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Introduction To Mnc And THE BUSINESS Nestle Marketing Essay

Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) is any varieties that investor earns interest in company which functions beyond the domestic place of entrepreneur. Besides that, overseas direct investment needs a romance between a father or mother company and it foreign subsidiary. Additionally it is gives rise for multinational corporate based on their report Overall economy Watch (2010).

Recent research on globalization (Global Education, 2009) shows there are many different definitions of globalization, but most recognize the greater movements of individuals, goods, capital and ideas due to increased economical integration which in turn is propelled by increased trade and investment. It is like moving towards moving into a borderless world. There's always been a sharing of goods, services, knowledge and civilizations between people and countries, but in recent years increased technologies and a reduction of obstacles means the quickness of exchange is much faster. Globalization provides opportunities and problems (Global Education, 2009).

Nestle is a multinational commercial since it headquarter was positioned in Switzerland but it operate its business in the other countries around the world such as Europe, United Express, China, Malaysia, Hong Kong etc. Even as known, Nestle is an infant's product. Besides produced babies, Nestle have yet produces many others products such as chocolates, yogurt drink, cornflakes, ice-cream etc that people can certainly founded in supermarkets over the world.

Introduction to Nestle

In 1860s, a pharmacist known as Henri Nestle acquired success developed a food for newborns which are unable to breastfeed. And his first success was a premature child who cannot tolerate his mother's dairy or the standard substitutes. (Nestle, 2010)

In 1867, he followed his own coating of arms as a trademark in 1867. In German Nestle means little nest. And the now-famous mark is universally known to signify nurturing and caring, security, nourishment and family bonding. These features are still the guiding legacy for the business Henri Nestl founded as it fulfills its determination to 'Good Food, Good Life.

The Nestl Coat-of-Arms

Sources: Nestle Sdn Bhd 2010

In 1905 Nestl merged with the Anglo-Swiss Condensed Milk Company. The entire year after Nestl added chocolates to its line of foods. The recently created Nestl and Anglo-Swiss Milk Company acquired factories in america, Britain, Spain and Germany. Soon the business was full-scale production in Australia with warehouses in Singapore, Hong Kong and Bombay. Most creation still occurred in European countries. (English Tea Store, 2004-2009)

While the original business was based on dairy and dietetic foods for children, the new Nestl grew and diversified its selection of products, through acquisitions and mergers with the better known brands of that time period. For example: The production of LACTOGEN started out in 1921, and in the same calendar year, a beverage containing wheat flour was marketed under the brand name MILO. In 1938, NESCAF‰, the world's first instant coffee was created. Then, in 1947, the MAGGI Company merged with Nestl.

Today, Nestle company still adhere their guidelines that is provides the best products across the world. Beside that as the leading Food, Nutrition, Health and Wellness Company, Nestl is the provider of the best food for whatever period and then for whatever time you will ever have. Nestl has grown to become the world's greatest food company offering more than 8, 500 brands and 10, 000 products. Using its headquarters in Vevey, Switzerland, Nestl has more than 456 factories propagate over 80 countries, and employs more than 283, 000 people. (Nestle Products Sdn Bhd, 2010)

Actual impact of globalization on Nestle

PESTLE examination which contains of political, financial, communal, technology, legal and environment analysis which consist of external environmental. It is a useful examination to understanding the situation of any company within an industry.

Political analysis

The balance of political in a country will be under the concern by NESTLE to create a plant that can works NESTLE's factories that considering the country's political steadiness, good tax incentives as well as its skilled workforce, NESTLE selected Malaysia to be the website of another local processing centre for NESCAFE (Mr. Jos Lopez, Exec Vice Chief executive, Nestle S. A. accountable for global businesses and World (Nestl's Global Business Brilliance Programmer)).

Economic Analysis

The important of economical factors will causes the effectiveness of consumer spending. For instance, in recession economy, people might slice of their budget to take household stuff somewhat than unnecessary products such as chocolate. Americans likes luxury chocolates, a new premium type of cacao which is called Nestle Treasures God experienced launched in order to cash in on the recession.

Social Analysis

Even though Nestle as a multinational corporate which manages their business in the other country, but do respect to people's culture and traditional which really is a corporate that think global, act local by spending so much time to assimilate itself in to the cultures and traditions of the country. For example, Kit-Kat's formula is nearly different almost everywhere. A Russian Kit-Kat is smaller than a Bulgarian, but less special than Germany's Kit-Kat. While in Japan, the strawberry Kit-Kat is all the rage.

Technology Analysis

As the technology of recently changed swiftly in global, Nestle have captivated people to purchasing their products by using advertising. For example, Kit-Kat have been advertised by attracting youngster or child because it is a sweeten tid-bits. Infants food's advert is to attracted housewife to get it to given their child a healthy life.

Recent research on technology examination (Nestle Coverage and Environmental sustainable) (2008) accounts shown that through the making process, Nestle acquired using efficient technologies to ensure that there surely is no squandered energy while producing products. In addition, to regulate the eliminate emission like the greenhouse gases.

Legal Analysis

In 1996, Nestle was the first multinational corporate that voluntary for Halal recognition because of its own food products. Those foods that exported to the other countries were qualified as Halal products. As a global food company like Nestle, cleanliness is a must. Since Nestle has the Halal qualification and hygiene was the task which contain for the reason that certificate.

Besides that, health insurance and safeness were the basic principle that keeps by Nestle. While provided employees to minimize hazards in their personal lives, Nestle experienced always emphasize each of their employees about to change the employee's attitudes towards personal safe practices.

