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Operations Management of Beauty Salon

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Of the many functions running a business, there are three basic functions; procedures, marketing and fund/accounting (Gaither & Frazier, 2002, p. 6). The integration of the functions creates a better opportunity to achieving common organizational goals. However, considering functions as a central function in a business environment affects the management of the complete business in an organization such as a beauty salon through a substantial value added by increasing its customer satisfaction, competitiveness and ensuring a long-term profitability.

Operations management is the management of functions, people and resources to attain the provision of the mandatory goods and/or services at a certain level of quality and in the most cost-effective way. It really is responsible for a successful implementation of corporate and business strategy by integrating thoughts about an organization's future as well as the effective procedure of the present; thus providing a way of bringing together all various management disciplines (such as marketing, money and accounting) to help build a realistic strategy capable of effective implementation (Johnston & Clark, 2001). Siegel (2009, p. 21) says that domain name constitutes an important and critical part of business that governs the efficiency and quality with which products are produced or services are given and consists of numerous human intense procedures. More often, operations management is undoubtedly a fundamental element of functions research, although such facts maybe arguable. Also, Wagen (2009) agrees that procedure research suggests numerous tools, methods and procedures which can contribute to solutions of solving many issues regarding operations management. Operation management links technique to action, requires coordination across functions and will involve managing the largest part of an organization (Terry, 2005). The various definitions and explanations of operation management supply the basis of the key emphasis in this paper as with how procedures management influences the complete operation in the beauty salon shop.

Haven viewed the nature of functions management in a variety of contexts, the employability of operations management in the services of a beauty shop will then be talked about as the topic in this newspaper. The salon shop business is aimed at high reputable operation capacity to add worth to the physical looks of its potential customers; offering considerable service characteristics on hairdressing (for women and men), facial attention, nail health care and body waxing. The shop will also contain a minuscule store for the sales of accessories from the key businesses already outlined. Specifically, the conversation will be focused on the effectiveness of procedure management on taking care of planning, purchasing/source, inventory, travel, cost, time and quality and also to show how these responsibilities work interdependently to attain long-term profitability, quality service and low cost of procedure.

Roles of OM in taking care of the beauty salon shop

Generally, the importance of businesses management on businesses is inserted in every facet of the service activities and therefore has critical jobs to try out especially in making certain the business enterprise accomplishes its most important goals in the most cost-effective way (Voss, 2007).

It is of a great interest realizing that beauty salons, hairdressing and beauty consultants are constantly a few of the most popular types of new businesses to start up in the UK, according to regular monthly data from Startups plus (Salon marketing, Feb. 12, 2011). With reference to this statement, this beauty salon business being mentioned will not only be a typical and common salon shops traditionally known but in truth an important location to make people who have lost the feel of beauty to experience a total change as it also offers a free procedure on beauty counselling to potential prospects who have issues with hair and cosmetic maintenance. However, client articles (Nov 1, 2010) says that whenever customers are shown such extreme good care they tend to understand that a great deal and demand for beauty is something worthy of spending for. So, taking care of oneself and so beauty transformation are the main matter in this business.

However, being conscious of the business goal, procedures management is thus used in planning the shop and typically sourcing the required resources. A greater area of the planning is the sourcing of the recruiting (i. e. professional mane dressers and beauty artists) from beauty academic institutions. Therefore, sourcing of developed and skilled employees is a fundamental human source of information practice that is depicted as the "litmus test" of human being resource management (Feltead & Ashton, 2007). For the purpose of recruiting well competent staff, a demand notice would be delivered to the beauty school within the time of four calendar months before the real night out of recruitment and beginning of the wonder shop. This way of sourcing would ensure proper provision of the required developed and skilled personnel as at when anticipated and hence supplying the beauty university certain time frame to teach the staff up to the mandatory standard without triggering delay at set up. This practice on the other hands, would reduce fees/commission rate paid to the institution as some beauty schools tend to give discounts for an early request greater than 90 days before deadline. While using support of businesses management and skilled labor force, functional results would be improved absolutely.

The shop design is designed is undoubtedly a manner to allow easy access to all sections, to aid healthy communication amidst personnel, support customers' convenience and permit fast services by placing the required item necessary for a particular service where they will be easily accessed. For example, the hairdressing section and nail treatment section will be segregated with just a narrow aisle while the facial attention will be in same section with the head of hair dressing since both services are rendered on the top, though on split stands including all the necessary tools required for the service.

The degree to which a business's functions are aligned to the necessity of its market will significantly have an impact on its overall development in sales and profit (Hill & Hill, 2009). However, the introduction of a forecasting system takes a considerable amount of data to be gathered and analyzed for effectiveness and validity (Lancaster & Reynolds, 2004). Therefore, forecasting would be done in line with the data gathered on; seasonal requirement in fashion/style style and seasonal (summer, etc) customer inhabitants from the prior years' details of already existing salons around, to know very well what the clients expect and how to handle the traffic. This will be performed through online studies.

Purchasing is the management control point where all significant purchases are watched for the right authorization of the right item, at the right price, quality and number, from right supplier at the right terms and at the right time (Business dictionary, 2011). However, getting the beauty parlor tools such as hairdressing machines, furniture, beauty products, hairdressing materials and other accessories before start up would be from an equipment wholesaler since the wholesalers typically offer many various styles and trademarks of tools, hence, more options of choosing the best from variety of products considering utilization and durability in order to avoid pointless maintenance cost. The necessity for following equipment revisions and monthly equipment of beauty products and other accessories, calls for a good method of trading between your business and the supplier; thus increasing the supplier's performance through good rapport and liked efforts.

