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Pepsico is a multinational corporation

Task 1 Cultural understanding Company 1 - Pepsico

Pepsico is a multinational organization with a huge variety of products and has its office buildings/business in places such as North and Latin America, Europe, India and China.

Company's Vision

The company's lofty eyesight is as employs:

"PepsiCo's responsibility is to continually improve all areas of the world where we operate- environment, interpersonal, economic- creating a much better tomorrow than today. "

The company bears out their eye-sight by executing programs that are environmental friendly, activities that profit the world and boosting shareholder value by making PepsiCo a truly ecological company.

Company's Quest and business culture

Pepsico's objective is to continue to be the world's top consumer products company focused on convenient foods and beverages. They try to produce financial rewards to buyers while providing opportunities for development and enrichment to their employees, their business partners and the communities where they operate. In everything the business does, they strive for integrity, fairness and integrity. ]

Pepsico's mission for 2008 was "Performance with Purpose" which the CEO of Pepsico - Indra K. Nooyi elaborates on when she says this quest "combines both things that define that which we do-growing the business, and behaving as ethical and responsible residents of the world"

Company's principles and philosophy

The company's values & philosophy are devoted to being a socially and environmentally responsible company. Therefore every coverage it formulates and decision it creates is dependant on the next guiding concepts:

  • Care for customers, consumers and the globe they live in.
  • Sell only products that they can be pleased with.
  • Speak with fact and candor.
  • Balance short term and long run.
  • Win with variety and addition.
  • Respect others and be successful together.

Company 2 - Intel

Intel is some type of computer chip processing company. Its processors are located on a number of pcs and other electronic devices around the world. Intel was founded in the year 1968 by Bob Noyce and Gordon Moore. Intel Corp was also ranked one the 100 best corporate citizens on the planet by CRO journal at quantity 13 on the list.

Company's vision

Intel's eye-sight is to continue to push the boundaries of innovation in order to make people's lives more interesting, more fulfilling, and better to manage. It really is a corporation that's always in movement, fueling an industry that never rests. This allows these to collectively deliver better alternatives with higher and faster benefits.

Company's Quest and business culture

Intel's mission is to make bold advancements in technology that can constantly enhance people's lives. It thinks in making significant investment funds in development and promoting the idea of sustainability in their operations and in communities worldwide.

The company strives to inspire imaginations and enable positive change that increases their quality of life and make their lives more interesting.

The company describes its eyesight in two words 'Step ahead. ' Their objective is to find and drive the next leap ahead - in technology, education, culture, interpersonal responsibility, manufacturing and much more - to constantly encourage their customers, associates, consumers and businesses to become listed on them as they continue to take interesting leaps onward.

Company's prices and philosophy

Intel's code of conduct means that they maintain the highest standards of integrity in their procedures. The company delights their customers, employees, and shareholders by persistently delivering the program and technology breakthroughs that become necessary to what sort of people work and live.

Their prices and viewpoint include:

  • Customer Orientation
  • Discipline
  • Quality
  • Risk taking
  • Great spot to work
  • Results orientation

Company 3 - Space Inc.

Gap Inc. that was set up in 1969 operates the largest variety of retail specialty stores throughout the world. It operates the world's five renowned clothing brands: Gap, Banana Republic, Old Navy, Piperlime and Athleta.

Late Don Fisher, the creator of Gap Inc. established the company by conceiving a straightforward idea of making it easier for the masses to discover a couple of jeans.

This season CRO publication has ranked Gap Inc. one of the "100 Best Corporate and business Individuals" among major U. S. companies for the fourth right year.

The company's headquarters offices are located SAN FRANCISCO BAY AREA. Their product design office buildings are located generally in New York City, San Francisco and London. By August 2009, they operate 3, 145 stores throughout the world including countries like United States, Canada, United Kingdom, France, Ireland, Japan, etc.

Company's vision

The company's eye-sight is to keep to seek to investment in initiatives that will assist drive traffic, deliver inspiring product, and improve the shopping experience. It is carrying out is vision by introducing new store prototypes as it works to modernize their fleet and improve output.

Company's Objective and business culture

The company's mission is upholding strong commitment to serve the needs of these customers while delivering quality earnings and long-term value to their traders and shareholders.

Gap's product value is to make it easy for individuals expressing their personal style. The company is continually producing all its brands to go over their customer's expectation. This is achieved by creating progressive and inspiring designs, based on the knowledge and through communication with people about their likes, dislikes, needs, anticipations, etc.

Company's ideals and philosophy

Gap's principles and beliefs revolves around the following 4 key concepts:

  • Think: customers first
  • Inspire: creativity
  • Do: what's right
  • Deliver: results

The company makes pivotal decisions remember the customers' needs and anticipations. They have confidence in creating quality products that go over customer objectives.

They inspire creativeness by challenging the position quo. Impressive, creative anew ideas and ways of working are the key factor in their business culture.

The company attaches identical importance to both the process and the outcome. They assume that how they conduct business is as important as what they do. Integrity, integrity, sharing will be the driving forces with their business culture.

Finally they may be committed to deliver the best results possible. Taking responsibility, establishing priorities and interacting with their goals are an integral part of their business culture.


Based on our research on the above mentioned 3 companies it can be concluded that all the 3 organization talk about the same focus which is to improve their ethnical understanding by constantly figuring out the needs of their clients and delivering to their needs by investing in continuous innovation therefore improving the quality of life of individuals.

Task 2

Mgmnt practices followed by each orgn in process 1

Company 1 mgmnt practice

Formal and casual cultural relationships

Company 2 mgmnt practice

Formal and info cul. Relation

Company 3 mgmnt practice

Formal and infor cul relat

Task 3

2 organization operating in exclusive manner eg. google

Suggest ideal areas for mgmnt of furniture works where they have to look

Task 4

Various online and direct communication systems designed for the orgn

Task 5

Effective global set ups for the orgn to be able to defeat threats

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