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Gangs: A Case Study into the Peckham Boys


14. Oktober 2013

The Peckham Young boys are a gang which includes its place, as the name says already particular in Peckham, South London. The gang started in 1990 in North Peckham Real estate and the members are primarily African american British.

The gang is splitted up in many subgroups regarding the age range or locations and it is also called 'Dark colored Gang', because of its association with the color dark-colored. The gang was engaged frequently in shootings, murders, robberies and other legal delicts.

The Peckham Kids and their enemies

Historically, the Peckham Kids have had a fierce rivalry with gangs from Brixton and New Cross. The biggest enemy gang will be the Ghetto Guys. This gang is situated at the Pepys Property and Woodpecker Estate in Deptford and New Cross respectively, South London. The gangs were always in trouble with the other person so there were also many fights. The dispute between your Peckham Guys and the Ghetto Children of New Combination had been ongoing for over 20 years, although it is now over. In year 2006 the Peckham Males were again involved in a warfare with them. In the discord, an innocent man was shot inactive in New Cross, mistaken as a Ghetto Boys member by the Peckham Children. Several 50 youths on using mountainsbikes taken him dead and cycled instantly to Deptford. Inadvertently his younger sibling Alexander was a Ghetto Young man but passed away also in 2006 in an automobile crash.

Characteristics of the Peckham Boys

There were many problems on innocent people by the group. Many just were stabbed or taken without any reason and just a few survived the episodes. During a conflict, police seized handguns and sub-machine guns.

In September 2008 the authorities conducted dawn raids on suspected people of the Peckham Boys gang. They probably commit about 120 robberies that your police describes as very prolific and professional actions. The gang is also well-known for using cutlery, machetes, crowbars and screw diners that have a length of 18 ins, to be sure to threaten and frighten their victims also to ensure they got away with all the current money.

Definers and personality are important to them therefore the Peckham Boys associate with the colour black, putting on of dark-colored clothing and bandanas, that are either worn around the low face, throat or wrist. Due to the colour black the gang referenced Southwark as 'Black colored Borough'.

The bandannas are worn such as this:

Location of activities

The gang is located in entire London but typically in London Borough of Southwark. The gang has its name from the area Peckham in southeast London. A lot of the crimes that are dedicated by the gang are occurring in South London or at close places.

History There are several people of the Peckham Males so they have to be structured clearly. Many multiple are based mostly gangs often simply take their name from the local estates while some are also set up by how old they are. First these gangs were only composed of younger people and when the gang became rooted into the community the elderly members experienced like these were the bosses of the younger. And so they acted. The "first" Peckham Children existed in the 70's and 80's and they mainly took their labels from the estates where they remained. There have been:

  • Acorn Kids (Acorn / Real wood Dene real estate)
  • Night Jackyls / Gloucester Males (Gloucester Grove property)
  • North Peckham Kids (North Peckham house)
  • Outlaws Crew
  • Peckham Grove Males (Peckham Grove real estate)
  • Yellow Brick Massive (Bells Backyards property, blocks are yellowish)

Every era of the gang had changed labels of the gangs because they wanted their gangs to be something special and rememberable. A lot of them were Jamaican, others possessed roots from Africa or Nigeria. The new brands of the Peckham Children were:

  • Fire House Crew
  • Gloucester Boys
  • Spanglers
  • Sunrise Crew
  • Younger Peckham Boys

All gangs jointly which were outlined were often just described collectively as the "Peckham Guys". Due to the fact that the youngest decades always took their gang-names off their territories, they may be recognized better from others.

Those times the most well-known gangs of the Peckham Guys were The Flame House Staff (located close to North Peckham real estate) and younger Peckham Young boys. Those gangs were also closely connected. Since it was already described in a few areas and crews there have been The Nigerian parentage which dominated whilst in others there have been mostly people with Carribean descent. The Younger Peckham Boys followed on from earlier gangs and went on to become what the media has known as 'Peckham Males' because the 1990's.

There were lots of murders determined by the Jamaican in the Peckham area which generally occurred in the overdue 1990's and early 2000's. These crmininals were related to the Jamaican gang "Yardies". The most dangerous person in them was Spangler Posse gunman Leon Virgo who wanted to gain attention with his acts. He is the man who's in charge of about 17 murders in the North Peckham property.

Another very infamous Jamaican gangster was Delroy Denton. He was an illegitimate immigrant to Britain. Scotland Lawn allowed Delroy Denton in which to stay Britain being an law enforcement officials informer to deal with the rising influx of Yardie related criminal offenses. But Denton was soon jailed after raping and eradicating Marcia Lawes in 1995. At his trial he was called a 'Sex fuelled psychopath' and 'top league threat to the people'.

