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What a short story essay means

For many students writing of short story essays seems to be a really hard assignment. Not everybody has a nature talent of creative writing and not everybody was born with a creative writing potential. While some students enjoy writing short stories and all kinds of papers, others prefer doing maths rather then making up sentences and build essays. However, this is quite a common assignment that students face on different academic levels, especially if they attend creative writing classes. Creative writing helps develop a great number of useful acquirements and broaden the worldview, improve writing skills and imagination. Here, you will find some useful tips and guidelines that will help you write an outstanding essay short story and get a high mark for it.

This kind of creative writing serves to tell stories in different genres. It requires telling a story vividly and express thoughts accurately, while provoking reader's excitement and curiosity. If you are assigned to write a short story, you need to find out the genre of your future paper, which can be historical fiction, romantic, adventure, comedy and many others. Remember that the genre of your story will further determine its mood, style and even words that you are going to use. Also, keep in mind that there is a possibility of making a combination of two or more literature genres and its elements. Pay attention to the fact that professional storytelling has certain components in its structure, which cannot be ignored if you want to write a really good story.

The components of your story

All short stories essay include certain elements, each of which plays its role in the piece of writing. As a rule, the components of a short story are the following:

  • The introduction. This is something like in an ordinary academic writing essay, because it gives reader an opportunity to understand what is the story going to be about.
  • The setting of your essay. This is where you need to provide the action. Think of what your story action is going to look like? What methods will help you to make the reader fell like everything happens to him and he takes part in the story?
  • Make up a good plot. There has to be the most important and essential action, which describes the key events going on in your story. The plot has to provide the evidence of why your story is worth telling.
  • Include the characters. There have to be characters in your story, which take direct part in the action. The characters are like your instruments, with the help of which you tell your story.
  • The climax, or the culmination. It is the place in your story, where the situation comes to its peak. It is usually before the resolving of everything. This is moment where your reader has to want to know most what next is going to happen.
  • Finally, the conclusion of your story. This part describes the way how everything is resolved. The reader usually understands the moral and the overall meaning of the story when he comes to the conclusion. Therefore, make your conclusion bright and coherent, try not to confuse your reader, although you may provoke him to further thinking about your story.

Looking for short story essay topics

As a matter of fact, they are everywhere. You only need to be observing and try to pay attention to everything, that you have ignored earlier. However, if your assignment is to analyze a short story that has already been written, you may use the following ideas:

  • Provide a comparison of dialogues in at least two short stories written by different authors.
  • Identify the key methods of building a realistic dialogue in one of the stories.
  • What are the reasons of characters looking so realistic? What makes you feel that the characters are alive?
  • Discuss in your essay how the authors describe different people: men, women, children, couples, poor and rich people and so on. What attitude of the reader does the writer form by means of the words he uses?
  • Analyze the symbolism in the story. What are the key symbols and what role do they play?

Keep in mind that analyzing of a short story requires the comprehension of it and its meaning. You need to read the story at least one time and pay attention to every detail that may symbolize something significant. You may notice something that nobody noticed before you if you take your reading seriously. A good short story can inspire you and provoke to different kinds of deeds. In addition, to make a good analyze of the story, you need to know its characters really good, like they are people from your life. Try to make parallels between the story action and real events in life. You can also use your own life experience, if appropriate.

Another helpful thing if you need to write an essay about a short story, is to read the well-written works of other people, who analyze short stories. Think about their strong and weak sides, try to analyze the works of others first and it will be easier for you to write your own work.

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