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What is a self introduction essay

When it comes to writing about yourself, a lot of students find it quite an embarrassing and difficult task to complete. First of all, it is about presenting yourself to other people and it is important to present yourself in such a way that your target audience would like your personality. Second of all, it is very hard to be objective, when writing about yourself. While some people face it challenging to write about their advantages, they feel shy and cannot announce their achievements to the reader, many other people do quite the opposite. They enlighten only their best side, without mentioning their weaknesses and disadvantages. As a matter of fact, in both of cases it is not the best way to succeed when creating an essay about yourself. As long as we are aware of how hard this task may be for you to complete, we would like to help you deal with it. Below, you will find tips for writing a good self introduction paper.

A self introduction essay is a sort of a paper, where you are supposed to write about yourself. The first thing you are expected to do when accomplishing this kind of assignment, is introducing yourself. So basically, you need to start exactly with the introducing part. Surely, you have got a lot things to say, although you don't have to provide all the information in the very beginning. Start with answering the following questions:

  • What is your name? Introduce yourself like you do when you get acquainted with someone in real life.
  • Where are you from? Write a few words (not more than a couple of sentences) about the place where you were born and grew up. Also, write about the place where you live right now.
  • What are your interests? Here, you may provide some information about your hobbies, what you like to do when you have free time and at the end of the day, just how you spend your free time, vocations, etc. You may write here about your hobbies. For example, traveling, or collecting something.
  • What are your greatest talents? Think thoroughly of what you can do perfectly and write about it. For example, playing the piano (or any other musical instrument), dancing, painting, writing, doing sports, etc.
  • What are your greatest achievements? Have you ever won in different competitions? Even if you did't win, you may write about how you took part in one of the competitions, if appropriate. Also, you may write about various diplomas you have got and so on.
  • What the biggest challenges have you ever faced in your life? It doesn't have to be an unbelievable or legendary story of how you saved the world. As a matter of fact, you may just tell about an interesting episode from your personal life, where you appeared to be under difficult circumstances and managed to solve that or another problem or to make a serious decision.

In order to compose all of the provided above parts of your essay on self introduction, you need to give yourself some time and make some efforts. The information that you are going to include into your paper has to be structured and organized in an appropriate manner and expressed in such a way, that your target audience would be really interesting in reading your essay self introduction further. Keep reading to learn how to deal with it.

Steps to follow when writing a self introduction paper

  • Create a list of the talents that you are going to present in your paper. When the list is ready, you need to pick the most relevant information that you consider to be the most interesting for your potential reader. Remember that it's not necessarily to focus on every detail, just select several fascinating facts.
  • Create a list of your interests, too. Follow the same methodology, as when creating the list of talents. However, here, you can list as many interests of yours as possible and after including a lot of interesting details, you will decide what seems best to you.
  • Work on your topic in order to make it narrow enough. It is important that you concentrate on a specific topic, because this is how you will be able to make your paper structured and well-organized. Try to follow a specific style, which could characterize your personality.
  • Include a couple of curious details about yourself. It can be whatever you want, starting from a funny story from your childhood and finishing with an important event in your life. Also, it can be some fact concerning your personality, like your specific feature, etc.
  • Avoid being too proud of yourself. Even if you have numerous achievements, talents and you are very smart, you don't have to present yourself in such a way. As a matter of fact, nobody will like if you tell about your personality to brag. If you make your essay braggy, you will not make success of your paper.
  • On the other hand, you can let yourself be humble enough. For example, if you are telling about one of your achievements, you can start with such words as «I was really lucky» or «I was honored» and so on.
  • Try to avoid using cliché. Make your paper unique, use your own style and by means of this you will succeed. Describe yourself as an ambitious person, who has a purpose in life. Even if your ambitions sound crazy, don't be afraid to announce them, since it will make your paper interesting and original. This is the best way to make a good impressional on your potential reader.

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