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Self-Awareness in Childcare


In this report the author discusses the importance of self-awareness, effective social skills and the privileges of the child all within an ECCE setting up.

It also outlines how important it is to talk effectively with children, families of the kids and work colleagues.

It gives types of effective teamwork and exactly how to maintain an excellent ECCE environment that complies with the rules and benchmarks of istear.

The Need for Self Understanding and Effective Interpersonal Skills within an ECCE setting up:

Self-Awareness is important in a ECCE setting as it gives you as a childcare specialist to know your weaknesses, advantages, personality, values, and also gives you to reflect on different situations. You'll be searched up to by children from various different age groups and you need to be a good role model and also have the realisation of when to improve the mood or maybe even your body dialect to suit the existing environment.

Through using self-awareness techniques it gives you to look at yourself through other peoples eyes and then to maybe make changes about yourself to suit your professional role within the ECCE setting up. Self-awareness is essential as how you will deal with yourself when interacting with children will marginally differ to how you signify yourself when working with their parents or co-workers.

Interpersonal Skills play a large factor in a ECCE environment as it is a key role of all childcare experts. To be able to communicate effectively with children, parents and fellow workers makes the work in hand better to achieve. Some valuable steps to presenting good interpersonal skills are:

  • Always laugh as this gives off good energy and makes people comfortable and happy to be in your company.
  • Always make an effort to maintain positivity and stimulating with everyone within the work environment i. e. with children and parents.
  • Ensure to remember to listen and view peoples behaviours or actions, this will permit you to access know and understand people on a more personal level.
  • Always make an effort to inject a great atmosphere in a ECCE setting as this gives an overall feel great factor and makes the surroundings a more pleasurable place.

The Privileges of the kid in the context of an ECCE setting:

The US convention on the privileges of the child legislation came into being in reputation of the value for children to be well known and appreciated. This piece of legislation helps us require a advised standard within the ECCE environment.

The pursuing will outline a few examples:

  • To maintain childrens right to privacy and dignity always ensure when changing a childs nappy to do so within the private nappy changing area or if a kid should have a toilet accident always ensure that you cover them up be as discreet as you possibly can to avoid embarrassment and maintain the childs dignity. This links in with the UNCRC legislation article 16 which says that children contain the right to level of privacy.
  • Maintaining security within the ECCE setting is a very crucial step which is carried out in many different ways through door buzzers, CCTV systems, following the suggested child to adult percentage and Garda vetting of most personnel. This links in with article 19 within the UNCRC legislation which declares all children should be properly looked after.
  • Any disabled child getting started with an ECCE setting up should have their needs catered for and be able to participate readily and separately within the setting up. E. g. if a kid is at a wheel seat the childcare setting should ensure everything is straightforward accessible and at the childs level so he/she may use facilities and toys at their leisure. This links together with article 23 in the UNCRC legislation.

Communicating effectively with the children, family and fellow workers:

  • Most childcare practitioners realise the value of experiencing a good marriage with a Childs parents. Dealing with, relating and informing parents in the day to day activities of the children really helps to stabilise a good romantic relationship and collaboration between both parties. We should always ensure to make parents feel welcome through having father or mother days and nights and informing them of milestones and development using their children we can execute this through parent teacher meetings to set down a specific allocated time to go over the childs development.
  • Communication with the child/children within the ECCE setting is our number 1 priority as the kid is our main concern so shopping for their health insurance and safety, their pleasure and over-all well-being is vital. To ensure a high quality level of communication is enforced it is up to us to always pay attention to a child with our ears as well as our eyes, to always drop with their level when speaking to them & most important to be sure they feel safe and safe in your presence.
  • Communicating with your work colleagues is crucial as everyone must know what everyone else is doing to ensure a smooth operating of the centre. It is up to each childcare practitioner to truly have a good knowledge of the workplace guidelines and polices so many people are inflicting the same polices throughout. This is done through filling out forms effectively and always ensuring to see your colleagues of any major occurrences like if a child comes or you have implemented a kid with treatments.

Examples of effective teamwork:

Administering Medication is one example where teamwork within the ECCE setting up is essential as if you do not communicate with your team members to have administered a kid with the medication the dosage and the time you administered the medication it might lead to a kid being over dosed or not getting the right amount at the right time.

Planning an outing within the ECCE setting up involves a whole lot of teamwork and planning. Through teamwork everyone understands what's expected of them and their role throughout the outing to ensure all the childrens safe practices and well-being needs are catered for. Team members will be involved in the issuing of authorization slips, arranging a bus, ensuring the right child- adult ratio is enforced and perhaps a bit of brainstorming on the occurrences that will take place on your day.

Putting an End of Season Concert mutually also entails a great deal of teamwork as everyone will continue to work together to pick out roles, outfits, music and topics for the children. There will be informing of the concert to the groups of the children engaged. Then there will be ensuring that the concert operates according to plan in accordance with the concert program. The team members will be on hand to help or reassure the kids throughout the performance.

Child protection instances that may happen is one great gain when it comes to teamwork. This enables you to assemble information and relay it back to your associates where they in turn will give you their judgment or advice on the situation and then as a team ye can make a collective decision on what action if any is necessary.

Maintain a quality ECCE environment that complies with relevant polices and requirements:

Here are a few types of how to maintain an excellent ECCE environment using istear legislation and specifications:

By organising a straightforward activity by where a child uses sand to draw patterns, quantities and pictures allows the kid to talk through play and by using their creativity. Then to get the child considering what they drew get them to clarify their picture while asking questions that will get them to believe how their picture pertains to life and exactly how people can read and understand their picture by using visual senses as well as language. This links along with istears connecting theme purpose 3 and learning goal 3 which suggests children will broaden their understanding of the world by making sense of experience through terms.

Another good and interesting activity regarding children that would make them aware of aspect and also of well-being would be to make bird feeders with pieces of string allowing the child the tread through pieces of food e. g. blueberries, cheerios, etc. and invite the child to place the feeder out for the wild birds to consume. This creates great fascination with animals and the need to take care of them an also offers them a good example of why different foods especially berry is good. This links with istears rule of learning and growing within a alternative dependence on children.

By getting the kids to participate in a family wall membrane chart or birthday graph links along with istears theme individuality and belonging target 2 which areas children will have a sense of identity, where links with their family and community are recognized and prolonged.


In this article the author states the value of self-awareness and effective social skills along with the rights of the kid in a ECCE setting up.

Notes the value of effective communication with children, family members and acquaintances.

Gives examples of effective team work and how to maintain a quality ECCE environment that complies with relevant rules and requirements of istear.


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