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The Case Study On Employees Inspiration Of Starbucks Beijing Management Essay

The reason for this questionnaire is to investigate the existing situation of employees' satisfaction in Starbucks of Beijing. To be able to understand how satisfied employees are with Starbucks of Beijing, the questionnaire must refer to every areas of employees' work life. In other words, any factor that may effect their satisfaction with Starbucks of Beijing should be designed into a question. The questionnaire is designed from the examination of four aspects.

The first one is employees' satisfaction with the pay back they get because of their work. Within the aspect of work pay back, there are three problems that must be paid enough focus on. That whether the employee is content with his own pay is the basic one. When the employees feel reasonable when comparing his pay with his investment, if the employees feel reasonable when you compare his own pay with others'. The two problems come from the fairness theory in inspiration, which means that the fairness include utter fairness and relative fairness. And then is the worker option program of Starbucks, which is one of the welfare of Starbucks. Discussing the employee option program, it is an interesting thing. In Starbucks, the staff is not called worker, but partner. In other words, if you are employed by Starbucks, you'll be probable to become the stakeholder of Starbucks. This is also a kind of praise for employees. So the romantic relationship between employees' work desire and the staff option program also needs to be investigated.

The second is employees' satisfaction with their own job. That is to say, what the worker values most next to the pay also needs to be taken really in their work. These factors include their work place, a feeling of success, Harmonious interpersonal human relationships, the opportunity to improve one's skill, and so forth. For example, if they are interested in the work, their feeling about the challenge of their job and if they can get a sense of achievements in their work. And also, the personal progress in the work is also important for the employee's working motivation. And then in the aspect of the employee's satisfaction with the work itself, a theory must be looked at. That is the goal-setting theory. Through the idea, goal-setting in the work is essential and important. And also the goal should be specific. There are three questions, which were created considering from the goal-setting theory. In the event the employee likes placing an objective in his work, the goal should be specific or concrete, and then if the staff want to participate in the procedure of setting the goal regarding his administrators.

And then the third some may be employees' satisfaction with the work environment and work group. The employee's satisfaction with the work environment and work group is a very important one among the factors that effect his satisfaction and work motivation.

As may all, one individual will continue to work more pleasantly and more effectively in an environment that he loves. So the employee's satisfaction along with his work environment must be paid enough attention, when contemplating the employee's work desire and satisfaction. And is the task group. This problem can be divided into two parts. The first one is the employee's marriage with his direct superior. The superior's attitude towards his employees, the superior's work style, leading style and some other activities will all impact the employee's satisfaction and work drive.

And the previous the first is employees' satisfaction with the company. This is the employee's general impression about Starbucks. The employee's attitude towards the company policy, whether it's positive or negative is very important. And then the business's attention on employees is enough or not. For instance, whether the company gives the employee enough possibility to expand and show his personal potential is very important for the employee's satisfaction. The employee's view about the business performance and about the personnel ability of the company can also inflect the employee's impression about the business. Furthermore, the sense of belonging and personality in the company is also an indicator of satisfaction with the business.

2. Data Collection

Before the process of collecting the info, some problems must be considered and settled. For instance, just how of carrying out the investigation, the location of the process of writing the questionnaires, the percentage of the gender and years of these targets and the proportion of employees of different level positions. These problems must be resolved perfectly before the process of investigating.

In order to have reliable data, 100 questionnaires must be sent out, which 80 will be useful for us. In other words, 100 employees should be determined from all the employees of Starbucks in Beijing. Furthermore, 80 of these 100 questionnaires are anticipated to be effective and reliable. In Beijing, there are about 35 stores of Starbucks. Among those stores, 5 stores of them are selected arbitrarily according to their locations. And then 100 employees of the 5 stores would be the research items of the questionnaire. And in addition, these 20 people of every store are selected randomly.

The Starbucks stores we research are of Beijing, of which the locations are relatively objective. And then, the amount of employees that we should research is not really much. In addition, to be able to obtain a set of reliable data from these employees, we had better send out these questionnaires and then acquire them after about 2 time. During the two hours, these aims can answer these questions at most natural express. So we can carry out the investigation incidentally of mailing out on-site questionnaires in these objective Starbucks stores. First of all, we ask the managers of the stores and get their allowance to carry out the questionnaire. Taking into consideration the active work-time of the employees of Starbucks Beijing, the time is set at 12:30 to 14:30. At that time, the employees have just a little work to do and also have plenty of time to thingk carefully about the questions on the questionnaire. Furthermore, twenty objectives of each store will be a big job and work. Therefore the questionnaire is completed in five days and nights. Enough time is from August 15th to 19th. The time arrangement ensures the reliablity of the employees' answers.

