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Problem and Solution Essay Topics: Where to start your search

The thing about problem and solution essay topics is that everybody has problems and they are all looking for solutions. This is why the best place to start is your everyday life. What kinds of problems do you have that require a solution? If you came across a problem, most probably others have as well and this is what will make your essay interesting.

What forms of Problem and Solution Essay Topics may occur?

Relationship problems: All people are social beings so one of the thesis examples you could think about is that there is a solution for a specific problem. For instance, you could be thinking about how to prevent bullying in a given setting, how to help a depressed friend, how to deal with domineering and manipulative people, the effect of social media on young generations, or how to handle cultural differences in a multicultural setting. These are problems that affect today’s society and it is your chance to share your views on the matter. Who knows, you might be the one to come up with the best solution.

Social issues: We are all surrounded by social issues that need to be solved and this is something you could consider when it comes to problem and solution essay topics examples. You could be thinking about the problem of homeless people in your community, preventing dropping out of school, preventing teenage pregnancy, how to prevent divorce, what to do against family violence, how to improve literacy, how to promote a healthy lifestyle, or how to help people get jobs, just to name a few.

The problem and solution essay topics don’t necessarily have to involve global problems. You could be thinking about your local community and all the things you think are wrong with it. You can also think about age groups: what problems children have in elementary school, middle school, high school, and even after. For instance, is there anything you could do to increase the number of young adults who attend college?

College related questions: When it comes to college, a lot of people are interested in the problems students have, such as how to write a coursework or the correct lab report format. But let’s not forget that not all young adults are lucky enough to get the possibility to go to college because of financial issues. What can be done to make sure more people will be able to afford a college education? Some other problems you could dwell on include how to make studying more efficient, how to avoid procrastination, how to make sure college students have a healthy lifestyle, and so on.

When looking for problem and solution essay topics you should remember that this isn’t an asa paper. This means that the rules aren’t as strict and it is time for you to put your own ideas on paper. There must be a lot of things that you are interested in or that you would like to help people with. You could be thinking about questions like how to choose a college, how to choose a major, how to increase class attendance, how to motivate students to apply for scholarships, how to help students cope with stress, how could teachers help students with their dissertation or their dissertation introduction, or how could students manage their finances more efficiently.

Think about education issues: For sure you know that education is something that everybody is concerned with, so it is one of the best problem and solution essay topics you can find. If you choose this topic, you could be referring to your state only or even to your school. Some of the questions you might be interested include how to handle poor students in school, what could the schools to do prevent child obesity, how to finance special programs, how to make sure homeschooled children receive the same information as other children, how to handle cheating in school, and what foreign languages should children learn in school.

There are some questions brought on by the digital era as well. When looking for problem and solution essay examples you may find that the topics revolve around whether or not schools should have digital textbooks if it is a good idea for all the students to have a tablet or iPad, what should schools do to adapt their teaching methods to new technologies, should there be a core curriculum that all students ought to learn, or is there need for more physical education for a healthier society. All these topics have social implications as well, which should make it easier for you to write and gather ideas.

Driving related issues: Since almost all people have a driver's license and everybody travels by car, there are a lot of issues that you could find a solution to. Your problem and solution essay topics might involve the problem of texting and driving, what is there to be done for young adults to be better drivers, what could local authorities do to promote using public transportation over personal cars, which method is best to help you get to a place you have never been before (GPS devices vs. indications from people), is the driver's’ education effective and what could be done to make it even more effective, and what could be done to reduce DUI cases in your city or state?

The bottom line is you don’t have to think about rocket science when it comes to problem solution essay example topics. For sure there are numerous issues you come across on an everyday basis and you might have some ideas regarding how to solve these. This is your time to let the world know what you think. If you choose something related to the school or college you are attending, who knows, someone might actually think your idea is useful and you could make a change. Either way, you will find some great problem and solution essay topics and you will rock this assignment just like any other.

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