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HR Strategy Examination of Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank

Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank or investment company is a significant loan company in UAE and providing various services and progressive products to its customers. It is named so following the merger of the Khaleej Bank or investment company with the Emirates Commercial Loan provider and National Commercial Loan company in 1985. ADCB is general population share possessing company with limited responsibility. This lender ensures the customers satisfaction as its major objective and will provide good services to its customer. ADCB quest is never to neglect that its customer always has another choice also. It snacks every customer as individual that ends in quality service delivery to every customer. It offers 47 branches across UAE with two branches in India. It also has an offshore operation in Cayman Island. Abu Dhabi Investment Council, a state control body possesses 65 % stake in the ADCB. ADCB was founded in 1985 as Khaleej Bank and is presently the third biggest bank by property in UAE.

ADCB has four divisions that operate whole business. The divisions are the following:

Personal Bank: This division is in charge of the services like accounts, debit and credit cards. And yes it regulates all the procedure of loans and bank confidence facilities. This department fulfills the essential requirements from the lender and handles everyone issues.

Islamic Banking: This divisions provides all the services according the Islamic bank regulations and will be offering products like Bai' al-inah, Bai muajjal, Bai' bithaman ajil, Mudarabah, Sukuk, Murabahah, Musawamah, Ijarah, Bai salam, Qard hassan/ Qardul Hassan, Takaful, Hibah, Wadiah, Wakalah. Islamic banking and finance is dependent upon the guidelines of Sharia that defines several ideas of marketing.

Business Bank: This division of ADCB provides services like cash management and funding options for entrepreneurial endeavors of businesses. This section deals with the corporate customers and provides treasury and investment services and also operate services for the firms.

Investment Banking: This section of ADCB looks opportunities of investments for the bank and also provide consultancy in merger, acquisition offers of businesses. In addition, it supplies the takeovers, strategic alliances, restructuring of the firms and divestment opportunities to them. This section helps organization in introducing IPO and shares at proper time and regulates its process.

The company's quest is to provide the best services and ground breaking products and ensure that customers should get the best services. It has clear motive the following and ensure these in all its operations:

Responsibility - The functions and responsibility should be clear to employees.

Accountability - The managers and employees must have a proper degree of accountability for the efficiency they are simply providing.

Transparency - There should be proper transparency of the company's performance to all or any the stakeholders and employees, as well as the information regarding any changes should disseminate at all levels.

Fairness - All the stakeholders should be cared for fairly.

ADCB HR Department

Human Resource Department of ADCB is headed by Sultan Al Mahmood. The HR team has its mind procedures at companies headquarter Abu Dhabi. At all other branches few associates of the HR department are present and there are regional office offices where they survey about the procedures of the branches. These reps keep track of the working of employees and review their performance. At hq there are roughly 30-35 employees employed in HR department with every branch there are 3-4 employees looking into the employee's performance. At regional offices the HR features is run by 15-18 employees. So, altogether HR department comprise of 150-200 employees.

This division is very lively in conditions of formulating impressive policies to enhance the working condition in the lender. The HR team provides various functionalities like Human being Capital Development, Training-Scheduling, Performance Management, Grievance Handling, Payment/Reward Administration, ALTERNATIVE PARTY Transactions, Employee Relationships/Union Affairs, Benefits/Pension/Gratuity, and Welfare-Medical Insurance. The HR division coordinates with other departments and keeps track of the employees and their compliance with the guidelines and regulation of the business. ADCB has its corporate governance code and employees should adhere with this code. HR office ensures the best training facility for employees.

Previously in ADCB individuals resource of the business was used to be maintained by the brand managers. But it has become very important for each and every organization to own HR section and specialists for putting into action several HRM tactics to improve the condition of the business. HRM helps in increasing the working environment of the business and works in benefit for the common worker to increase everyone's performance to get better results. HR professional's duties vary from quality recruitment & employing through giving world class training and experience, their role are incredibly important in creating inspiration for the employees. They encourage the workers by employing different regulations like succession strategy and leisure director concept. Their process is to regularly evaluate the activities of every employee all over the company and then promote them consequently, also the incentive and increase in basic salary is performed after the analysis process by HR specialists.