To generate a better and clearer inventory management in this business especially for peak cycles such as Christmas season and warmer summer months, accurate information of stock will be continued every month basis, hence fixing the issues of under estimation at such intervals and otherwise. This technique will not only reduce cost of pointless runarounds credited to under estimation of available stock but will also create an area for budgeting on operational bills such as cost of transportation for private services (home services ), wages/salaries, etc. However, inventory will be supervised by critiquing the monthly documents/reports on available and used stock. The issue of travel in this business will be tackled by the use of a mini-truck during supplies and buys but by bus for external services (such as home services) or by taxi/cab on urgency as the case may be.

Interdependence of various tasks

Considering the manner in which the items will be completed in this beauty salon business, the expense of transportation during products will be little since the resources will be done by the provider monthly. Also budgeting for the every month supplies will be achieved on over-estimation to avoid increased cost of supply scheduled to increased price of stock in the future.

For a far more strategic and effective management of day-to-day procedures in the wonder salon, it is unavoidable to miss the advantages of salon software such as Envision salon and Salon Booker. This software can not only manage the visit book and the back office, it will help bring new customers through other inter-configured software around the web. Adopting the thought of software utilization will also help make the salon's website a income center as well as a marketing technique. Customers will see it far more convenient to book appointments at the salon on the website maybe from your home or workplace. This may invariably help solve the condition of congestion in the salon, delays prior to service reception and also under estimation of the stock for the mandatory day-to-day services. It will donate to the management of the time as it'll create consciousness for the times' activities and assigning of personnel to various customers on appointment.

The time management is the most difficult aspect of this business. The hired strategy is forecasting on daily basis which will be aided by the use of the past records' personal references. This practice will however, help the management to forecast and plan the day's services. The rate at which the various staff renders various services is also a deciding element in time management, thus staff will be trained to perform jobs as quick and exact as is feasible. . Time management in this business is actually a trial and error concern considered on daily basis without particular approach but will be handled as good as it is possible by committing more on recruiting and software to ensure that the problem of time management and service precision is tackled at duration. This fact is the key reason why the business enterprise requires qualified specialists.

It is said that customers are paramount to any business and the overall objective of the business is the acquisition, satisfaction and retention of customers to ensure a continuous growth of the business. Also, services are intangible items consumed almost during provision, with the customer retaining the advantages of the service (Terry, 2005). This, however, helps it be necessary to examine these two major terms of service in this business; service end result and service experience, to guarantee the retention of the service benefits on the customers.

According to Johnston and Clark (2001) the word service result is described as the consequence of the service on the client. It's the reasonable eventuality on the receiver of the service. An instance could be cited as regards to service outcome regarding this cosmetic salon by firmly taking into cognizance the smart, gorgeous and freshening looks of customers after acquiring the required services (beauty touches such as hairdressing, cosmetic treatment), the self confidence and then your interest to other fellow to them is a good example of something outcome. It's important to note that for a rapid growth and long-profitability in this business, an outstanding standard of service outcome is important. However, this when ensured grants or loans the business not only a high market show but also an edge over competitors for a more tactical competitiveness. Nevertheless, the practice for the quest for a high standard of service final result in this business will be used especially at the accessibility level and in every day service. The nature and explanation of service outcome will not be completed without mentioning the term service experience.

The term service experience is also detailed matching to Johnston and Clark (2001) as the customers' immediate connection with the service procedures and it actually concerns just how customers are dealt with by the service agency (i. e. the customer-facing personnel ). On further justification, it could be assumed as the customers' experience of the whole organizational techniques as well as its available facilities. However, service experience may start even prior to the genuine point of expectation (i. e. cosmetic salon) through word-of-mouth advertising activities by casual interaction. Ensuring a typical service connection with customers wouldn't normally only promote the business internally and externally but also advertises the business enterprise free through the customers' word-of-mouth activities to friends attracted to them therefore of a quality service final result. The development of the factor creates an avenue for value adding on the process of service through a smooth and versatile coordination of procedures alongside the workforce precision and speed. Browsing a beauty salon shop means more than only a hairdressing service, beauty salon shops must source variety of plastic remedies that both stimulate and relax customers' mind and body (Garner, October 4, 2010). However, the business enterprise will ensure that provisions for greater relaxation to customers are guaranteed. This will be achieved by providing a glass of coffee/tea, a glass of normal water or any kind of soda, in stock, demanded by customers upon appearance, hence offering the clients a warm reception. Papers, novel, fashion/style magazines and earphones for music will also be made available to customers to give relaxation over service. This invariably would lead to a good service experience and improve service quality as well. Percentage discount rates will be awarded to customers who undergo three different services at a visit and this will be a way to show understanding to customers and also promoting the business enterprise as well.

Creation of new and increased fashion/style may demand need for training of personnel to improve capabilities and productivity in the styling world and also avoid the risk of backwardness which can result in lose of customers. For a better improvement, you will see a provision of suggestion containers both online and inside the salon. The feedbacks from these bins will be evaluated and studied weekly to know very well what the clients expect and how to provide them better with added ideals.


Operations functions form the interface between your thinking end (tactical course) and the doing end (appointment customers' needs) of an business. It offers the essential website link between the co-operate view and the functional task (Terry, 2005). For the strategy dimension, it links course to action since without action; proper dimension and issue have little value. It could therefore, be figured the guidelines of operation management with regards to the wonder salon business is important for all professionals, because they offer a systematic way of taking a look at an organization's process. The need to manage service procedures effectively and effectively in the beauty shop leads their curiosity about the adoption of procedure management. Therefore, this idea is also suggested to be used in today's organizations to ensure a smoother procedure towards reaching organizational goals at lower costs and higher quality.

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