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Gender equality essay talking points

Many people say that they will like to refer to the struggle as gender equity and not equality. Whichever way it goes, the ultimate truth is that men and women were made to be equal human beings with each having the chance and opportunities to actualize their potentials and maximize their possibilities in a very free world. However, there are many things that are militating against this freedom and equality in all angles. These have led to many debates on gender equality and have also brought up a lot of essays on gender equality and equity. This type of essay may be very tricky. It is not just a matter of Yes or No, and it must not be an argumentative one. You may be asked to write a gender equality essay that examines the areas where equality has not been maintained amongst these genders. You may even be asked to have a good look at the roles that different bodies have played in propagating equality among men and women. When you have this essay with you, you should take a very serious step. This is because it is not a writing a personal essay about you. It is an essay that talks about issues, events, happenings and people’s experiences in the world. You may not have typical experiences in your locality to use as a case study. In this regard, you will need to conduct extensive research and wide reading, so as to get the facts and information you will be throwing out.

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Gender equality essay top issues

When you want to choose topics for your essay gender equality , there is always this tendency for you to concentrate on the commonly witnessed things like domestic violence, gender segregation in workplaces and others. But there are many other areas where you can center your topic on. However, one thing we cannot deny is that in many societies, the gender inequality is mostly against women, as men are seldom treated unequally by women. You can focus your writing college application essays on the gender stereotypes part of gender equality. This is mostly witnessed in colors, clothe designs, activities, beliefs and other behaviors that are ascribed to people simply because of their gender. For instance, pink is said to be for girls, while blue or black is for boys. Men are said to be lawyers while women are homemakers. These are things that when they are allowed to take a free course, we may discover that the people we ascribe these things to do not even subscribe to these. You may also focus your essay about gender equality on professional inequalities. Here, we should look at the inequalities in the workplaces. Women are paid lesser than men in many firms. Men are given more leading roles than women in some firms. In other areas, engineering roles are left for the men while women are allowed to take care of customer service. This is even when they are more qualified to take on these. Remember that we can also offer an engineering paper to female engineers too.

  • Other areas are in politics where men dominate because men are entrusted with more leadership roles than women.
  • You may center your research on the reason why the votes are given to more men than women even by their fellow women. You may also look at the issue of infanticide, where unwanted children are killed. This mostly affects the female children.
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