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Prewriting Your New Year Resolution Essay

Writing an essay is an obligatory assignment for all college and high school students, regardless of their discipline and age. However, not all of them find this process easy, fast, and straightforward for different reasons. If you need to write a catchy New Year resolution essay, be sure to practice more and start early because you should learn on your mistakes. Find out more about the most important do’s and don’ts of composing a standard 500 word essay to make the entire experience more productive and less intimidating. Describe resolutions as certain promises and goals that people make to improve the upcoming year. If you find it hard to express them, link proper words, and use writing tools effectively, think about getting professional help. Our credible and talented academic writers can help you complete any assignment, including a business plan, successfully and affordably.

Have you ever made these resolutions? It’s all about a certain tradition when people make different promises to themselves at the beginning of every New Year. They may decide to stop smoking, lose weight, exercise on a regular basis, lose weight, and so on. Other resolutions involve relatives and friends, and this means that they are somehow connected with dear ones. Besides, it’s possible to make resolutions to get higher grades, study well, and attend all classes. It’s only up to you the ones you choose for your New Year resolution essay.

When people keep these promises, they will feel better and improve self-esteem, and that’s why it’s important to make simple resolutions that are not too hard to follow. When writing a New Year resolution essay, there are certain directions that should be taken into consideration to structure it properly and avoid missing out anything.

  • Take a piece of paper and divide it into a few columns. This is where you need to list several examples of resolutions for personal improvement, about your academic life, family or friends.
  • Write the first draft of your New Year resolution essay. Start with describing the promises you give to yourself, but make sure that you have a high chance to keep them. This academic paper should include at least five basic paragraphs according to basic english paper
  • Structure all paragraphs properly. The first one is the introduction and this is where you need to present your chosen topic. In the following main body paragraphs, be sure to describe personal improvement promises and tell readers why you want to make them, family or friends resolutions, and something related to your college. The conclusion of your New Year resolutions essay must restate your thesis and sum up all facts discussed in other paragraphs.
  • Reread and edit. Some students underestimate the importance of essay proofreading, and that’s why they end up with low grades. There are some questions that you need to answer when rereading your academic paper to ensure that it’s of a good quality. Does its first paragraph present your topic in a catchy way? Is it possible to make it more exciting or interesting? Do body paragraphs describe all resolutions clearly? Do you explain to readers why they are so important? Do you sum up all facts and restate your thesis in the conclusion of a New Year resolution essay ? Do all sentences sound complete? Is your spelling correct?

Important Essay Writing Dos

  • Make it easy to read and understand. Make sure that your messages and descriptions are clear and catchy, or your audience won’t want to keep reading them. It’s advisable to get rid of all unclear sentences, unnecessary words, and phrases to make your New Year resolution essay to the point.
  • Include a solid thesis statement in its introduction. That’s because it’s the most important part that reveals your key idea or argument at the end of the first paragraph.
  • Use transition words and phrases between paragraphs. Otherwise, your New Years resolution essay will consist of separate ideas and text parts.
  • Make it coherent and smooth by leading readers from one major point to another.
  • Use the future tense. The main reason is that you are writing about the promises that should be kept in the future.
  • Use your advanced vocabulary. Your New Year resolution essay won’t be competent and informative without it. This vocabulary allows you to reveal your deep knowledge of the chosen topic and ability to choose the right words to describe your thoughts.
  • Respond to essay prompts. They are intentional, and if some of them are complicated, you should start with the hardest one.
  • Write simple sentences. If they are complicated, it will be hard and confusing for people to read your essay New Year resolution.
  • Pick the right style and format. They are important because they have an impact on the impression that your paper will make on readers.

Basic Essay Writing Don’ts

  • Don’t overwhelm it with too much information. You should learn to filter facts and pick only the most significant ones.
  • Don’t neglect important formatting aspects. Pay attention to font sizes, page numbers, paper sizes, margins, spaces, and so on. If they seem too difficult to master, you can count on our expert academic authors who know how to write any paper, including a research proposal.
  • Don’t use clichés. They will make your essay boring and dull, so that you need to use your fresh views and ideas.
  • Don’t let typos ruin your work. They will only show professors that you were not attentive enough when writing your academic paper or you failed to proofread it carefully.
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