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Marketing Communication Tools for Apple

In days gone by two decates it turn into a common practice for companies to invest millions and billions of money in advertisements (see Table 1, anticipated to lack of any further research the amounts should be studied under suspicion). Most of us feel that they spent all this money merely to make us buy increasingly more but is not only that. Their ultimate goal is to make as alert to their presence, they would like to gain increasingly more market share and they also use various methods and ways to draw in new customers they have not yet consider them as an option.

In order to achieve that they have to use some tools and means. These tools are known as Marketing Communication Tools plus they are made up from five rules -also known as marketing communication combination- advertising, sales promotion, public relations, personal advertising and immediate marketing (Armstrong, Kotler, Harker, Brennan, 2009, p398). Not all of the various tools are been used from the firms, a few of them are being used less a few of them more. This is dependable on the strategy the business wants to check out, at this assignment I will make an effort to critically determine and assess two key marketing communication tools that Apple Inc. uses.

Apple Inc. founded in 1976 which is one the major corporation around the world that designs computers, electronics and computer software. It became known by been main companies to mass produce and sell Personal Computers, in 1976 Apple 1 and in 1977 Apple II. Since then they become one of the leading companies both in innovation and sales this is why why I choose this particular brand in my own assignment.

One of the most frequent marketing tools utilized by Apple Inc. is immediate marketing and as Chris Fill up (2005, 4th) defines the companies' level in his publication Apple Inc. is a type four cross company. Which means that they see immediate marketing as brand vehicle and "use immediate marketing to exploit market space opportunities" (Chris Fill 2005, 4th, p. 738). The primary tool they use for their strategy is the internet and web-mail since the advancement of technology helps direct marketing to prosper and grow. Apple Inc. exploited that by using huge storage databases to keep track of their customers' data and choices. Their main goal is to create a strong and long-term romantic relationship with the customers by forming a "community" and to define the term I used After all dedicated customers that follow Apple Inc. products blindly.

This growing "community" is the power of company; it consisted by dedicated customers that are tied to the business mainly for sentimental reasons slowing growing as a cult. Regardless of whether the merchandise sometimes do not meet their objectives or the merchandise are remaining to "die" from the business they still follow them as a cult current little by little rising. As an example we can relate to that cult is the Abandoned Apple Newton Brand Community as explained at Albert M. Muniz Jr and Hope Jensen Schau research "Religiosity in the Abandoned Apple Newton Brand Community" publicized in the Journal of Consumer Research talking about how customers off different brands convert their favorite brands into a religion and giving the merchandise supernatural and magical motifs because they believe that they are consisted from some type of magic and will survive through time and sooner or later they even might surge again like the phoenix from the ashes.

From a consumer viewpoint their strategy is not as effective as maybe it's; mainly because immediate marketing should be more about opinions and customer profile based. From that prospective they should focus more on how they may use effectively their recourses to be more customer-friendly and diverse, they need to give you the opportunity to feedback and present your own advices, after all this are a way of expressing to the client that you care about his thoughts and opinions and the customer believe that they donate to their favorite brand.

In 2001 Apple Inc. decided to add yet another communication tool missing so far from their arsenal, therefore from that they launched their particular retail stores aiming to get higher market share also to "bring" happiness to an incredible number of dedicated customers around the world. At this moment Apple Inc. counts 324 stores across the world, their idea is simple, they need customers to have the ability to found everything around their technology in a single store.

The goal is easy, the company will try to be more diverse more interactive and even more two-way communication with the customers, this is what personal selling is focused on this is exactly what they targeted at. They want existing customers to connect to new customers and sales employees to connect to both of them. This is actually the way they make their "bond" with the dedicated customers even more robust, due to individuals interaction and tow-way communication the customers do not only attach to the brand but they evolve a special romance with the workers that serves them in a manner that the selling staff influence the buying decision of the customer and the client has someone that has learned what his needs and desires are.

Personal selling is a superb way to learn about what your customers think for your brand, because is a two-way communication and the responses is faster than from the main one you have with research or direct marketing. Is more specific, more consumer-oriented plus more flexible than other communication tools however, not with out a cost. The primary weakness is the high cost, the cost for each and every contact is high and therefore less frustrating methods should be released and used for every single customer from the sales administrator, as an example Germanos ( http://www. e-germanos. gr/ the pioneers in telephone advertising in Greece) has developed a very effective and less time consuming style of personal advertising, it is called the "5 minutes rule" in which each sales employees has 5 minutes to identify the customer, identify their needs, propose, take him to the counter and closure. Also there is always the opportunity of misunderstanding because of the human factor mixed up in entire process although human being factor is an important part of the process is also the main one part that sometimes triggers most of the down sides the reasons can vary greatly from ethnic and religion beliefs to variations in the cultural status.

As a final result after doing research for the strategy that Apple Inc. uses we found equivocal results, despite Apple Inc. market share status (one of the pioneers at their market) and their total earnings their main goal is their dedicated customers, perhaps supplying more attention on building more robust and life-lasting interactions using their existing customers than bringing out the business to new customers. We can not get an obvious bottom line if their strategy is either bad or good, the only thing we can assume is the fact what they do, they actually it to keep the brand image at a rate to justify that their brand is designed for the few rather than for the countless.

Bottom series despite their strategy or their plan we need to value Apple Inc. but will have in mind that we need to be critical and evaluate everything to see the hidden fact and what is going on behind the scenes. At the end I want to include a part associated with an interview given in the September of 2010 from the creator of Accer Inc. , Stan Shih, "Apple has to be respected. He said that the business and CEO is definitely utilizing a different strategy in the computer industry. Relating to Shih, Apple wants revolution, while other Laptop or computer brands are innovating naturally. "

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