledge;

- Thomas Mehrmann, new CEO of Ocean Recreation area, and his prior experience at US-based Six Flags Organization.

Main features of Ocean Park

1) New products, facilities and services development ability - continually adding new features and visitors attractions. Therefore, in a nearest future Sea Park can be among the finest marine-based theme park with strong connection with nature.

2) Research and development, marketing and sales functions: intend to refurbish and rename Sea Park's 2 major areas (the Lowland and the Highland), new hotels to be developed, including a five-star boutique, spa-type hotel, intend to open office buildings in the major urban areas of Guangzhou, Beijing and Shanghai to improve promotional activities in Hong Kong and attract more mainland tourists.

3) New incentive compensation that linked employee settlement to the financial performance of playground.

The competences of Ocean Park

- local market loyalty, customer's trust and love

- long-term reputation, particular Chinese characteristics

- recognizable brand

- education in mixture with recreation

- cost and differentiation of product, prompted visitors to go back to the park

- distinctive work culture, using its own norms and practices

Competitive Benefits of Ocean Recreation area over Disneyland

- cultural heritage of Hong Kong, orientation usually on guests from midland China

- first-mover advantages

- primary focus of Ocean Playground on real mother nature and wildlife in contrast to Disney's strengths in cartoon personas, castles, virtual certainty and fantasy

- no need to engage in high-profile advertising and publicity, rely more on word-of-mouth

- more diverse and large range of products

- price benefits: the entrance price for Disneyland is expected more than twice higher for child and one. 5 higher for adult than price of Ocean park. And visitors from mainland China are incredibly price sensitive. SmartFun Total annual Move program with infinite admission to the park because of its holders inside a year, and low priced charges for food, souvenirs

- orientation not only on entertainment, but also on education of visitors

- special occasions for traditional Chinese holidays (Chinese language New Calendar year) besides events for western holidays (Halloween)

Despite Ocean Park build its strategy on its resources, capacities and competences, it can't relay only on them - they have to be developed, innovated and refreshed, because they could get started to look dated and shabby for their visitors. For instance, it can transfer more species, build drinking water/sea-related facilities and hotels. Overall, Sea Recreation area resources are sustainable, with some exception such as, the effect on these resources from environmental teams' opposition.


Positive impact

Negative impact

Internal environment


-diversified and wide selection of amusements (thrills, pets, seasonal and special happenings)

-product collection revamp

-highly associated with culture of mainland Chinese language visitors, recognizes their needs and behavior

-the main, oldest and most famous amusement playground in the united states, hometown favorite

-28 many years of operating as a close to monopoly

-no need to engage in high-profile advertising and promotion, rely more on word-of-mouth

-strong business link with the local federal government (support from the federal government of Hong Kong and mainland China)

-previous experience of Thomas Mehrmann (new CEO of Sea Recreation area) in theme area industry (at US-based Six Flags Company)

-local market loyalty

-positive image of park


-located on the hills-hard to get to some riders-that's why site visitors experienced trips only once

-different facilities are old and un-attractive and need renovation

-a great deal of activities rely upon weather

-no large capital investment

External environment


-focusing on delivering mainland China's tourists as well as foreign visitors

-plan to create a mass transit railway (MTR) station to connect Ocean Area to the subway grid

-the development and improvement of the leisure machinery, which can impact the services and top features of the organization and its relationship to their foreign visitors

-raise the requirements of recreation area with Disneyland arrival

- fostering sponsorships

-plan for building new hotels (boutique and spa-type) - orientation on new luxury tourism market segment


-economical instability (like the Asian financial meltdown of 1999-2001, lasted for 3 difficult years for Sea Recreation area), outbreak of different diseases, such as Severe Acute Respiratory Symptoms (SARS) in 2003 (Both these factors can affect number of visitors and their buying tendencies, worsening the area finances)

-arrival of Disneyland Hong Kong

-location on valuable real property: maybe it's shut down and its own land could be sold off for other recreational or commercial purposes.

4. Strategic Choices

Business-level strategy

Hong Kong Ocean Playground uses hybrid strategy, which "seeks simultaneously to attain differentiation and low price relative to rivals" (Johnson, Scholes, Whittington, 2008). Most activities were completed based on this Strategy.

