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Magazine Research Of Vogue Mass media Essay

Vogue is the most well-known and popular fashion magazine for girls, that was firstly shared in 1892 by the Condé Nast Publications publishing house. Nowadays Vogue journal is popular worldwide and is printed in 18 countries: UK, U. S. , Australia, Brazil, Portugal, Russia, China, France, Germany, Greece, India, Italy, Japan, Republic of Korea, Spain, Switzerland, Taiwan, and is called one of the greatest magazines in the world's market.

The first problem of the weekly journal for wealthy New Yorkers premiered in 1892. The newspaper was well illustrated, with models of costumes, and regardless of the restraint, Vogue mag was a first course journal, and respectability arranged him aside from other publications. The journal had articles about fashion, beauty, public life, as well as theaters, concerts, skill exhibitions and new books. (Wikipedia. org)

Nowadays the mag is put as respectable and worthy of attention, this is a journal about the life span of culture, fashion and lifestyle. From the 1st issue, it became clear that is not only another magazine about women's fashion, but restrained and reputable edition of the trendy world.

The Vogue mag is undoubtedly designed for young women from 20 to 40 years, who are successful and beautiful and who would like to be familiar with all the novelties of fashion and beauty. These are mostly wealthy girl, but editors try to maximize the target audience of the journal, focusing on the fact that high fashion is accessible to all, not limited to the elite.

The audience of the journal has different standards of living, professions, hobbies, passions and life worth, nevertheless they all share a typical interest in fashion and beauty. So the first aim of the magazine is to provide to target audience the latest and the most interesting information about beauty and fashion. Vogue offers a number of articles that are presented to see women about the latest reports on fashion movements, about the style shows and fashion festivals, as well as reports from the designer's world and world of models.

So, it could be assumed that the journal is intended for girls who are alternatively young, wealthy and successful. For such women to learn about the latest media of fashion and beauty world is a must, that is why girl should read Vogue magazine, in order to be alert to the latest fashion styles in the world and respond to these developments. And Vogue journal promote that successful and happy life "is based on simple things like in the container of new perfumes or the rustle of a new silk dress".

This lay claim can be supported by the remove from this article "Fashion" in New York Times mag which says that Vogue is "the altar of luxury, celebrity and style". (Weber 2006)

This article is devoted to the history and place of Vogue magazine in modern world, and also calling to the book by Norberto Angeletti and Alberto Oliva's "IN VOGUE: The Illustrated History of the World's Most Famous Fashion Magazine". The article says that Voque has developed from the chronicle "the doings of New York's sociable elite" into an "active participant in the culture of fashion. " (Weber 2006)

According to the ny Times article as well as the publication, the Voque newspaper isn't only the leader in the fashion magazines market, but it addittionally influences the whole world of fashion too, as Vogue "has pioneered a bunch of aesthetic, technical and commercial advances, virtually which inform the fashion marketing and industry as they exist today". (Weber 2006)

Among the including ground breaking and ground-breaking ideas that appeared first in vogue magazine it is important to say that in 1932 Vogue became one of the first magazines to publish a cover with a color photograph, and through the 20th century Vogue's masks represented a lot of revolutions, like for example in the 1960s it changed "the curvaceous types of the previous decade with lanky, androgynous teens whose "undernourished" appears quickly "became the new standard. " (Weber 2006)

The article also mention the innovative notion of the first cover presenting an African-American model, and cover that that advertised a fresh form of fashionable by combining trousers with haute couture. (Weber 2006)

So the final outcome can be produced that Vogue and its culture influence in the 20th century has become the type of religion for females, that can also be called "the Vogue era".

The Vogue journal has such issues as New (the latest media in the world of fashion, people and functions), Fashion, Styles, Fashion shows, Beauty.

One of the very most interesting matter in the newspaper is Fashion world, that displays interviews with the most famous designers, models and people who are near to the style world. The interviews in this magazine are actually interesting; they have special point of discussion that is always connected with women's beauty. The interviews are always alternatively personal, they present something new, mysterious facts from the lives of a well-known people. This rubric is of great importance in this newspaper because visitors are always thinking about the lives of famous personalities. And especially women audience wants to know everything from lives of beautiful and successful people, to learn their secrets of success therefore to become like them.

The "Fashion show" subject shows the latest news from the fashion shows on the planet podiums. This section consists of pictures from the latest collections of designers with responses and information. All news are presented in the form of trend evaluation from the globe shows and podiums, so that all readers can appreciate the news headlines, as though they went to shows themselves.

Also it is important to point out that Voque journal is international, so that it presents fashion reports from various different countries and the useful articles on beauty movements all over the world.

The purpose of the journal- is to create a world of beauty and fashion using its own guidelines and design of life. Since it was already talked about, Vogue magazine reveals a kind of "religion" that is targeted to create a contemporary society with certain tastes, view things on beauty and fashion, to effect women's lives. This goal was basically achieved, as nowadays most women around the globe read Vogue newspaper and also practices its "religion", such that it proves the lay claim "beauty rules the world".

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