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Gladiator Movie Summary Essay

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In the film Gladiator, Marcus Aurelius the Emperor of Rome selects the victorious standard Maximus Decimus Meridias rather than his own boy Commodus to be his heir. Because of the lack of electricity Commodus was given, he condemned Maximus and his family to fatality. Commodus could not take the actual fact that his father did not choose him over Maximus so he made a decision to end his life by strangling him. Since Marcus Aurelius was useless, there was no possible way for break of Rome to find out what his true dieing hopes were. Commodus managed to get flawlessly clear to everyone that his dad required him to dominate after he passed away, because he knew people would imagine him alternatively than Maximus. Maximus was struggling to save his wife and son's life, since Commodus got to Spain first. Once he observed their dead systems hanging, back in Spain, he fainted which brought on him to be captured. Once Maximus was used into slavery, he had been trained as a gladiator by Proximo. Maximus got a strong wish that 1 day he would be able to escape and lastly get his revenge on Commodus. Maximus wanted to take the name as Emperor away from Commodus, equally as Marcus Aurelius wished, as much as he wanted to see his family again. Beneath the rule of Commodus, Rome called Proximo's troupe to participate in battles. While they were in Rome, Maximus plotted an idea to overthrow the emperor, with the help of his former-love Lucilla, Commodus' sister. While Maximus was tangled up, Commodus paid a visit and not just asked Maximus to a match between your two of them, but he stabbed him in the medial side, without anyone knowing. During their intense challenge, Maximus could stab and eliminate Commodus, but perished shortly after because of the stabbing that occurred before the battle.

Before the fights, they would say 'strength and honour' to each other, for encouragement. Before Maximus' break free, the other men said that quote to him to provide him more power and reassure him that everything would be alright.

Maximus said that 2000 of his men will not leave the challenge, meaning they will struggle to the loss of life for Rome.

Maximus instructs Quintus to assure him that he'll look after his family. Quintus totally proceeded to go against Maximus by said he would be able to take care of his own family in the after life. Such as, they might all be killed.

When Maximus was captured after fainting, he had been presented as a slave, and Commodus' sister Lucilla visited visit him.

Commodus' sister Lucilla risked a whole lot, in order to help Maximus get away his new lease of life as a slave.

Commodus was presenting Lucius a "record lesson" right before Lucilla purposely. He tampered with the real story, in order to be able to refer it to her disloyalty towards him. His story led them both to tears.

Commodus stabbed Maximus while his arms were tangled up, right before their deal with, and he informed him to smile for him now.

After Maximus wiped out Commodus he told Quintus to free every one of the slaves. Soon after, he passed on and signed up with his family where these were waiting for him in heaven, as that man had told him they would be.

A man possessed informed Maximus that he'd see his wife and son 1 day, however, not yet. After Maximus died, that man proceeded to go up to the ground where he was buried.

Areas of Emphasis Assignment


Maximus Decimus Meridius : Maximus was Rome's very best & most powerful standard and warrior. Everybody honoured Maximus, including the Prince. He signed up with the army at the young age of 17 and started to be an excellent fighter. His role in the movie was mostly predicated on his power and vitality, but it performed show his nice side, towards his wife Cecilia. Maximus was asked by Marcus Aurelius to be called another Caesar after his loss of life, instead of his kid Commodus. Marcus Aurelius was wiped out before he could tell anyone else about his request for Maximus. Maximus was later arrested by the guards, but came back home to find his family hung. Because of his exhaustion and struggling mentally and bodily, Maximus fainted and was taken by thieves. The one desire that fuels him now is the chance to rise to the top so that he will be able to check out the eyes of the person who will feel his revenge. (Chris "Morphy" Terry, 2009). He was sold to the old gladiator Proximo, who gave him the name "The Spainiard. " After escaping, his popularity came to be due to the many fights he fought, in stadiums all over the Roman world. Maximus died in the Colosseum, right after getting rid of Commodus. His want Rome return to a democracy was honoured.

Commodus : Commodus was so sure that he would become emperor of Rome after his father Marcus Aurelius passed away, but his father told him that he wished to give his reign to Maximus. After learning this, Commodus lost all control and strangled his daddy to death. Even though his father wished to have Maximus as emperor after him, Commodus required over since he wiped out his father and no one would be able to learn his true wants. He was later killed by Maximus during their fight in the Colosseum.

Proximo : Proximo purchased Maximus when he had been sold as a slave by the thieves. Proximo tells Maximus, "Gain the public Spaniard. . . . and perhaps you shall succeed your flexibility. " ( Jlhurtado, 2009).

Costumes / Methods of Transportation

The movie was set back in the middle ages age time frame. Times were completely different back then and this film demonstrates that. Their modes of transportation were mainly by the horses and chariot, if they were not walking to their destination. The warriors used heavy equipment to be able to protect themselves using their rivalry during fights. Every single one who went into struggle wore some type of protection. Some of the warrior's costumes consisted of helmets, shoulder and breasts pads, shield, and shields. A number of the warrior's weapons that were used during a fight were spears, archery, knives, and swords. The battles that were presented in these sporting event arenas were not only man versus man battles, but also man versus creature. Depending on the sort of struggle that was going to take place, the halloween costumes they used would differ.


The Colosseum was a famous amphitheatre that was built to maintain blood sport game titles, which also allowed for most spectators to view while sitting in the encircling stands. Gladiatorial combats were the key event at the Colosseum and the incidents were usually organised in the early night. These stadiums establish social control given that they were indiscriminate. Whenever there is any general population show, the first row of seating should be preserved for senators, although these plans were not strongly enforced. There was not only man versus man battles but also man versus pet. The top audience enjoyed viewing both and found them equally interesting as the other. Not every fight took place in a building, some of the gladiator fights took place in a forest. These fights which were fought weren't and then gain power for just one man, but for many people who went to watch these fights, they were regarded as a form of entertainment.

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