Learning & Organizational Development Division has taken several initiatives to increase the employee foot of the company. It has also organized training seminars like the first ADCB Business workshop in '09 2009. This seminar was a significant breakthrough in improving the discussion of the employees with the experienced management and expert. In the seminar several speaker systems discussed their connection with the business life and the employees acquired opportunity to interact with these professionals.

Divisions of HR Department

The entire HR department performs in coordination with other team and take feedbacks from them in order to regulate the company functions properly. The office has several features as detailed above and can be displayed in three divisions that are mentioned the following:

Disciplinary & Litigation Product: This product ensures that all employees are following a rules and suggestions of the business and calls for disciplinary actions against the defaulters. It requires concern of the organizational standard and reduces the worker infractions. All issues of union and the discord quality are also managed by this same product.

Transfer & Posting Unit: Handles the issues of the human being resource sharing among the departments and keep maintaining the skill balance of the branches by periodic reviewing.

Employee Separation Product: When any employee decides to leave ADCB, this unit arranges the negotiations and then execute interviews for the giving employee. The report is then submitted to the local head office HR department. These reports help in improving the worker procedures for future.

Internal Monitoring Unit: This product is in charge of time to time auditing of the issues from several divisions and ensures the compliance with the ADCB insurance policies and practices. Assistance with exterior and internal auditors and guarantee of proper implementation and procedure of auditing process also comes under the thought of this unit.

Business Planning & Budgeting Device: The organization strategy and planning is performed by this product and it determines all the budgeting decisions of the Ideas. This product also regulates the budgeting of the many functions on month by month basis.

Administration & Co-Ordination Unit: It ensures the connection between different departments and regulates the information flow. Day to day activities of the HR office is also monitored by it.

Reward Management & HRIS: This division is in charge of all the methods of employee's popularity and circulation of reward for the performance promptly to time basis. This department also keeps the database of all employees and the associated assignments. A number of the major functions of this division are stated below:

Compensation & Gain Planning: This unit attempts to plan and use most suitable tactics for the compensations and great things about the employees. It regulates the actions related to development of these strategies.

Employees Databases: This unit is responsible for keeping all the relevant information regarding employees and it can help in drawing finish from the HR data. It can help in broadcast of the ability demand.

Service Record & Conformity: This product handles the personal information of the employees and sustains their record and verifies any information distributed by them.

HR Automation: This device ensures the correct implementation of the HR Information system and adaptability of the HR methods in the program system employed by ADCB.

Talent Management, Learning and Organizational Development: This section manages the talent pool of ADCB and ensures the proper training and induction process of new employees. This section looks into the issues of the organizational development by adding proper resources in research and development of new strategies in line with the latest needs of marketplaces. The systems and their features in this department are described below:

The HR Planning, Job Evaluation & Design: All of the activities of job design and evaluation of the jobs associated with the careers are done by this device. It is responsible for the HR planning of the ADCB. This unit conducts the overview of the HR demand and accordingly plan for the year and conducts the evaluation process of job.

The Recruitment Planning & Organizational Development: This department packages all the recruitment types of procedures for the need of ADCB. It ensures the recruitment of right person, at right time, and in right number. This product also looks into the issues of change management related issues and deals with the implementation of latest strategies in ADCB for the business enterprise need.

The Recruitment Operations: This product is similar to subsidiary to past product as it looks into the operation of the recruitment and adoption of optimized technique for testing the candidates before their access in the ADCB.

The Analysis Centers: This unit continues monitoring the employee's/ candidates shows and helps the HR division in planning the inner offers for employees and providing appropriate offers to individuals.

The Employee Orientation: This device is functioning for the correct orientation of the employee towards their department and integrating them to the methods associated with the section. It works for providing guidelines to the new employees in order to inculcate the organization's culture in their work activities and maintain a good connection using their fellow people.

The Internal Job Publishing: This unit runs in association with the Assessment centre product and works for providing best chance for the well carrying out employees.

The Performance Management: This unit operates the Performance management system that provides meriting procedures based on the work activities of the employees and facilitates the promotion consequently.

The Compensation & Popularity: This device works for the encouragement of the outstanding work of the employees and providing them the identification in order to inspire the performing spirit in other employees. It can help in increasing the bank's performance. This product also considers the importance of these worker recognition festivities as it improves the image of the ADCB in market and allures talent.

The Succession Planning: This unit screens the talent pool of the ADCB and periodical recognition of successors for some particular roles are done. This process also helps in identifying the need of training in employees.