In order to study if there are distinctions between male employees and female employees, the gender percentage should be also considered. In Starbucks of Beijing, the percentage of female employees is aliitle more than the percentage of male employees. So through the questionnaire, the feminine employees will be also a little more than male employees.

Also, the difference between the old employees and young employees should also be looked into. In Starbucks Beijing, more youthful employees are definitely more than more aged employees. Therefore, in the exploration, about 30% of all goals are in this selection of 35 to 45 and the other 70% are in the age range of 25 to 35. The much bigger proportion of comparative young employees is because the percentage of young employees in Starbucks of Beijing is much bigger than the proportion of the old ones. In addition, the bigger percentage of young objectives is also because the views of the younger employees can be better in a position to explain the issues about the employee's satisfaction with the company and his work.

And then your position level should also be considered. That's because the purpose of the analysis is to review the satisfaction of the low level employees of Starbucks. So 80% of the aims are low level personnel of Starbucks. And also other 20% are management staff.

Validity and trustworthiness of questionnaire/interviews

The study uses the questionnaire review method, which really is a widely used method of investigation. In such a exploration method, questionnaire is an instrument to obtain information. So the quality of the questionnaire is very important for the reliability and validity of the study result. So it is necessary to investigate the validity and stability of the questionnaire.

Reliability means the regularity amount of the results when duplicating calculating the same thing using the same method. Once the questionnaire was created, almost all of the critical indicators are considered carefully. Firstly, the essential factors that influence the employees' drive must be examined. They can be employees' satisfaction with the compensation they get for their work, their satisfaction with the own job, their satisfaction using their work place and work group and their satisfaction with his work environment and the business. After the full consideration of these factors, the drive theories are considered. Based on the two-factor theory, there are two types of factors that must be taken notice of. They are really hygiene factors and determination factors. Then all the factors, which can be included in the two varieties of factors, are believed before the designation of the questionnaire. A number of the inmportant factors for Starbucks Beijing are selected to be designed in to the questionnaire. So in the complete aspect, the dependability of the questionnaire is without doubt. And then, referring to the validity of the questionnaire, it can be analyzed from the view of data collection. When choosing the objective employees, the percentage of the genders, the proportion of the work positions, the percentage of the locations and some other critical indicators are considered. With these concern, the data selected in the questionnaire are of validity. In most cases, following the careful questionnaire making process and data collecting process, the validity and the dependability of the questionnaire can be adequate for the study.

Chapter Four˜Data Analysis

1. Data presentation and Statistical analysis

Chart 1

From graph one, it could be seen that 65% of the employees are content with their pay and the other 35% are dissatisfied with the pay. It can be concluded that almost all of employees of Starbucks of Beijing are satisfied with their work pay. However, 35% is not a small number. By a deeper research, it is available that the 35 percent, who are dissatisfied with their pay, are mainly these people, who are in the age range of twenty five to 35. It shows that there are a few problems in the pay system of the new and young employees, which must entice the attention of the Starbucks of Beijing. Since 35 percent of the employees are dissatisfied using their pay, it ought to be explored that why they are really satisfied. There are two reasons that can describe the problem. First of all, they think their praise is not complementing using their investment in their work. Subsequently, they compare their pay with the co-workers', they believe that it is unfair. The question will be referred to in the end of this part.

Chart 2

From graph two, it shows that 60 percent of these employees value the task environment most, 20 percent of the employees value the sense of achievement and belonging most, and the other 20 percent of these value the chance because of their personal progress most. That is to say, the majority of the employees take the task environment as the most important element in their work. It could be discussed that employees could work well and easily in a good work place, which is the basic condition for a good work performance. And, the sense of success and owed and the chance for one's development are also important. It could be said that, when people work in a good environment and he enjoys his own job, then he'll want the sense of accomplishment and belongings, which means he expect that his job is filled with challenge and they can belong to the business out of his heart and soul. From this data, Starbucks of Beijing should pay enough attention to these three factors. If these three factors are all done well, then your employees are extremely apt to be loyalty to his company and his own work, this means he will perform positively and excellent in his work.