By the early 2000's the Peckham Young boys was composed of:

  • Older Peckham Guys (adults, aged 25+)
  • Peckham Boys (olders, aged 19-25)
  • Younger Peckham Guys (later young adults, aged 15-18)
  • Younger Younger Peckham Kids (aged between 13 and 14)
  • Peckham Kids (as young as 7 or 8)

Often the Peckham Kids were linked with their predecessors, Open fire House Staff and younger Peckham Young boys were also strongly linked with the Dulwich Young boys / Circle Staff from the regions of Denmark Hill. The participants knew one another as a result of Archbishop Michael Ramsey University, where many of that generation attended.

The Peckham Young boys were also market leaders of various other factions around Peckham and used hidden knowledge labels such as Knuckles, Crimes, Pebbler, X-Fighter, Raver, Glamz and Bougz. The youngest member, PK and YYPB of course did not participate in murders or other extreme offences. They were mainly popular for their robberies and thefts and sometimes also in preventing with historical rivals from neighboring areas.

Nowadays the Peckham Children are involved in more profitable offences, for example robbing, taxing medication dealers and higher-level robberies. They might also of course entrust the YPB customers in certain responsibilities. Today the Old Peckham Guys do not become a member of gang activities nevertheless they operate in more arranged and less evident criminality.

At the turn of the millennium there was a major argue within the African, the Carribean-descent and the United kingdom people but soon they acquired along with the other person again. The labels of the cliques were changing once more by the mid-2000s. To gain more recognition all gangs agreed to change their labels into more obvious names due their efforts to be rappers. Youtube and MySpace became the social industry where young rap performers and music artists were learned by famous. Since then the new titles got many meanings and were also a symbol for the rappers.

Today the Peckham Young boys are known as SN1 (Spare-No-1) and were right now an older generation, the Younger Peckham Males became SI (Capture Instantly) and younger Younger Peckham Children became PYG (Peckham Young Gunners) etc.

Typical activities:

Murder over a innocent kid

An only 10-year-old Nigerian youngster was wiped out in 2000 by two kids called Ricky and Danny Preddie (users of the Younger Younger Peckham Guys) which were only 12 and 13 years of age at the time of the murder. The killed boy, Damilola was new at college and he little by little made some friends. Although he was smiling all the time there were signs or symptoms that the young boy was bullying in his school. Three times before his fatality he came up home and told his mother, that kids in university had beaten him up and that he had been called labels. 1 day he gone home from the library and was attacked by the two children. He received a gash in his remaining thigh and collapsed after running to a stairwell. The guy almost bled to loss of life after someone finally called the ambulance. There were many trials however in 2006 the Preddie brothers were eventually sentenced for 8 years.

In memoriam to Damilola Tylor the musician Plan B published a tune called "Kidz" where he sings about the mentality of kids today.

Murder over a teenage athlete

There was also a brutal homicide on a popular teenager, Sylvester Akapalara, who was simply oly 17 yrs. old. He was a talented athlete and middle distance runner and could have reached the most notable of his sports activities in the Olympics, his mentor says today. The killer was David Nyamupfukudza. The guy actually wished to eliminate two other young boys in the attack in Peckham this year 2010 and was soon after jailed for life. Another man, Sodiq Adeojo, aged 20, convicted at an earlier trial, is offering at least 30 years for the murder. Both of them were members of the Peckham-GMG - or Guns, Murder, Girls - streets gang.

Reasons for learning to be a gang member

I think teenagers want to join a gang because they think it is cool to hang up with the users and doing forbidden things like stealing, working with drugs or take down others.

At the start they might not know that they become criminals and you will see consequences because almost all of them start to turn into a gang member at the early age of only a decade.

The main cause why youths become a member of gangs is that in the positioning where they live it is something similar to a norm to participate in such a gang. A good example for this is the location London, which is also called the capital of the gangs. Over 6% of the teens of London are an associate of a gang. There are also humans, who have got problems in their family-life and seek out acceptance and love someplace but also some of the youths, who like to belong to a clique since there is a lack of communal activities available within the community.

People want to have a location where they feel home, a place to belong, however the real reasons why they would like to participate a gang can be different as people themselves are.

My personal comment

Already as a little child I knew that there are many gangs all over the world. I found them in TV or in the computer-games my brother performed. But something I never thought was that kids at the age of 8 years also become a member of a gang yet. As a woman it is also hard to comprehend why so many young boys desire to be a member of such dangerous gangs especially in London. After all it is an enormous risk of your life to become a member because once you are in a gang you won't ever get away!

The two reports show just what I meant. . . There are so many youths nowadays who are under 18 and already proceeded!! I am definitely not racist nevertheless, you can see evidently that the majority of the crimes were determined by the dark-colored people, which ultimately shows that they are an extremely dangerous competition, but this is just my opinion. If you check out the right statistic you will see again that sadly, London using its suburbs is the Western european capital where in fact the most offences are occurring.

I think to understand legal people, you have to are in those areas yourself, and therefore I don't want to guage anybody because there should be comprehensible explanations why people act that they act.

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