The Employee Motivation & Retention: This unit works for the employee satisfaction options and the methods that are necessary for the worker retention in ADCB. This device encourages the confidence of employees and provides them support in their personal life in order to perform well in the company.

Aims of HR Department

The HR team of ADCB is dedicated towards providing best opportunities for the applicants looking for the job in banking sector. Also the division is involved with the different actions for the employee satisfaction. For the best performance at the work the employees should feel safe with the working conditions of the ADCB. The HR division provides good quality orientation program so that each new worker can understand the culture of the company soon. The routines of the HR department about monitoring the employees are aimed for providing the encouragement to the accomplishing employees on regular basis.

The department seeks that the ADCB ought to be the first choice of skilled staff and any potential prospect. The HR office wants to develop an image of ADCB in market as quality employer which uses value proposition in its procedures and stimulates every little bit of good just work at every level. The team has a specific quest of empowering the business with the expertise pool that's needed is for the correct working of its business.

Methods used by HR Department

The HR division regularly monitors the marketplace condition and the activities of employees by making use of its different items. The representatives at every branch keep placing information to the regional offices and their primary assessment is done there. Following the primary analysis survey is published at hq. The head office at Abu Dhabi displays the statement and compares the company's activities with the competitor's actions. It looks for any need of changes in the techniques under execution. If there comes up the need of adjustments, the organizational development device gives the feedback of the market situations and the available choices. The supervision and planning unit analyzes every option and look into the feasibility of its implementation at ADCB. Several stage of analysis is done on the new approach and also cost benefit analysis is done. After the entire assessment the rules are released that is usually to be followed based on the new approach and every branch is dispatched the circulars about this. The employees are up to date and training and development sessions are arranged appropriate as per the necessity.

HR department also uses several solutions to properly maintain a good working condition at ADCB. These procedures are brought up below:

Human Capital Development: Provides opportunities to the employees to build up and enhance their skills and it helps in continuous improvement of skill pool in ADCB.

Training-Scheduling: HR office provides time to time workout sessions to match their workers with the changing trends of market and fill up them with latest techniques.

Performance Management: The department also has insurance plan of providing scores to the employees plus they encourage the employees with good performance which inspires other employees to perform better. Also it helps in providing succession planning therefore the candidates for some bigger tasks can be determined easily when required.

Grievance Handling: In case there is any problems like incidents and deaths, the department helps the employees and his/her family with compensation associated with the position of employees.

Compensation/Reward Supervision: This is actually the most attractive part for almost all of the employee so HR team always do lot of research and then chooses the compensations and rewards associated for just about any job or accomplishment.

Third Party Deals: The HR division outsources a few of its activities like auditing and general market trends.

Employee Relationships/Union Affairs: In addition, it have its guidelines and approaches regarding to that they used to deal with the union issues and employees related conflicts.

Benefits/Pension/Gratuity: These are the basic regulations that HR team provides fot the after job support of the employees.

Welfare-Medical Insurance: This service is to provide support for the worker and family sometimes of medical issues. HR team facilitates financial support for these people and hence shows the ADCB's devotion towards its employees

Change Management: The HR department deal with folks issues related with any type changes in the methodology under adoption at ADCB. The HR team regulates the employee's behavior to assist in the smooth execution of new strategies and techniques.

Past Success of HR Department

The HR team of ADCB was not properly managed recently. But in previous 2-3 years it has taken an upward swift towards innovation and employee satisfaction. Its strategies are demonstrating great results a d the performance of employees at ADCB has improved upon a lot. It includes employees from 47 countries which show the sort of diversity a company aims has already been available there. Also the male to female ratio is 60:40, this means it's been attracting every type of candidate for to do job at the company. ADCB also has followed the Emiratization policy as controlled by the government and providing plenty of opportunities for the nationals. ADCB was regarded at the 12th National Career Exhibition where its HR division and CEO were honored with the Best Achiever Lender in Nationality. In the exhibition the HR team provided information about their activities towards the empowerment of UAE nationals. The ADCB is dedicated towards getting, training and producing young nationals so as to make them with the capacity of playing essential role in the overall development of UAE country.

Also the attrition rate in ADCB is exhibiting a downward style that is an indicator of proper functioning of the HR office. HR department by using its information system is bettering the appraisal system and motivating the employee suitably and making them be successful to higher levels with good performance and training.

