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A controversial theme: no pain no gain essay

In this world there’re only two categories of people. Representatives of the first one are assured that life is an everlasting fierce struggle. Others prefer breezing through their life just like butterflies. We’ve just approached to the most controversial topic for discussion ever. Let’s deal with it in this no pain no gain essay.

A great number of people are used to taking their lives too seriously. They simply have never tried another approach to it. Just struggling through and nothing else. However, life is a very delicate and intricate mechanism and it often resists our foolish attempts to treat it like a rival we need to defeat. Typical Western psychology suggests overcoming a series of challenges, hardships and trials on the way to success. Respectively, we suspiciously perceive anything obtained effortlessly. We simply don’t consider this true. What’s your opinion on this matter? Inform us in your essay no pain no gain.

Each time you enjoy a positive attitude to life, people around draw your attention to the necessity of being careful. They believe your joy won’t last for a long time. They simply can’t relax and look at their lives from an alternative angle. That’s so sad when for many people life is a sort of punishment to be served till death. However, we know it can be enjoyed.

Perhaps, we should blame Hollywood for worn-out image of a hero, fighting enormous odds before he finally wins through. Just like in Hollywood films, in the movie of your life you’re playing your own hero. You also struggle and hope to win through one glorious day. But, what about winning without any struggle?

You are tired of this longstanding fight, aren’t you? It’s high time to debunk this obsolete myth of «no pain, no gain» and we’ll do it in this no pains no gains essay.

Approaching life with a childlike attitude is the first thing you need to do. As you know, from early childhood, our parents and teachers inculcate the need to stud hard in us. Unfortunately, this word «hard» suggests a tough longstanding struggle we need to overcome.

Why should we take the world so seriously? Learning can be fun and valuable at the same time. Just look how kids perceive the world. They look at life from an unusual angle, easily converting difficult concepts into easy-to-understand things. It’s a pity this positive childlike nature is gradually drummed out by adults surrounding us. To our great luck any of us can get back to this true original state of childlike nature. You can do it even today, just be a kid again and enjoy it. By the way, being childlike doesn’t means being childish.

Another great and promising approach to life is moderation. I’m fond of sport, both as an active participant and a spectator. Earlier I was used to training heavily. That wasn’t my idea. My trainer told me that I had to go through pain and without it there weren’t any reasons to proceed with my sports activities.

At that time I endured my physical pain and enjoyed the process in general. However, as l picked up several injuries, the whole training aspect lost its powerful appeal. I simply discovered the beauty and flexibility of training in moderation. I derived more benefits from listening to my body and doing nothing excessive and that new approach didn’t prevent me from enjoying my sports activities. That’s how you should treat your life, if you really want to change it for the better.

We’ve just forgotten to mention another crucial detail. Don’t miss it in your essay on no pain no gain. To cut a long story short, you should drop the whole drama from your life.

Some people keep moving from one crisis to another one. Moreover, they never stop moaning how life was putting them down. For such people everything they meet in their life is another challenge to endure. Avoid communicating with such people as they can share their negative energy with you. Don’t complain at your life, exclude drama and you’ll see that life isn’t so bad as it seems at the first sight.

You won’t see radical changes if you neglect simplifying your life. Unfortunately, people tend to make their lives extremely complicated, while everything should have been much simpler. Without delay seek effective ways to simplify your life. This move will give you more energy for your beloved things and activities. Very soon you’ll see with your own eyes that simplicity gives more joy, you’ll see how your life flows naturally around you.

Mind the language you utilize. Really language matters in life building. For example, if you ask yourself not to think about a pink elephant, it will most likely become the object of your thoughts. The matter is that our brain tends to concentrate on the very core of the message. So, if before getting down to anything you use such phrases as «not difficult» and «not hard», your brain will get prepared to deal with difficult things. Thus, you’ll make it ready for struggle, while you need the opposite. The very essence of our recommendation is to avoid anything negative in your language, including such words as «difficult», «hard», «challenging» and so on.

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