Environmental Analysis

Nestle always committed to visitors to produce the best quality with their consumers. Besides that, Nestle also avoided the thrown away food by reduced the material's weight and volume level, yet reinforced initiatives of recycle from used presentation. Nestle also have use recycled materials to create its products.

But, Nestle had done a fact that may cause of the lost of the house for orangutan. Relating to Heidi Marshall (2010), Nestle's product-Kit Kat is a product of environmental devastation. This is because of the material which used in the chocolate bars and for the other Nestle products as well was originates from a palm oil that get from by destroying Indonesia rainforests.

SWOT Analysis of Nestle

As Dr. Jill Novak, (2009) commented that:


Nestle is a global food developer since it situated in over 100 countries. It really is constantly one of the world's major producers which with global sales in 2008 topped $101 billion. Furthermore, Nestle was known as one of "America's Most Admired Food Companies" in Lot of money newspaper. Furthermore, Nestle provides quality brands and products and lines extensions that are well-known, top-selling brands including: Maggi, Haagen Dazs, Package Kat, Nescafe, CoffeeMate, ready baby foods, yogurt, foods for infants and many more.


Most of the products have their own weaknesses. For Nestle, it had not been as successful as the other country in France. Nestle cannot compete against a solid and set up brand which is Dannon that entered into France sooner than Nestle which is top selling of health yogurt. Besides that, since 2004, Nestle has been required to reduce the amount of sugars in their products that may cause of diabetes among American children. In addition, Nestle has been removed the presentation and advertising that phony says of "heart healthy" and "lower cholesterol" which can be an order from FDA(Food and Drug Administration) and American Medical Relationship which is the under fire of the breakfast cereal industry.


In today, everyone anticipation and needs to have a healthy life, as a manufacturer like Nestle, it has an opportunities to raise their selling earnings with producing health-based products. Since Nestle was a well-known branded, for sure, it'll be easy to appeal to people to acquire their products. Further, they launched a fresh premium line of cacao called Nestle Treasures Gold, to be able to profit from the "recession market" in which consumers cut back on luxury goods, but regularly enjoy candy and delicious chocolate. People in the usa want luxury chocolates, and high-end chocolate is immune system to the recession (so far), since it can be an inexpensive indulgence.


Even though Nestle was a major producer in the world, but it still has its rival, such as Hershey's, Cadbury-Schweppes (owned by Pepsi), Kellogg's, Starbucks, , Quaker, Kraft Foods, Danone, , Heinz, Unilevel and many more. Furthermore, any contaminants foods source especially e. coli which causes the recalled of the brand-Toll House cookie dough. Outbreaks were associated with 28 says and the product needed to be recalled globally. Nestl has yet to learn how this took place, and is still investigating (Dr. Jill Novak, (2009).

Potential influences of globalization on Nestle

Nestle commercial have its potential in globalization since it is a big foods company in global.


In the world of today, technology will be changing speedily in global. And this will leads a good improvement in all type of products which will be produce throughout the world. A research and development division is a part of Nestle from today towards future achievements by gaining profits without spending the raw materials in production process. Besides that, by by using a developed technology may decrease the results that will occurs greenhouse impact. For example, use of plastics presentation in every solo of Nestle products improve to recycled paper product packaging, used of plastic bottle in filling the Nestle beverage into tin that can recycle use.

On others side, an instance occurring in India, which is Nestle chocolate, will be melted before its eye. It is because there are lacks of syndication and heat temperatures in India can make the delicious chocolate melted. Utilizing the technology that can solve this problem that is using the technology to change its chocolate ingredients so that are able India heat temp.


As the knowledge below, Nestle's Equipment Kats was created from a palm olive oil that originated from by destroying the rainforest in Indonesia. That is reason behind the pollution in Indonesia. To resolve this problem, Nestle corporate should think about using the hand oil from the other countries by not destroying the rainforest of the country. On the other hand, there may be another solution too. That's, refining the vegetables oil that can out inside the ingredient of making chocolates.


As a food designer in global, Nestle can do some different in their products. Such as for example, a new flavour of the chocolates could be release. This is because different country has an alternative preference towards foods. For Malaysia, a durian can become a part of the component in the making of Kit-Kat. For Korea, a Kim chi flavour Kit-Kat can also create. This is a go for Nestle to entice people by producing different flavour but same products around the world.


Nestle may consider by using product-market strategies that determine where in fact the business competes and the course of growth (Stuart Wall structure; SonalMinocha and Bronwen Rees, 2010). Products- market strategies are including market penetration strategy, market development strategy, product development strategy, and diversification.

Market penetration strategy is which to refer to increase market show of the current products. A firm like this by boosts their sale revenue with no changing with their existing products. Nestle may make an effort to use the promotion which is buy 1 free 1 because of its products. For instance, buy 2 packages of 1kg Milo free a 10 load up of instant Nescafe.

A market penetration will also entail the 4ps which is products, price, campaign and place. Regarding to (Stuart Wall; SonalMinocha and Bronwen Rees, 2010), the merchandise in international marketing is the amount to which a typical and differentiated product should be provided. For example, Nestle is using the differentiated products since it produce its products Kit-Kat in various taste. A Russian Kit-Kat is smaller than a Bulgarian, but less nice than Germany's Kit-Kat. While in Japan, the strawberry Kit-Kat is all the rage.

The international price is related to the bill market different between countries, exchange rates, troubles of voicing and collecting payment across borders, the consequences of tariffs and buy fees on competitiveness, governmental laws of the host country and the long-term strategic plan of the company in the different markets in which it operates.

For market development strategy, it is signify by firmly taking present products enter into new markets and thus centering activities on market opportunities and competitor situations.

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