Measurement of Outcomes

Outcome of the HR division activities can be easily concluded from the statement r about the attrition rate assessment was previous years. The staff satisfaction is also significantly high with respect to others in the ADCB. You will find more and more number of individuals willing to enter in the company because they are seeing that their peers in ADCB are getting proper great things about the task.

The image of ADCB has also improved and the business has become the corporation which ensures the organization social responsibility. The business is helping the education sector and has invested in several sociable issues like empowering Emirati people by making amendments in the recruitment regulations to appeal to more UAE nationals in the job. The positions that are being directed at the folks are fairly according to their performance. The business has adopted a clear system for job sub succession planning through which they allow performers to succeed on higher positions.

Planned HR Strategies

HR section is applying different methods to enhance the company's performance. They are really mainly endeavoring to increase the communication between your employees to be able to raise the coordination among different departments. This is very important for each and every company that their departments should work in built in manner. Major strategies that ADCB HR team is putting into action are stated below:

Building a Communication Channel: A strong communication channel is very much indeed necessary for the well-timed information dissemination. This plan is very helpful in the integration of the actions of several departments and helps to keep every included person current. With this up to date information the program of ADCB to the client will be more able to provide services customized based on the needs. These will lead to the performance augmentation of the company and client satisfaction.

Diversity: This plan is being used to develop a wholesome working environment and this helps in the performance improvement of employees.

Emiratization of ADCB: The Emiratization drive of UAE authorities is being backed totally by ADCB which is getting Best Emiratization prize continuously from earlier 4 years. ADCB has developed the Emirati Academy Program where its HR office means that the UAE students graduating from universities and schools should prepare yourself with the best knowledge and complex ability to have the ability to work for the company. It is also providing the internship opportunities for the UAE students and also face to face training facility. That is very useful in the introduction of the overall contemporary society of the country and you will be helpful in monetary development for the long term.

Employee Retention: The ADCB HR team is implementing the best in industry training programs and skilled instructors for orientation of the new employees and existing employees. This practice ensures the option of talent pool at any point of amount of time in consistently changing market conditions.

Market Image Monitoring: The HR section has also end up being the image conscious of ADCB on the market and doing a lot of Corporate Social Responsibility activities to be able to attract the skilled workers.

Based on the above study of the business regarding the RECRUITING practices in the business, there are few areas which can be critical to the business and there are recommended few recommendations to enhance the your hands on Human Resource Office in the company. These recommendations are as follows:

For strengthening Individuals Resource Planning:

Non-Discrimination: Training and development programs at ADCB are biased on the UAE Nationals. Many good quality candidates cannot take leverage of the education and skills imparted at such institutes. The business thus must take suited actions to eliminate any discrimination with any blast of employees.

ADCB should take into confidence the migrant staff while pursuing Emiratization policy. That is necessary because almost 50% of employees employed in the business are migrants

Focus should be on quality rather than quantity while making recruitment decision. ADCB should ensure that they find the suitable candidate for the company so that worker becomes an asset for organization however, not a responsibility.

For employee desire: ADCB should believe its HR insurance policy is a major derivative of its performance management and employee satisfaction schemes. It shows some excellent ways to encourage its employees to add more in its progress. Some examples include:

Family Day special event: this is a unique way that can be adopted by ADCB to inspire its employees with their workplace. In today, employees may bring their families with their workplace. In offer an opportunity for folks to meet new people can to develop better bonding among employees, which eventually results better work by worker and hence increasing performance of the company.

Half-Day leave for birthday: Under this, employees are provided with an option to have a brake on their birthday form their office work. The purpose is to make them realize that their workplace cares about them.

Other perks: Some attractive perks and facilities can be provided by ADCB to its employees include get-togethers of some festivals with their family members, five working days a week, no urgent meetings on weekends, compulsory off from office work for a specific time-duration, proposal with call centre training etc. The main thing is these insurance policies are they could be executed without the personal preferences or discrimination between different levels within the organization.

Health: ADCB should cares for health issues of its employees. Different aerobics workshop, workshops for pilates and other products for mental and physical leisure may run within the business. It can have dew tie-ups with leading health caring organizations which conduct routine check-ups of not only the employees but also their family members to some extent. ADCB provides its worker free medical insurance. Other incentives could include stress management classes and regular health camps etc.

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