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Market and company summary of pret a manger

Prêt a Manger founded in 1986 by two school friends - Sinclair Beecham and Julian Metcalfe (who also is the founder of Itsu - sushi club/restaurant). It really is a UK based mostly sandwich retailer, which now is a global business (Prêt). They called the business 'Prêt a Manger', which in French means 'ready to eat' (see Appendix 1. 0)

Rix (2004) state governments, "a product is a couple of tangible attributes within an identifiable form" and he adds, "each product is discovered by the commonly recognized descriptive" (p. 199). Prêt produces sandwiches, packed baguettes, soup, salad and espresso. It also prepares desserts, muffins (the American variety), cakes, and croissants. Some locations also provide sushi and noodles. Prêt has a variety of vegetarian options including roasted veggie sandwiches and hummus wraps. In marketing though, customers seek to get its quality and benefits (Rix, 2004). Prêt essentially provides fresh junk food made with 100 % natural ingredients. They are interested in freshness - all food is manufactured fresh in the shop on your day of purchase. Sandwiches are packaged in paperboard rather than sealed cheap, to emphasise they are fresh and can't be kept over night. Some packaging includes recipes for a few of the products; these are for people who wish to make sandwiches like Prêt's for themselves. Furthermore, Prêt also offers a delivery service for purchases over Ј30 minimum. Service can be determined as activities that meet customers' needs or desires only on intangible benefits (Rix, 2004). Their services are excellent; the personnel are friendly, always greet with civility, approachable and enthusiastic, making their customers feel pleasant (ref).

Rix (2004) claims "Marketers are significantly being confronted with a decision between profitably gratifying the wants of these customers and complying with the desires of varied other groups in the community" (p. 5). Prêt is aimed at the center to upper course including white-collar employees and businessmen and women who make use of it regularly to have a espresso before work, especially the City type customers (ref). Therefore, Prêt stores are normally found close to the train or pipe channels, affluent places such as Canary Wharf, and metropolitan areas such as Central London. They are places where will be more consumers that they are really focusing on at.

Pret's competitors include Starbucks, Costa, Nero and Eat. Relatively speaking, Starbucks is the biggest competitor since it is the greatest coffeehouse business on the planet.

Companies that anticipate changes in consumer behaviour and act in response with new gods and services will probably achieve long-term health insurance and profitability. But companies that change consumer behaviour have the opportunity to make major breakthroughs in new markets and establishments (Hoffman et al. 2005)

Already there are about 240 Prêt retailers, that happen to be mainly based in the united kingdom. Statistically, their annual turnover is approximately Ј270 million yearly (see Appendix 1. 1)

Task 1

P 1. 1

Situation Analysis

"An intensive analysis of the problem where the firm locates itself acts as the foundation for discovering opportunities to meet unfulfilled customer needs" (City of London Academy, Model 1). Have to be changed

One of techniques of the marketing planning is the marketing audit, which performs an enormous part that constantly is being conducted throughout the complete process. It really is to study internal factors, while also anticipates stakeholders and exterior factors. The Chartered Institute of Marketing says: "Undertaking the marketing audit supplies the opportunity to review and appraise your whole marketing activity, helping you to assess earlier and present performance as well concerning supply the basis for evaluating possible future lessons of action. " (yr)

Marketing audit breaks down into two categories:

The microenvironment is "the makes close to the company that impact its capacity to provide its customers" (Kotler et al. 1998, pp. 885-886).

This is concentrating on the inner business experience, where an organization has an entire control, providing this chance to enhance the business.

The macro-environment is "the bigger societal forces that affect the complete microenvironment" (Kotler et al. 1998, pp. 885-886).

This is the external factors, where a business barely or has absolute no control on, that changes may adversely have an impact on the company. (ref)

SWOT research is a way, which originated from the study conducted at Stanford Research Institute. It draws all the evidence from several analytical techniques used, provides basic useful information of producing the business enterprise, marketing objectives or seeks and services in to the market. Prêt undertakes a SWOT analysis, which its abbreviation is Advantages, the strong features and positions of the business, Weaknesses, where in fact the company needs to improve in order to keep the best image of the business enterprise as is feasible - inner issues, Opportunities, where in fact the company can get chances to raised themselves also to grow their reputation, and Risks, where the company relish issues that may affect the business enterprise - exterior issues (Rix, 2004). Example of SWOT analysis is shown below:

Table 1: (1. 1 Reason of SWOT examination)


- Non-stop producing services.