1) Hong Kong Sea Park's admission cost is Adult HK$185, Child HK$95 which is leaner that of Disney's: Adult HK$295(weekdays) HK$350(holidays); Child HK$210(weekdays), HK$250(holidays).

2) Hong Kong Ocean Park didn't spend too much on new fixed-asset attractions due to brief life circles of them and difficulty in discovering an encore.

3) It retains part attractions fresh, novel and exciting while minimize costs. Rather than buying in new destinations, Hong Kong Ocean Park focused on culture advancement. Some comparative low-cost ideas proved successful: Seasonal and special situations attracted repeat visits every year.

4) Hong Kong Sea Park did not be a part of highly cost advertising campaign. Compared to its competitors, Hong Kong Sea Park tended to rely more on word-of-mouth to generate additional business. Since Hong Kong Ocean Park was the local residents' favorite theme playground and had high reputation in Hong Kong even in Asia. Hong Kong Ocean Park had profound influence on several generations in Hong Kong, people who got visited the recreation area as children were now delivering their own children to visit the recreation area. Actually, Hong Kong Sea Recreation area was locally created and bred and possessed turn into a fixture of Hong Kong's ethnical heritage.

5) Hong Kong Sea Park got a clear organizational framework, no too much redundancy. It can save labor cost.

6) Hong Kong Sea Park had recognized its tactical customers evidently; those are Local tourists and Mainland Travellers. So, it completed several programs to catch the attention of its key customers.

a) It hosts several festival occasions and activities to complement its area offerings with different features, like Chinese New Year. It had different Chinese characteristics that reflected its root base in Hong Kong, a quintessentially Chinese city.

b) Retained its unique SmartFun Annual Go Program and tactically analyzed and developed value-added benefits to build sales and local customers' loyalty. This program urged annual move holders to go to the park frequently. People to the park would spend cash in the areas to boost earnings beyond the admission fees.

7) Hong Kong Ocean Park's possessed clear and certain position; that was to be "the best marine-based theme playground on the planet" - desire a source here!!, to provide customers with a location for entertainment and education about sea life and environmental conservation. This unique strategic position is differentiated Hong Kong Sea Playground from its competitors and ensure its advantages over the key competitors.

Competitive strategies of Hong Kong Sea Park's competitor

Disneyland was thought to be Hong Kong Ocean Park's main competition and it adopted a differentiation strategy. Which has a differentiation strategy, a corporation provides products that provide more benefits than those of its opponents which are broadly valued by buyers. The goal is to make an organization advantageous over its opponents by offering better products at the same price or increasing income by a just a bit higher price (Johnson, Scholes, Whittington, 2008).

More specifically, Disneyland took below action projects in line with its differentiation strategy:

1) The providing factors of Disneyland were Disney cartoon individuals, fantasy world and famous People in america brands, 23 rides and sights.

2) Disney has strong skills to create illusion and exclusive situations, and it would leverage the benefits associated with computer animation into its carnivals.

3) There would be two hotels in Hong Kong Disneyland which could provide guests with better entertainment facilities.

4) There was going to be always a subway place linking Disneyland to other areas of Hong Kong which allow Disneyland to has convenient vehicles gain over its rivals.

5) Unique Disney World-styled wedding ceremony was offered to guests in Disneyland.

Strategic direction

In 2005 Sea Park had good business characteristics - it became profitable, with significant market show, effective management team and successful recognizable brand.

Otherwise, arriving of Disneyland could negatively effect on success of a company. To avoid this, Ocean Area must define the right strategic path. Most preferable way is product development. Which means that Ocean Recreation area need to improve its products range and volume of additional services. Thus, by offering new huge group of entertainment and educational products for all those target groups, the business can gain advantages to harden its brand, appeal to new consumers and retrieve lost customers, who not engaged with old facilities and services any more.

Despite the international travelers is a group in customers totals, company could commence to create a new marketplaces. This development includes advertising campaign directed to travellers from preferred countries and making agreements with travel agents. Realization of these methods really helps to increase tourists share when local people' talk about will decline after Disneyland arriving.

