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How to write an exemplification essay - exemplification essay definition

An essential fact about writing an exemplification essay is to understand what it is and the function it performs. When you understand the real meaning of an exemplification essay, it will be easier for you to learn how to write it. An exemplification essay is an argumentative essay in all intents and purposes. So, to learn how to write an exemplification essay, you must learn the dictates of a good argument.

The major purpose of this essay is to prove a particular point with the help of examples. Here, you avoid the use of scholarly or academic sources to support your claim. You rather rely on the use of examples. People who know how to write an effective exemplification essay can present real or hypothetical examples either from real life experiences or news sources. The takeaway is that an exemplification essay, also called an illustrative essay, seeks to prove its thesis or generalization about a thing with lots of examples.

Exemplification essay planning

One of the most essential things about an exemplification essay is the audience. Whenever you are learning how to write an exemplification essay, you have to first of all, learn how to identify the audience and their belief. Your audience consists of people who do not agree with the thesis you are proposing. The group that does not buy your idea is your audience, and your work is to convince them to jettison their earlier convictions and accept your proposal through several examples.

The next thing about learning how to write an exemplification essay is the planning. It is easy for you to get off topic when writing this essay. This is because of the use of numerous examples. This is why you have to plan well. You can employ the clustering process. This is a method where you write down the major problem in the center of a piece of paper. If you are treating “the causes of abortion” for example, write “the cause of abortion” at the center of the page, then follow it up with several causes of abortion that surround the major cause. The next phase should talk about ideas that are related to the main causes, like the lack of the use of contraceptives and others. The main reason here is to find a connection between the ideas while still remaining within the thesis context. You can now create an outline to ensure that you remain within the task. The major reason for the use of outline in exemplification essay is to avoid giving examples that are not connected. Bear in mind that everything about your essay depends on the examples you provide. If you get off track, the reader will not be persuaded to agree with you because your argument will seem incoherent. It will show that you don’t know how to write an exemplification essay.

Pre-writing of the exemplification essay

If you have been told to write an exemplification essay without a specific topic, start the prewriting process by choosing a good topic for your exemplification essay. Remember that no matter how well you know how to write an exemplification essay, a bad topic will not produce a good essay. Any topic you choose should be based on the available examples to back it up. There must be clear and understandable real or hypothetical examples to back up, enhance, clarify and intensify the topic you choose to argue. Once you have a topic with clarified examples, it is now time for you to start the writing of the essay. Now, in choosing the topic, you should realize that the most essential thing is the generalization you want to exemplify. Your essay must be built on some generalizations about the chosen topic. The next thing is to decide on the purpose you want your generalization to achieve. When you have a particular purpose in mind, choosing your examples for the thesis will be very easy for you. You must have something you aim to achieve with the generalization, and this will be informed by your examples.

Before you start writing, you should also consider the feelings of your audience. You cannot claim to know how to write an exemplification essay if you do not seek and understand how your audience feels about your generalization. A good writer will try to work on these feelings and emotions to come out with examples that will easily appeal to them. Give examples about the things they are passionate about, and they will be convinced to agree with you. It is now time for you to list all the examples that come into your mind. Any example you can think of should be listed. They should include facts, anecdotes, short stories, statistics and many others. You have to narrow down the examples later, and choose the ones you intend to give.


Writing of the exemplification essay

When it is time for you to start writing, begin the exemplification essay with a thesis statement. This is where you have to state the generalization you want to posit. Inform the audience that you are presenting several examples to support the thesis. The thesis statement is followed by the introduction. It is supposed to line up what the reader should expect from your essay. This is where people who know how to write an exemplification essay will present important hints about the thesis and examples to the readers. This should be followed by the body of the essay. The body should be in full support of the generalization made in the introduction, with each paragraph relating to the thesis directly.

You have to ensure that your examples are arranged in a logical manner. For your writing to be easy to read and presentable to the audience, you are advised to categorize your examples. This is more especially when you have a lot of examples. It will make the examples clearer and reduce confusion. When you are moving from one example to the other or from one paragraph to the other, employ proper transition words and phrases. They will help you in guiding the reader through the entire essay. The body of the essay should be followed by a conclusion, where you sum up all the major points as stated in the body. It ends with a restatement of the thesis. This is how to write an exemplification essay that will give favorable results. Before you close your essay, line up the exact things you want the readers to do, by giving a call to action.


The body of the exemplification essay

The body of the essay is where you present the examples, and it is the part that reveals whether you know how to write an exemplification essay or not. You should make the beginning of the essay to be very strong. Start the essay with the defended thesis and carry the reader along. You are advised to start with a hook. This should be a quote, a rhetoric question, an anecdote or a simple fact that will capture and retain the attention of any reader. Offer statistical results of researches on the topic you are proposing.

The opening paragraph of the essay is followed by the body, which should be filled with points, details, clearly stated ideas, arguments and examples, coupled with detailed information in support of the thesis. In all you do, ensure that the information and arguments you are giving are valid. Do this by considering the audience at every stage of the essay. What you do with the audience will indicate whether you know how to write an exemplification essay or not. Let your work focus on the audience. Categorize your arguments, examples, facts and points according to how influential and important they are to the thesis. The first paragraph of your essay should contain the most important and most influential examples and facts. The others should follow according to their order of importance and influence too. It is not good for you to just throw in the facts. Compose a story, no matter how imaginary, and use it to relay the facts.

When it is time for the conclusion, use it to show that you know how to write an exemplification essay. Let it be a summary of the introduction and the body, and a final strong word to convince your audience. State the thesis here, mention the major arguments and close with a sense of completeness. Don’t bring in statistics and facts here. You can link the conclusion to the body and introduction by repeating some of the words used in those. People who understand how to write an exemplification essay will close this with an action prompt or a recommendation.


The best examples for your exemplification essay

This essay is completely hinged on examples, and you only know how to write an exemplification essay when you know how to present the best examples. Your examples must be detailed and specific, and they must be things or events that appeal to your audience. Each example must make your main point clearer to the audience. You are advised to use a combination of brief and extended examples.

  • The brief ones should appear in the essay frequently, and must be straightforward enough for the audience to grab immediately.
  • The extended ones come with more details. These are mostly detailed illustrations of complicated ideas that brief examples cannot explain properly.

A combination of the two in your essay points to your expertise. It simply shows that you have really learnt how to write an exemplification essay.

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