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What is prevention and cure?

Writing prevention is better than cure essay is an endeavor which every internet savvy or blog writer can exert on. There are numerous numbers of methods available everywhere in the libraries telling us in length about this topic.

The dictionary meanings of “prevention” are “the action of stopping something from happening or arising”. It means to take steps or make arrangements beforehand to stop something unpleasant to happen in our lives. For example, if you do not lubricate your home fan in a timely manner someday it will seize to work and you will find it burnt and would need to get it rewind. It not only will cause a hassle for you but you will also need to spend considerable money to make it workable again. It means that lubricating a fan in a timely manner is a preventing measure. This example fits in our day-to-day lives as well, whether it is education, health or crime, etc.

Likewise various dictionaries define “Cure” as “a substance or treatment that heals a disease or condition”. It is a remedial action after the onset of a disease. An action after the happening of something wrong.

The medical professionals around the world are taught to cure the disease rather than knocking on the emphasis to prevent it before the occurrence. As per the statements of World Health Organization, taking measures to stop an illness from developing before its emergence may lead to beforehand analyzes, ultimately resulting in timely treatment and possibly an enhanced endurance level.

If you are aiming to write a prevention is better than cure essay, start it, with an argument followed by a strong thesis statement, by fully researching and inserting supporting references and, close it with a strong conclusion. Collecting the required information and drawing up an outline for your prevention is better than cure essay is the most appropriate way to streamline thoughts before putting pen to your vital conclusive paper.

By following a small set of guidelines you will find it easy to write a persuasive prevention is better than cure essay.

  • Introduce your thesis statement. The thesis for a prevention is better than cure essay cannot be better than “prevention is better than cure". You already know that the first paragraph of this paper is an introduction of the notion.
  • Put together your research. Devote considerable time in gathering information about the subject. Always make notes, organize them according to the source so that you can put them as reference in your paper.
  • Craft an outline. It will greatly help you in organizing your thoughts as a writer and obviously the content of your prevention is better than cure essay. You can use that outline as a guideline to draft your paper. Do not forget to edit the draft and write the final copy.

Before concluding read your draft essay through to make necessary changes, if needed. After adding all the changes, rewrite your essay and incorporate all related references.

The above guidelines will also greatly help you in formatting an essay or if you are writing a persuasive essay for your upcoming submission. writing an opinion essay can also be benefited from the given guidelines. Only thing is to keep in mind that while writing an essay introduction, it is always necessary to place it in the very initial stages of your psychology paper.

Failure is a Better Teacher than Success Essay

As I have commented a lot in the above lines about prevention is better than cure, in the below lines I will talk about a very familiar teacher, that is, failure. There is a famous proverb that failure is a better teacher than success. It is a worldly truth that successful people always learn from their failures or mistakes. No success can be achieved without a failure. Inventions are made to perfection after a lot of failures. Now the question arises what a better essay on the mentioned topic should talk about? What should be its characteristics? Here are some brief tips

This type of an essay may talk about the successful people of worldly fame, their sayings about success and failure. For example, Dale Carnegie said "Develop success from failures. Discouragement and failure are two of the surest stepping stones to success."

You can well see from the above quote that a success can be developed from your failures, don’t get discouraged and give up the success. A good paper with this thesis may showcase such things. It should be meant to encourage people to work hard to achieve by leaving behind their failures and by learning from their mistakes.

You also can try another popular thesis and write, for example, who is a teacher essay. Again this type of an essay can portray the qualities of a good teacher, his or her methodology and style of teaching, bonding with students, their counseling and way of inculcating a sense of responsibility for how to be a good member of their respective communities. Parents give birth to their children, the teacher makes their lives, the teacher makes them better citizens. By putting some unmatchable traits of a better teacher you can impress your professor by writing a compelling copy on this topic.

Likewise, who is a mother essay, is also a favorable topic to try for writing. If you have received such thesis for your academic paper you can roam around the world wide web and quench your thirst of research about this specific topic. By putting the loving and nurturing personality of a mother and her kindness towards her children, her involvement and way of discussion with her toddler- to- young man or young lady can brighten your words about an ever kindhearted mother.

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