- Often do offers.

- Prices are cheap and affordable.

- Always create new advertising.

- Services are fast and easy.


- Products aren't healthy.

- Advertise unsafe products i. e. burgers

- Contributes to obesity.

- Packed with sugar.


- Exploitation appealing in much healthier eating.

- Sponsoring may help the business enterprise their sales.

- Home deliveries service


- International exchange rate

- Increasing labours' wages

- Rivals pricing

- Opponents invent similar products, might be better.

Source: The researcher

PEST is an analysis of external factors, generally considered to be outside the control of a company. The PEST research is to identify both presents and future's opportunities and dangers. PEST means Political; Economic; Community and Technology (ref). Clear explanation of each of these are shown in the following:

Table 2: (1. 1 Reason of Infestations)


These are factors that are handled by the federal government policies.


These factors are related to politics and are concerned about interest rates, exchange rate, financial expansion and income levels.


Concerning the factors old, size of households, healthy lifestyle and religions.


Factors concern such as personal computers, machineries, motor vehicles etc.

Source: The researcher

P 1. 2

"A objective or vision assertion is a affirmation that provides a signpost of where your business aspires to maintain the near future" (Chartered Institute of Marketing, ). Choose better one

A mission statement needs to be concise and explicitly describe that provides a clear view of Prêt's goal to customers and stakeholders, what's their business and who their customers are. In addition, it provides drive within the organization, helps them to focus on achieving their aims (ref). This helps marketing consultancy to make informed decisions of appropriate strategies and programs.

Here will be the two mission claims of Prêt:

Turnover - presently Ј270 million: to increase 9% within 24 months time.

To develop wider and open up new stores this season: 3 new stores to be opened up in Birmingham, (BBC Information, 2010).

According to press resources, Prêt's turnover is continually increased in the modern times. Although economic turmoil has just ended, nonetheless the business somehow managed to make revenue. This shows that the business's financial situation is secure and secure.

Table 3: (1. 2 Marketing Mix for Prêt a Supervisor)


Hoi sin Duck Wrap is a Cantonese design of wrap Prêt does. Inside the cover has shredded roast duck, hoisin sauce, red onions, cucumber, leaf spinach and a touch of mayo in a tortilla cover. The wrap contains nuts, sesame free, dairy free, GM free and high proteins, which will keep customers full longer. Every single Pret store has its own kitchen, they make the merchandise each and every purchase day, to make sure it is fresh and healthy. Those left unsold at the end of the day, they'll not be re-sold, but will be collected by the charities, and then given to those are homeless.


This product quite expensive because of the qualities it includes, which cost Ј2. 95 each. This can be cost plus prices, average cost of the product and service and also a profit margin; it offers a higher mark-up.


The programs of distribution of the product will be providers to consumers, as well as direct marketing through the website so the consumers can shop at home, but minimum of Ј30. The product provides in a clean and pleasant environment, affluent places like the town, where the market targets will perform the desire behavior. Usually during lunchtime, when this product can be purchased the most.


Prêt promotes the merchandise through person to person by casual communication about the merchandise by normal individuals, satisfied customers or people specifically involved to create person to person momentum. Sales personnel often plays an important role in word of mouth. This promotion also includes leaflets, shop home windows, and its own website, targeting at old group, middle and upper class groups.

Source: wesite

SWOT analysis is employed to get something in the right position in the market and assist in company's strategic planning. It must be done before Prêt's product (Hoi Sin Duck Wrap) is launched with regular intervals from then on, must also spend resources to increase revenue and minimise potential hazard (ref). The following stand shows the SWOT examination of Prêt that may effect their sales of the new product.

Table 4: (1. 2 SWOT Evaluation for Prêt a Director)


Prêt established fact for handmade sandwiches, which are created with 100 % natural ingredients, and immaculate service, that your quality of products and customers are the company's priorities. The business also does indeed delivery service that other sandwich pubs do not provide, as well as online order. Thus, these advantages may aid to gain repeat sales of Hoi Sin Duck Cover.


Prêt is significantly to be one of the very most expensive sandwich bars on the globe. This also means that the business only has certain target audience and stores can be found in affluent areas only. Prêt stores are generally small that struggling to provide sufficient seats for customers to consume in. Thus, the sales of Hoi Sin Duck Wrap will never be expectedly high.


