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Promotion Blend Strategies Of Mahindra Scorpio

Mahindra & Mahindra's Scorpio was started in 1997 with a perspective to continue to dominate the Power Vehicle (UV) market in India. Their aim was to make M&M known world-wide because of their quality, durability and reliability of its products and services. M&M's business was typically from semi-urban and rural marketplaces of India. Even though M&M had a wider variance of products, it was lacking the products that can accommodate the modern urban customer needs. The marketplace of M&M was strong but stagnating. These reasons resulted in thought of Sports activities Utility Vehicle wedding caterers the metropolitan customers and targeted the 'C' course cars segment (Rs. 5 Lakhs and above). The SUV was situated as a 'better looking SUV' with a 'Car Plus' procedure. But due to change in market scenario, competition and consumer personal preferences the company has started shifting its concentration from 'C' portion to 'D' segment to become a luxury car. Scorpio is a product for those who seek most advanced technology at affordable prices and for individuals who feel that big size stands for status. The Scorpio project was very very important to M&M. It had been banking on Scorpio to make it shed its image as a maker of vehicles for rural use and break right into the metropolitan market. It targeted individual car purchasers in the top-end small car portion and mid-size car portion, who already owned automobiles and were ready to spend money on another vehicle.

Mahindra & Mahindra used an aggressive promotional technique to promote the SUV. As it targeted the urban audience, television advert was essential. It advertised the Scorpio to a big scale through Television set advertisements. As the merchandise development took off, a phased communication strategy was plotted for the brand. Through the first phase, the necessity to package with issues such as lifestyle imagery was identified by the Mumbai-based advertising organization Interface Communications.

As an outcome, the television advertisements depicted the product and even as the print advertising focused on efficient benefits. So one got to see copies like `Car you walk into, rather than crawl into' across magazines. In stage two, the tv set campaign was not changed but print out creative were centred on connecting new product developments. The third stage of communication premiered in July 2004 when the motor vehicle giant centered on the `car plus' declaration. What adopted was some advertisements concentrating on people and lifestyle rather than the product. All Scorpio adverts show the automobile in urban options driven many times by women conveying the communication of "ease of driving". Unlike challengers' advertising strategy, no imagery of off-road options and `wilderness' or `break-free' connotations were depicted. Other international majors are battle scarred in other markets. Most of them have capacities to compete with the best everywhere. But what Scorpio do was to warn all of them that nothing but the best can do in the Indian market too. So it is very interesting that the tag type of Scorpio TV advertising says `nothing else will do'.

Moreover the business has also taken cultural initiatives through CSR, working towards upliftment of education, health and disaster relief, skill and culture, environmental initiatives, activities, etc. This is a promotional strategy by the company to attract more and more customers for its product.

3. Usage of Push or Draw Strategy

M&M in the beginning used pull strategy through intense advertising through television set media as yank strategy of campaign involves the productive engagement of the prospective market through methods like advertising or email marketing. The business also went to make a specific site named "mahindrascorpio. com" to promote the product to an enormous level. Moreover the car was also involved at the Rally dos Sertoes in Brazil, which is known as to be one of the world's toughest rallies, so as to bring the merchandise into eyes of these who love automobiles and want joy in them, as Scorpio is a car with thrills.

Further M&M also advertised Scorpio through public relations; direct marketing through CRM activities like satisfaction surveys, events, festive offers and rewards programs. All these activities were the part of force strategy by the business. But as enough time, customer personal preferences and competition are increasing the company is currently moving to be the global market player.

4. Critical appraisal of company's promotion

With such a superlative advertising and promotion, M&M Scorpio could position itself as a wonderful product with smart pricing and excellent services. To those teenagers who like enjoyment, Scorpio is good for car lovers, just like Harley Davidson is made for bike lovers. The business had been in a position to show the product very much the same through its campaign strategies. The company had been able to justify its promotional activities completely with online promotion through its site. The basics of most communication is there on the webpage. It is captivating with a straightforward design and well crafted backup. The powerful yet stylish looks and the pure pride of ownership that this brand offers are truly conveyed through its promotional tools. The consequence of the business's promotional strategies could be seen through the client effect. Scorpio has triumphed in many prizes in customer satisfaction so that as the best SUV. It is among those brands which has got an enormous brand recall. Recently the business is using Games as one of the promotional strategy whereby the internet surfers can play game on the internet site of M&M Scorpio. And it brings timely changes in its television set ads as and when required and it had been able show the product very plainly and specifically through its tv ads. Additionally the concentrate on the mark market is also very clear through the promotional activities of the business. So we can conclude that the merchandise delivers a offer and its campaign has been able to create a different image in the consumers' mind.

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