Chart 3

Considering the name of goal setting, chart three demonstrates 80 percent of the employees are extremely willing to take part in the procedure of setting up goal. Only 8 percent of them are reluctant to take part in the activity and 12% of these are indifferent to the matter. It's easy to find that most of people are willing to be a part of these more important and more leading work together with their administrators. In fact, there are two questions before this question in the questionnaire. In the first question, about 80 percent of the employees think that it's important to set a goal for his or her work. About 10 % of these think sometimes it is necessary to established a work goal and the other 10 % feel that it is unneeded to set an objective. And the next question, 75 percent of the employees think that a particular goal will boost his work performance, while only 5 percent approve a concrete goal. These three questions altogether notify Starbucks that the employees know the importance of setting an objective in the work and the majority of them are prepared to take part in the goal-setting process. So some policies about the goal-setting, which is considered part in by the employees should be designed and carried out.

Chart 4

In graph four, there are just 15 percent of the employees, who think their work to be challenging. And 25 percent of these think their work are challenging sometimes. In addition, 60 percent of them think their work is lack of challenge. This can be regarded as a challenging issue of Starbucks at least in Beijing. In chart two, it could be seen that the challenge of work is also valued a lot by the employees. So the work lack of challenge is unlikely to be liked and adored by employees. Furthermore, there exists another question, which is meticulously related to this chart. Taking into consideration the biggest problem of the staff, 60 percent of these employees choose the sense of achievement and 20 percent of them select the marriage with colleagues. Both of these questions all show that the challenge of the task in Starbucks is not enough.

In addition, there are a few more important questions should be paid enough attention to. About 80 percent of the employees think his pay is good comparing along with his investment in his work, while the other 20 percent think his pay to be unfair. Discussing the challenge of the partnership between employees' work drive and the worker option program of Starbucks, 90 percent of these employees choose the answer of close relationship. That shows the value of any good welfare insurance plan.

And then some questions about the satisfaction along with his work also needs to be paid enough attention to. Firstly, the interest of these employees because of their own work, 60 percent of the employees are extremely thinking about their work, 22 percent of these have a little interest in their work and 18 percent of these haven't any interest, meaning most of the employees in Starbucks of Beijing are working because of their interest. Second, When referring to the question that if the company gives the worker enough possibility to grow, only 25 percent of the employees believe there are enough opportunities to allow them to develop, 35 percent of them admit that there are some opportunities but not enough, and there are 40 percent of the employees assume that there is no opportunity for them to grow.

At last, some questions about the employee's satisfaction with the business are also very important. Firstly, the question about the excitement of employees, 7o percent of these employees think that the majority of the staff of Starbucks is working favorably. Included in this, 15 percent think that minority of the personnel is working positively and 15 percent think that all the personnel is burnout. From these data, it could be concluded that the staff inspiration of Starbucks of Beijing is a lot positive. Secondly, there is a question about the company's attention on the employees. On this question, 60 percent of the employees assume that the interest of the company will do and 40 percent of them think that it is not enough. And among the 40 percent, who think the company's attention is not enough, the majority of them are low level staff. So Starbucks should pay more attention to the reduced level staff. And the last you are the employee's best liked way of getting compensation for his excellent performance. With this question, 50 percent of these approve today's method the company is carrying out. And 30 percent of them choose the material prize and 20 percent choose the other choices. It could be seen these Chinese employees like materials rewards or good welfare. That can contribute to the common value for the life assurance of Chinese people.

2. Findings

2. 1 The nice work environment

Through the consequence of the questionnaire, it can be seen that employees of Starbucks Beijing are extremely content with their work place. Starbucks can be an international band. In the industry of service, the surroundings may very well be the same with one another. To achieve success of environment in the service industry is a hard task. However, the environment of Starbucks is very unique and comfortable. Once you come into the Starbucks Beijing for the very first time, the only feeling is comfortable, relaxed, unique and amazing. Starbucks is the third space for people, except for the home and the office. The 3rd space is a distinctive space for the customer to relax and enjoy their life. And also, the unique environment is a lovely and comfortable environment for the employees of Starbucks. In an environment such as this, the employee provides service for the customer with the business's objective in their heart. For the clients and the employees, the surroundings of Starbucks Beijing is prosperous. So the good environment can be thought to be one of the factors for the success of Starbucks Beijing.