International Strategy

International Technique for Ocean Park is bound to marketing insurance plan for preferable countries. The main reason of this restriction is that Ocean Park can't be expanded to other countries like Disneyland does indeed, for example. It's based on local flora and fauna and strongly attached to Chinese culture. Also other countries may not have such resources. Ocean Park is a unique, not common product. Not every country even needs it. Thus, expansion is considered in case there is marketing development only, such as connection with potential tourists, starting of offices, Television set advertising and so forth, which really helps to boost promotional activities in Hong Kong and attract visitors.

CAGE Construction for Ocean Park

Cultural distance: With increasing popularity of the Sea Area, the CEO and Broad of Ocean Recreation area need to think about it attractiveness to visitors in case of depends upon. Indeed, Ocean Playground activities are influenced by cultural traditions, but it only helps recreation area to attract holidaymakers not only from Asia, but also from all over the world. High priorities should be given to those countries, from where in fact the number of holiday is significant.

Administrative and political distance: It is important to consider at first countries with good and steady human relationships with China and Hong Kong.

Geographic distance: High priority should get to the people countries, that the number of vacationer is significant, then to neighbor countries. Therefore, Sea Recreation area need to make contracts with head to agents in these countries, organize different sales and advertising, so, extend its marketing occurrence in these countries.

Economic distance: The economic circumstances of your country can be an essential aspect when undertaking international strategy. Therefore, the leisure theme park can't be developed well in the countries with bad monetary circumstances. Thus, the key orientation of Sea Park will be on countries with high income per capita or higher level of consumer riches.

5. General launch and future of development Hong Kong Tourism

Since the reunification (except during the SARS outbreak in), the Hong Kong travel and leisure industry has performed well. In 2004, Hong Kong tourism industry come to new heights, with 21810630 holidaymakers, increasing by 40. 4% compared to the statistics of 15536839 in 2003 (at the mercy of SARS impact), in the meantime, the earnings of tourism amounted to 91. 8 billion Hong Kong dollars, up to 9. 6% over 2003 (http://www. discoverhongkong. com).

Hong Kong government has always been thinking of a new setting and development way. In the Government's "policy report", it is discovered that "Hong Kong to be Supported by the Mainland and into the world, to be a global metropolis providing quality services", and it is clearly mentioned the new policy as "Market Leads, Government Facilitates". - need a source here!! Tourism is the most solid momentum in services establishments, one of the pillar industries of Hong Kong and is also paid high attention by Hong Kong government. Within the new situation and new insurance plan paradigm, the federal government begins to make overall planning for the travel and leisure industry, which means that the Government will need more proactive steps to promote the introduction of tourism (http://www. gov. hk).

In 2004 mainland guests continued to be the majority of Hong Kong tourism with lots of 12245862 visitors, increasing by 44. 6%. "Free exercise" program was the driving a car force to promote further expansion of mainland market. Additionally, from July 1, 2004, the "free exercise" long to 32 places in South China and East China, 100 million 58 million residents from these metropolitan areas could apply for happen to be Hong Kong with the name of "free exercise". In 2004, there were 426 million "free exercise" guests, accounting for 34. 8% of the full total number of vacationers; which rose more than twice than 134 million travelers in 2003 (http://www. discoverhongkong. com).

With the support from the federal government as well as the increasing development of visitors going to Hong Kong, it is forecasted that you will see a glowing future for Hong Kong tourism which will straight promote the development of them playground industry in Hong Kong.

6. Ideas to Hong Kong Ocean Park

Generally speaking, Hong Kong Sea Recreation area, with Disneyland's arrival, should convert hybrid strategy to differentiation strategy. More specifically, it includes two main parts: marketing strategy as short term goals and infrastructure development as long-term objective. However, it should always adhere to its mission and vision of "delivering the highest expectations of safety, pet animal attention, products and visitor service, be a world leader in providing excellent guest experiences in a style park environment hooking up people with character. " - put a source here!

Marketing strategy


- Continue introducing a variety of interactive activities with pets. For example: the Sea theatre that staged dolphin and sea lion shows every day.

- Keep give attention to seasonal and special events like Chinese New Yr and Halloween. For example, during summer trip, some water-related activities such as water-war of foam gatherings should be prepared which target young adults.

- Develop a specific niche market products, e. g. Sea World-styled wedding ceremony.

- Provide more sophisticated products to its customers than Disney. For instance, build boutique hotel and spa-style hotels for visitors with higher income, objectives and needs. Such, proceed to a fresh market portion, even luxury travel and leisure.


