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Getting started with racial discrimination essay

Everywhere in the world people face racial discrimination. We see news telling about occurrences of racism in different countries. More than that, the majority of cases that have to do with racism happen in middle schools, high schools, colleges and universities. Students suffer from aggression based on racism prejudices and often have do deal with this awful phenomenon on their own. For this reason, writing assignments covering the issue of racism are rather widespread lately. Such assignments make students think about the causes, reasons, consequences and affects of racism, find out ways to prevent occurrences of racism and fight with them. In this article, you will find useful tips and easy guidelines that will help you understand the phenomenon of racism with all its aspects and write a good informative paper about it.

Discrimination on the basis of racism is seen by everyone and everywhere in the contemporary world. Although people all want to live in a perfect world, they sometimes don't know how to deal with evil deeds committed by others. The society is characterized by having lots of stereotypes that distract them from understanding basic matters, which leads to aggression in regard to each other. Keep reading to learn which ways exist for reducing racism and include them in your paper.

  • Research your own feelings and define which of them are conscious and which are unconscious. You need to realize the stereotypes that you may have and think of them thoroughly, in order to know how to fight with them.
  • Before you think of changing people around you, start with yourself. Be honest with yourself and consider changes that you can do in order become a better person and show your own example of treating people.
  • Differences between people are great, if you want to began reducing racism, you need celebrate the variety of nationalities, races and other differences between people. Indeed, people around the world are distinguished by their color, religion, sexual orientation and other aspects. Accept and celebrate it.
  • Don't stay silent when you face racism in action. Whether it concerns you personally, your friends or just people that you don't know, speak up and demonstrate your attitude. If you are afraid for your friends' or your personal safety, turn to the help of police or other people.
  • Consider lobbying and fighting for human rights in your everyday life. Even if you think that you cannot change the world on your own, be sure that every person can make the world a better place to live. We all need to realize our role in society and use every opportunity in this regard.
  • Get yourself involved with an organization that has to do with racial discrimination matters. Participating in such organizations will help you share your beliefs with other people. Besides, together people can do more than alone.
  • Never give up and continue proving your position. If you want to help people, you need to be ready to overcome difficulties and meet challenges.
  • Be patient when you explain other people issues concerning racial discrimination. Not everyone understands the importance of fighting with this phenomenon and sometimes it can be hard to deal with other people's ignorance.

Racial discrimination essays tips

If you consider writing a paper about the ways to deal with racism, which can help people who are often victims of racial aggression, we suggest looking at the following tips. They explain how to deal with occurrences of racism if they are pointed at you personally. Consider including these tips in your essay about racial discrimination .

  • Be aware of the proper ways to react. The biggest mistake that you can do in such situation is overreacting. Research has shown that the best way to behave when you feel racial aggression towards yourself is stay calm and try not to pay considerable attention to the aggressor.
  • Find the right moment to walk away. You need to prevent escalation of the conflict and demonstrate that you don't want to take part in it. Therefore, staying silent and walking away is helpful.
  • Whatever you say to the aggressor, keep calm and don't provoke him by copying his own behavior. Show that you don't care about what the aggressor says and in any situation don't harden your speech.
  • Make your position clear. If you face racial discrimination at work, school or college, you need to demonstrate clearly that you find it inappropriate and necessitate that whoever showed his racial prejudice stopped acting like that.
  • Find out how to deal with discrimination based on racism from the position of the law. Human rights are created to protect people from all kinds of discrimination, so you need to use them and take advantages from them. As a matter of fact, being aware of your own rights is essential for everybody.
  • Don't accept racism in your family and explain your relatives and friends how important it is to be tolerant in regard to other people.
  • Make friends with people who are different from you. Regardless of nationality, race and religion many people suffer from racism. If you talk to other people about this issue, you may find out that you are not the only one who has such problems.

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