2. 2The satisfying material reward

Through some questions and their anwsers in the questionnaire, it can be found that it is very important for employees of Starbucks Beijing to have a satisfying material prize. In Starbucks Beijing, the personnel is not be called "employees" but "partners". In other words, the people employed by Starbucks Beijing will probably become the stockholder of Starbucks. The "coffee stock" is a stock program for the personnel, which is completed by the Starbucks Beijing. The idea of the stock program is that each excellent worker of Starbucks is probable to hold a stock of Starbucks. Which will relate every staff of Starbucks with the overall business performance of the company, which means that every staff of Starbucks will work with the same active frame of mind with the CEO of Starbucks.

The motivation approach to Starbucks Beijing is related meticulously with the initial management approach to Schultz. Schultz considers that, the wealth can only be performed by the honesty and continuous effort. He said that, "the management of the band is a whole-life cause. Band is a delicate matter. It must be admitted that the success of the Starbucks band is not a one-time grant of the subject and nobility. And the music group must be secured and preserved every day. " This kind of protection and maintainance must be carrie d out by all the staff of Starbucks Beijing. The worker stock program is a kind of this protection and maintainance. It ought to be thought that the strongest and longest band is built up in the center of customerd and companions. The stock system of Starbucks increases the reward of employees, increases the culture and value of the business, and also lowers the personnel turnover rate. Therefore, it could be said that gratifying material prize is another factor for Starbuck's success. In addition, it ought to be paid enough focus on that some employees aren't satisfied with their material rewards. So Starbucks Beijing should do more effort to gratify employees in the facet of materials rewards.

2. 3The worker training of Starbucks

The good work environment and the gratifying material reward will be the cleanliness factors, which affect the employee drive of Starbucks Beijing. These factor can only avoid employees' dissatisfaction, but can't lead to inspiration of employees. In the following part, some determination factors of Starbucks Beijing will be analyzed in detail. Inside the questionnaire, there is a question about the worker training of the personnel of Starbucks Beijing. Through the answers, it could be seen that the employees are extremely content with the staff training of Starbucks Beijing. That is to say, the employee training will do for these employees to work well and easily. For every new employee of Starbucks, they will have a training program, which demonstrates to employees how to be a qualified coffee barista and educates them the central notion of Starbucks Beijing. Through this type of training, they'll know more about the company and deliver the legend service of Starbucks Beijing to the clients and the communities with the work passion. Besides this training curriculum, the employees likewise have a lot of other training programs about their specific job after taking part in the service work in Starbucks Beijing. In addition, the espresso barista plan is designed for these associates of Starbucks Beijing to help them to become coffee barista and provide for the clients. All these training programs contribute to the success of Starbucks Beijing, which is another essential aspect for the success of Starbucks in the aspect of employee determination and business performance.

2. 4The company culture

For a firm, the organization culture is the spirit of any company. The culture of Starbucks Beijing greatly prices the company's responsibility for the employees and the responsibility for the society. Starbucks of Beijing provides employees the value that they should have. The employees of Starbucks Beijing are also the group delegation of Starbucks and the marketing staff of Starbucks Beijing, who'll tell the customers what Starbucks is similar to and how an unique company Starbucks is. This is actually the best advertisement for Starbucks. The nice relationship between your employees and the customers makes the success of Starbucks Beijing. Aside from the responsibility for the employees, Starbucks also prices the responsibility for the modern culture. For example, the honest sourcing, environmentally friendly commitment and the city feedback. They are all the shows of Starbucks Beijing in the aspect of the population responsibility. The modern culture responsibility Starbucks tons provides employees their cohesion and id for Starbucks. Therefore the company culture must get worried, which can lead to the loyalty of the clients and the employees.

3. Discussion

The aim to pursue by administrators of modern companies is to make maximum value for the companies and bring staff's eagerness, initiative, and imagination. In practice, the businesses should take effective motivating measures and establish rational aim and motivating procedures for years to urge personnel to set-up more value for the enterprises.

