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Nissan's exterior environment

Natural Environment

Nissan's ultimate goal

Nissan's is one of the top producers of auto company which they used up many environmental resources because autos basically operate on fossil gas and fuel. As a worldwide manufacturer of automobile, Nissan have establish an ultimate goal which is to 'deal with environmentally friendly impact produced by (Nissan Global)Nissan's corporate activities, customer use of Nissan vehicles, and the business's use of resources on an even that is within nature's capacity to absorb. ' Nissan's purpose is also to 'reduce the impact of globe from (Nissan, 2009)

Key Issues of Nissan

Nissan now targets the 3 Key issues that are:-

  • To decrease the Carbon Dioxide emission,
  • To reduce other emission to maintain earth resources including the atmosphere, soil and water
  • To promote the resources cycle through 3r's, Decrease, Reuse & Recycle.

Task 1. Minimizing carbon dioxide emissions

Nissan believe reducing the CO2 emission requires not only by Nissan only but also a cooperative work by all modern culture. Nissan is also making intense efforts in reducing the Carbon Monoxide emission in their business activities and thus, their work will lead to contribution of the culture.

Task 2. Minimizing emissions*1 (safeguarding the air, normal water and soil)

Nissan's 2nd activity is to lessen any emission that will have negative effect on earth resources like the atmosphere, air, normal water and soil. Matching to Nissan, this can be a requirement for these to consider the life span cycle of these vehicle from the vehicle's development to creation and lastly to the vehicle's disposal.

Task 3. Source of information recycling (promoting reducing, reusing, and recycling)

Nissan's aim is to attain the mobile culture through auto recycling. Regarding to Nissan basic approach, they are putting into action the 3 R's to make use of their source effective and effectively. The 3 R's are:-

  • Reduce
  • Reuse
  • Recycle

They are preparing to reduce the materials to its nominal when producing their vehicle, reuse the resources whenever possible and recycle their resources for the future use.

Technology Environment

Nissan has four regions of technological goals such as the environment, basic safety, powerful performance and life up to speed. Nissan create these worth to be able to provide their customers with 'trusted traveling pleasure'. (Nissan Global)


Nissan has a permanent goal to reducing CO2 help the environmental crisis such as global warming. With this goal, Nissan got set their focus on of minimizing CO2 emission in their new car by 70% in the entire year 2050. (Nissan Environmental Solutions)


Nissan boasts that their target is to lessen the amount of serious and fatal incidents from accidents relating Nissan's vehicle by halve by the entire year 2015. Nissan has work hard to steadily design a safer vehicle to the client based on real life accident analysis. Nissan completed various crash test from normal travelling car accident to serious and fatal accidents to be analyzed also to provide continuous improvements onto Nissan's vehicle. (Nissan Safety Technologies)

Dynamic Performance

Nissan focuses on characteristics such as quietness of the automobile and the power response. The vehicle controlling however such as steering steadiness, steering responsiveness and vehicle tendencies are very important to please the drivers of Nissan's vehicle matching to Nissan. (Nissan Dynamic Performance)

Life on Board

Nissan vehicle has an unprecedented value through their every level from getting into vehicle, preparation to operate a vehicle, actual generating experience also to getting out from the automobile. Nissan is also providing the three kinds of value on the driving a vehicle experience on Nissan vehicle. (Nissan Life on Board)

  • Cockpit which are design for easy driving
  • Cabin comfort
  • High quality of the interior

Sociocultural Environment

Nissan is building and manufacturing vehicles to meet all sorts of people's demand. Differing people would prefer different types of cars depending on the consumer itself. Assume that if the person prefer vehicle that can go off-road, he might well have prefered Nissan Xterra or Nissan Frontier whereas folks who are wealthy and like fast automobiles would go for autos like Nissan Silvia, Nissan Skyline or Nissan Fairlady 350z. Not all types of driver are suited for all types of cars. This is the reason why Nissan Build many types of vehicle to suit different types of driver. Below are the a few of the lists of different group of Nissan vehicle that are still on development today.

Nissan for the adrenaline and want-to-go-fast men:

  • Nissan Skyline GT-R 35
  • Nissan 370z

Nissan for the daring and explorer:

  • Nissan X-trail
  • Nissan Navara
  • Nissan Frontier

Nissan for the budget driver:

  • Nissan Latio
  • Nissan Sentra
  • Nissan March

International Environment

Nissan Company been successful in retailing their automobiles internationally atlanta divorce attorneys continent. Which means that Nissan is an international company. Although it's availableness all around the world, Nissan must compete on a worldwide basis because there are many high-quality and low price automobiles from all over the world including Toyota, Ford, Mitsubishi and a great many other more. The international environment provides new competitors, customers and suppliers from all over. Although is a good thing Nissan expands their business internationally, this can make the business even harder to regulate as there are many branches everywhere in the world where Nissan must retain the criteria of every Nissan branches in conditions of these services. Nissan would also need to make their auto available to every place with Nissan branch where they either deliver their vehicle internationally or the automobile is created locally.

Economic Environment

Nissan and Renault established as the Renault-Nissan Purchasing Group (RNPO) in the year 2001. This is key ways to reduce cost by combining both their resources to be more efficient in the business. Renault and Nissan presently hold 60% stocks some part and recycleables suppliers. (Agrawal, 2007)

Legal and Politics Environment

Nissan vehicle have to meet certain specifications to have the ability to enter into certain countries to be sold. This is due to the fact that certain expresses do not allow powerful vehicle such as Nissan Skyline models to enter into the state of hawaii because driver might misuse the automobile for illegal avenue racing.

Besides powerful automobile, Nissan also needs to meet up with the Emission Criteria whereby this can be a requirement that establish a particular limit of the pollution produce by an automobile that are released to the surroundings. These requirements are to safeguard the surroundings of any air pollution to the united states as this might lead to global warming. Emissions that are being tested include carbon monoxide, hydrocarbon, sulfur oxide yet others.

Aside from that also, addititionally there is safety standards that needs to be tested before the vehicle is legitimately produce to the market. Quite simply, the vehicle should be safe enough for the drivers in interacting with the safety standards. The safety requirements include:

Crash Avoidance Control whereby in an event of emergencies, can the vehicle respond when the drivers avoids a crash.

Crashworthiness is when the automobile crashes, the vehicle should be safe enough to safeguard the driver and its own people. This test will determine the airbag responsiveness, influences, safety belts and others. (Travelling, 1999)

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