Prêt will not franchise. The business enterprise could take this possibility to franchise away; not only Prêt can gain acceptance, the business enterprise can also earn some fees from franchising! Prêt does not involve a whole lot of advertisements. Advertising plays a significant part atlanta divorce attorneys firm - Prêt should very seriously think about advertising on television and magazines etc. Thus, Hoi Sin Duck Wrap is highly unreachable.


The risk of competitors entering the marketplace. Challengers such as Starbucks often distribute discount vouchers. Customers know about the purchase price and generally; they tend to go for cheaper options. Thus, Hoi Sin Duck Wrap's product life cycle is predictably brief.

Source: website

Prêt must consider on the exterior environment influences, which may have effect on its product. It is a proper planning technique that delivers a useful construction for analysing environmentally friendly pressure on Prêt and its product (ref).

Table 5: (1. 2 PEST for Prêt a Manager)





Source: The researcher

Task 2

P 2. 1

Marketing Barriers

Barriers are hazy obstacles that tend to thwart a marketing plan and struggling to pass messages to external stakeholders. A internet marketer needs to understand and identify each one of the barriers they are confronting, to avoid scuppering the plan. Marketers generally realise these obstacles when they have the ability to envisage an enterprise is not growing or a prolonged unpredictable position (ref). These barriers can be both inner and external, and everything must take into account:

Not knowing your product - Lack of knowledge in a business's product and what services the business can provide to their customers is definitely an immense barrier to the business' success. There will be no guarantee, security, customer commitment, and quantity of complaints will increase, the business is ineffectual and needs improvement immediately. Whilst the business' competition understand their products, this can adversely affect the business' turnover and repeat sales will not occur.

Not knowing your competition - In case a researcher will not know in which a business stands and positions of the business' challengers, it is highly unlikely that the business can topple its challengers. Competitors review and see their own rivals. This gives competition the ideas how to raised their performance. Gradually, competitors successfully gratify customers and therefore eventually, the business enterprise will be ceased.

Not understanding the market - A product is preparing to enter the marketplace. However, if the researcher does not know what a business' segmentations are can cause problems to the sales plan. In the event the researcher does not know where these sections are, which segment should be deemed and disregarded, the marketing plan will not be effective. Additionally it is worried about costs. For example, the researcher does not study the surroundings for the business' products, high premises cost, electricity and gas, the business will have no the potential to attain the top.

Capital requirements - The amount of financial resources that each new business enters market is huge. Businesses such as developing sectors and building constructions are needed extortionate machineries in order to perform its business. Ventures can also eventually existing businesses. For example, investing in new product: finance availability for research and development, development, marketing etc. The investment risk is great, therefore creates hurdle. However, there is a potential customer of overthrowing the business' opponents.

Government plan - This is concerned with macro-environment. Government regulations sometimes are forced to halt competition. For example, laws and regulations such as product evaluation rules, global warming and limits on usage of raw materials can inhibit the expansion of competitions scheduled to licensing requirements.

P 2. 2

Solutions for marketing barriers

Knowing your product - It is vital to comprehend wholly and analyze what products and services that Prêt are providing, that they are functioned and any latest information a marketer ought to know. This will guide the marketer to the right path and really helps to plan a marketing strategy. Having understanding of the business's products can laden human relationships with customers, suppliers and other stakeholders. For example, customer's anticipations will be made, therefore sales enhance. Suppliers will be delighted to supply, as Prêt seems steady and in a position to meet payments promptly.

Knowing your competition - It's important to know and learn about competitors. Competition can be one of keys to a Prêt's achievement, as analysts can review and take notice of the business' opponents to acknowledge its weaknesses, opportunities and dangers. This consists of competitive pricing, market availability, promotion, advertising and other relevant useful information that may be learned.

Understanding your market - Research workers must know what are the target communities and who prêt is providing its products to. To perform market research can help experts to understand the particular target audience and customers targets in terms of price and quality. Methods of general market trends can be key and/or secondary, quantitative and/or qualitative. Internet is an effective tool that can help Prêt to beat its barriers. Information and data that are needed can mostly be aquired online. Also, if analysts are battling, good guidelines can be found on the Internet. Until researchers are fulfilled with the results, decisions are then made and eventually, put into action a marketing plan.