3. 1 The idea analysis of employee desire of Starbucks Beijing

3. 1. 1 Two-Factor Theory

The traditional theory, which is also known as motivation-hygiene theory, supports that the contrary part of satisfaction is dissatisfaction and the contrary area of dissatisfaction is satisfaction. However, two-factor theory contains that the opposite part of satisfaction is that there surely is no dissatisfaction and the opposite side of dissatisfaction is that there surely is no dissatisfaction. In the two-factor theory, the factors that affect people's work performance are devided into two aspects. The first one operating-system called " hygiene factors". Plus the other one is named " determination factors". These two aspects are independent of each other and they effect people's work eagerness and motivation in various ways.

Firstly, the hygiene factors refer to these factors, which will cause the dissatisfaction of the employees. Plus the improvement of cleanliness factors can just lift the employees' dissatisfaction and can's satisfy the employees and inspire their work enthusiasm. These factors include the working environment and conditions such as company insurance plan, administration, human relationships with supervisors, working conditions, salary, connections with colleague, personal life, romantic relationships with subordinate, status, security and so forth. These factors refer to the negative factors of work and they are related with the work environment and condition. When these factors deteriorate to an even that's not accepted by the employees, the employees will be dissatisfied using their work. Although these factors are in a good level, this can just eliminate the employees' dissatisfaction and can't lead to a confident work attitude of the employees, this means a neutral state that the employees aren't satisfied and also not dissatisfied. These factors can just maitain the present state. So they are simply called maintainance factor.

Secondly, the determination factors are factors that make the employees feel satisfied, the improvement of the factors can not merely lead to the employee's satisfaction but also give the employees enough inspiration, enhance the employee's work determination and improve their work efficiency. These factors include work achievements, acceptance of working performance, attraction of the working itself, responsibilities, promotion, growth and so forth. They make reference to the employees' positive feeling for work and they're related to this content of these work. These factors, which may bring the positive work frame of mind, satisfaction and work desire of the employees are called inspiration factors. If these factors are all gathered, the employees will have a great work determination.

According to the view of the two-factor theory, the administrators of the business got to know that the health factors are necessary, without which you will see no satisfaction. In support of the drive factors can make the employees do a excellent work performance. The two-factor theory is created for the purpose of the employees' satisfaction. The hygiene factors can satisfy the employees in the aspect of outdoors conditions and the determination factors can meet them in the aspect of the work itself. The ex - is for outside motivation and the last mentioned is for inside desire. In other words, corresponding to two-factor theory, the word "satisfaction" must be paid to enough attention to be able to stimulate the employees effectively.

3. 1. 2Goal-setting theory

The goal-setting theory supports that the target let people really know what work they must accomplish, how to accomplish their work and exactly how much effort they need to pay. A definite goal will enhance the employees' production. And specially when the goal has been a certain complications but not placed higher beyond employees' capacity, an increased productivity can be achieved. In addition, a particular goal will be better for the employees to enhance their work performance and improve their work productivity. Inside the goal-setting theory, you can find another important matter that needs to be paid enough attention to. That is the contribution in the formulation of organizational goals of the employees.

3. 2 Recommendation

3. 2. 1 Strengthening the challenge of the work

Repeating the same job day after day, the employees will be captured in to the trouble and can't evade from it. From the consequence of the questionnaire, it can be discovered that employees think that their works are lack of challenge. However, the correct challenge in the work will energize their ambition and keep their passion for their work. In order to improve the obstacle of the task, Starbucks Beijing must take some effective steps.

Firstly, Starbucks Beijing can increase work criteria of employees. After ongoing exercise of work ability and their self-growth, the employees will show a higher productivity and become more skilled to take care of the issues in their work. In those days, Starbucks Beijing can correctly increase work requirements of the employees. For example, at the right time and circumstances, the employees' performance requirements should be advanced, which is followed by a appropriate standard of payment awards.

Secondly, increasing the work content can also improve the concern of the employee's work. Together with the increase of job content, employees' responsibilitied will increase and also the challenge of the work is improved. Then the employees use more enegy and skill to work, that may improve their work capacity greatly. The employees will feel the interesting change with their work when the task content is increased. However, the increase of the task content mustn't bring unnecessary trouble for the employees. Only the affordable increase of job content really can serve to raise the work challengign. For instance, building a team of employees. With these groups, employees are permitted to deal with some difficult issues. Starbucks Beijing can assign some tasks about developing customers to the employees. With this type of work, they can issue their potential, intelligence, communicaition skill, etc.