- Concentrate on giving value your money can buy the customers have paid. It really is quite necessary to attract mainland tourists who are more sensitive on price. Provide friends with more amusement facilities at a lesser price than Disneyland to attract more visits.

- Regarding the local residents, it's advocated to provide them the annual pass as it generates loyalty and a real sense of value by pushing annual move holders to visit the park consistently. Some special offer to different groups in the modern culture is also suggested, for example, a discount for students during holidays.

- As a step of moving from hybrid to differentiation strategy after Disney's arrival, at first, Ocean Recreation area should keep its prices, but later, with differentiation of its products range, the costs could be increased.


- Make full use of referral marketing and the good thing about being the localized theme park. Proceed the campaign through the unique feeling of "growing as well as Hong Kong" (Yan Le, 2007).

- Marketing campaign in Hong Kong can be executed through the interactive quiz of the data about family pets to inspire their interest in nature and wildlife.

- As there is a significantly increasing volume of mainland people to Hong Kong, it is strongly suggested that Hong Kong Sea Park should set up organizations in major metropolitan areas in China to showcase its unique attractions and draw in more mainland visitors.

- Extend the advertising campaign to international markets to attract international tourists.

- In case there is Disney's arrival, Sea Park can begin more aggressive marketing politic for attracting tourists from all around the globe.


- Implementing e-commerce solution into website and using B2B portals to acquire additional tickets sales.

Place / Distribution

- Various lovers to increase and grow sales channels. Establish and keep maintaining close collaboration with travel agencies, hotels, bus companies which can be related to tourism industry.

- Provide mainland visitors with "Indicate Point" transportation service to make the trip to Ocean Park more convenient.


- Promote the development of Mass Transit Railway train station to connect it to the subway grid. While Ocean Park's location was quite convenient, the suggested MTR collection extending to the southern region of Hong Kong Island will be a great benefit. More holidaymakers would be seduced by the convenient transportation, as it'll only take 5 minutes from Hong Kong Island to Hong Kong Ocean Area by subway.

- Increased its budget to HK$5. 55 billion to accelerate the process of hotels. As there will be two hotels in Hong Kong Disneyland. It is quite essential for Hong Kong Sea Park to provide its customer with comfortable accommodation as well.

- The budget of HK$5. 55 billion should also be centered on nature and wildlife and water-related development. For example, a fresh roller coaster, a subzero Snow Palace and a 7. 6-million liter aquarium with an underwater restaurant. A supplementary 33 animal types earned as well as the redevelopment and rename of both major areas in the area.

Human Tool Management

Hong Kong Sea Playground has always experienced lack of service staff; however, with the launching of Disneyland, this situation may get a whole lot worse as the talents may be attracted by Disney's multinational image, better advertising opportunities, and higher compensation.

It is recommended that Hong Kong Sea Park introduce some new incentives to its personnel first to keep and wthhold the talents. More paid getaways, bonus, team development are good ways of motivating staff.


Overall, with Disneyland and other international entertainment facilities, you will see a new wave of travel and leisure development in Hong Kong and the status of Hong Kong as an international tourist city will be enhanced. In the mean time, Hong Kong Government is taking a lot more proactive measures than previously to promote travel and leisure development. Moreover, "Disney is one of the few players in the theme playground business that can raise the pool of visitors to an area. Disney doesn't simply take another slice of the market pie. The pie gets bigger and that's beneficial" (James Zoltak, 1999).

Therefore, under the broader qualifications of tourism alongside the more tourists attracted by Disneyland into Hong Kong, Sea Park may benefit more from these opportunities. However, Sea Park must be prepared for approaching of this world-level competitor. Disneyland has a great experience in expanding successful theme parks all around the world, guaranteed with high investment funds and recognizable brand. These factors make hard problems for Ocean Area and one of the significant steps in interacting with these issues is the approval of HK$5. 55b upgrade plan. It can help to renovate park's facilities and create new ones. Furthermore, management of the park must apply maximum efforts to solve transportation problems. These activities, together with high valuable park's position in the market, vast range products and services, recognizable brand and solid government and investors support, can give synergistic effect to maintain and enhance Ocean Park's market show and make sustainable development possible in the long run.

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