Task 3

P 3. 1

In competitive world, companies need to produce services to gratify customer needs. A corporation cannot expect to continue growth or to maximise gain relying entirely on its existing products. The business must retain to regulate its market by ongoing product innovation which involves complete new product development, product improvement, which is to find various ways in bettering existing products effectively, and imitative products, this means a copied product that has already been exist in the market by other companies. It is vital to learn how to control a new product, which undergoes its life cycle (Kotler et al. , yr)

Every product has its life routine, showing the length of time a product will last for. Product life circuit is the stages a product undergoes from its release to its final decline (ref). The product life routine has five main stages:

Table 6: (3. 1 Product Life Cycle)


This is the starting point, in which a product has just started its sales life. There is usually no revenue making due to higher cost of marketing and development.


This is the period when a product's sales has just placed to rise, and the cost begins to show up credited to economies of size - the more consumers choose the product, the quicker the merchandise will run out, which means more quantities of the merchandise will be given by the suppliers.


A sales is broadening at a slower rate and income are soaring. Increasingly more consumers purchase the product. The costing may be lower anticipated to better competition.


A market is begun to fall anticipated to numerous other similar products, better products, out of date etc. The merchandise will never be produced up to it used to.


The finishing of a product where in fact the sales cannot make it through again, which means price will be reduced more. The product then is withdrawn.

Source: author, date

Hoi Sin Duck Wrap is something, which has been developed and advertised to Pret's customers, and is currently market innovator. Still as the researcher knowledge, there is no market follower for this product. Kotler et al. (year) believe a product will develop, improve and change through research, as well as to identify, create and deliver the new product that hasn't emerged on the market yet.

Every business will need to have its segmentation and concentrating on, its own branding and knowing relationship marketing to be able to innovate flawlessly and increase demand.

Segmentation technique is separated market into organizations, where there will be different sections requires and different market approaches. It is worried on understanding customers' life styles, preferences and dreams. This assists businesses to discover what consumers are expected and their needs to be able to build up products and increase overall demand. ACORN and MOSIAC help to identify groupings consumers who are willing to purchase, therefore there will be a market for every product.

Table 7: (3. 1 Segmentation)


A Classification Of Residential Neighborhoods, is a tool used to identify and understand the population and the demand for products and services. Businesses utilize this information to identify consumers' needs and try to target at more consumers. Also determining consumers' era, income, employment, and type of holidays each goes for etc.


Information Services grows classification of home areas, market analysis and provides information.


This is another classification to recognize household types by blend of credit history, share ownership, postcode data etc. This can help businesses which kind of characteristics they can be aiming at.

Source: writer, date

Segmentation technique also includes geographic, demographic, and psychographic. This can be developed such that it can create an effective marketing plan.


This is a strategy to identify customer patterns information, such as consumer density, past purchasing conducts etc, which might differ from other countries.


This uses human population factors based on parameters such as years, gender family size, income, profession, education, religion, race and nationality (ACORN).


A breakdown of consumers relating to different characteristics, like the attitudes targets and activities of consumers, their pursuits and standards of living.

Source: writer, date

Task 4

P 4. 1

Marketing ethical relates to or related to morals, justice or responsibility, predicated on ideas of right and incorrect. Rules or regulations that have recently been place, everyday we make any decision may consider on those concepts (Baker, 2006). There two main methods in ethical determined by Rix (2004) are guidelines approach and outcomes approach. Rules strategy is often known as deontological. It is when rules must be purely adhered, despite of the outcome. Rix (2004) states trust is one of the main keys of moral guidelines in marketing. For instance, a product's appearance is deceptive that lures a customer into purchasing the product, although it does not physically harm the customer continues to be ethically wrong. Furthermore an organization intends to increase profit by executing unethical techniques, such as making redundancies with out a reason, the action is respect as unethical (Rix, 2004). Effects approach is often known as teleological. It really is occurred when an outcome is seemingly bad and the good, depending on outcome prospective. For example, Tesco brings a product in to the market, but other groceries have had the product on the market already. Tesco set an unreasonable price for the merchandise that is much less than other challengers, which opponents accuse Tesco of unethical prices. A contrary perspective from Tesco, that the outcome is beneficial to its stakeholders. If this step stays on, it may produce a higher amount of good than damaging others (Rix, 2004).

P 4. 2

Marketing combine is an instrument a company gets the complete control. A couple of 4 main elements (4ps) in marketing mix, that happen to be product, price, place and promotion. The fifth P, which is people, sometimes is put into demonstrate the partnership with customers. 2 further Ps are usually added within service industry, which are process and physical research (Lancaster and Reynolds, 1999).


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