Thirdly, giving protection under the law to the employees can also give them some challenges. Getting some rights, the employee will enter a new work field, in which he will manage some issues and load some responsibilities. Generally speaking, the worker will be encouraged and load some obligations after getting some rights, which will improve their work motivation. Therefore the employee will regard the privileges as the representation of his capability and the business's affirmation of his work performance. You will discover variety of ways to give privileges to employees. For instance, provide them with the right to deal with a team or take responsibility for a group job.

Generally speaking, in order to improve the challenge of the task, Starbucks Beijing may take steps in the aspect of improving work benchmarks, increasing work content and offering protection under the law to employees. Every staff likes to do a job full of reasonable obstacle. So managers must free no effort to provide the employees an opportunity to face with problem.

3. 2. 2 Providing more chance of employees' self-growth

In the questionnaire, almost all of the employees of Starbucks Beijing feel that they have no chance for their self-growth in work. , which is an important matter for a business of service industry. The development and expansion of an organization should rely upon the effort of all staff instead of only one person's work. Sometimes, some managers may complain about the impairment of the employees, which is a bottleneck problem in the development of the company. After a careful analysis, it could be found that the challenge is not the impairment of the employees. The issue is whether managers give the employees enough chance to exercise their abilities. To be able to improve employees' ability to meet the company's demand, the company must take a reasonable solution and cultivate employees in some effective ways. As our growing process, we learn to walk. We try over and over. And finally we can stand gradually and then we can walk quickly. The procedure is an working out process. The power of the employee is not decided by one's IQ. The work experience and enrichment of knowledge can alsi impact the work brain of a worker. When the employee does increasingly more work and insert increasingly more responsibilities, he'll be full of work experience and his work style changes a lot. That is one of quite problems of a company, which is called the management of real human capital.

3. 2. 3 Providing goal-setting chance for employees

Through the goal-setting theory, it can be seen the great need for goal-setting. And in addition in the questionnaire, employees also share that they think that goal-setting is vital plus they want to participate in the goal-setting process. First of all, the target must be specific and measurable. And then, the goal must be accepted by the superiors and subordinates. At last, the target must be full and obstacle and can be attainable. In one aspect, the professionals can set goals with employees. And the employee try their finest to attain the goals. The goals are achieved one by one. And then the business performance of the business will be better and better. In another aspect, along the way og goal-seeting, the employees should communicate their views and tips. The managers must listen to these views carefully. Following the discussion of the superiors and subordinates about the goal, an appropriate goal will be arranged and it will also be completed with every effort.

4. Conclusion

The determination of employees is vital for an organization. First of all, a good inspiration system can get increasingly more excellent employees for the business. Secondly, a scientific motivation system can develop the employees' potential and promote their talents and wisdom. Thirdly, a good determination measure can also sustain work talents for the company. At last, a healthy creation environment will be created with a reasonable determination program. So the importance of employee desire must be paid enough focus on by the company. The development of the business needs the acceptance of the employees. The professionals must recognize that the worker is not just a tool to earn money. The employee's initiative, enthusiasm and creativeness can have a tremendous results on the presence and development. To be able to find the emploee's approval, the business must encourage the employees in the aspects that they generally want. On this part, the talents and weaknesses of Starbucks Beijing's employee motivation are examined. Firstly, in the aspect of the advantages, Starbucks Beijing does indeed a good job in work place, material reward, worker training and company culture. Secondly, it also offers something that isn's so good. For example, the challenge of the employees' work, the opportunuty for employees' self-growth and the chance for employees to set goals for themselves. Within the motivaiton work of an company, those factors must be considered comprehensively. It could be considered with the two-factor theory, such as hygiene factors and drive factors. The hygiene factors contain those critical indicators that may cause employees' dissatisfaction. As well as the determination factors contain those critical indicators that will lead to employees' satisfaction and work drive. After considering all the important factors and knowing the essential information about the employee motivaiton, Starbucks Beijing should realize the weaknesses and do more effort in these aspects. Then a perfect inspiration work will be done by Starbucks Beijing.

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