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Of course, you’ve heard about global warming many times. Now you’re getting closer to it by writing this essay about global warming . This natural phenomenon often comes with the so-called greenhouse effect. That’s what professional geologists keep talking about. The greenhouse effect can be defined as a natural process, which keeps our native planet at livable temperatures. Energy obtained from the sun warms the planet, when its heat rays get absorbed by greenhouse gasses and can’t go beyond the atmosphere. As for the most common greenhouse gasses we can point out to carbon dioxide, water vapor and methane. Without these gasses just few sun rays would be absorbed and the planet would be very cold. On the other hand, when too many rays are absorbed by the planet’s atmosphere, it warms and as a result we’re facing global warming. We’re not only facing it, but also describing this stuff in the essay about global warming . Global warming can generate tons of problems, negatively affecting our environment.

Before discussing this global disaster in our essay about global warming , we should clearly understand what actually causes the greenhouse effect. To cut a long story short, lots of rays get absorbed by water vapor always staying in our atmosphere. Exactly water vapor is responsible for 80% of natural greenhouse warming. As for the remaining 20%, we mean other gasses, which can be found in the atmosphere, such as carbon dioxide, for example. Carbon dioxide is an effective absorber of the sun rays. Unfortunately, people are used to releasing huge amounts of this substance. In addition, emissions from motor vehicles greatly contribute to the content of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. This caused the constantly growing warming of our planet. Meanwhile, the oceans are heated and evaporated more rapidly. As a result, more carbon dioxide is released into the atmosphere. Once the process begins, it becomes almost impossible to take control of it. Pay attention to this danger in your essay about global warming .

Another crucial greenhouse gas is methane. Compared to carbon dioxide it absorbs infrared radiation approximately 25 times more effectively. The given gas is mainly generated by biological activity. For instance, this may be the digestive process of domestic livestock. Don’t forget to mention this gas in your essay about global warming .

An environmental effect of global warming is extremely negative, because higher temperatures provoke a radical change in the water cycle. As a result, some places may have more rain. Furthermore, warmer temperatures will cause a great deal of evaporation from rivers, lakes and oceans. For some areas, this could be positive, but this can’t be said about others. For example, in northern parts of the USA, a drastic increase in the amount of rain and temperature extends the growing season of crops. In simple terms, in those regions farmers face more financial losses. Some areas don’t get enough rain and this leads to droughts and also negatively affects crops. Inform people of this in the essay about global warming .

Wet weather and this unstoppable warming often cause tropical storms. Forrest as well as plant life have to migrate to adjust to new living conditions. In the tendency remains, in the nearer future, many North American forest species will shift approximately 300 miles to the north. Do you want them to shift far from us? Tell about this in your essay about global warming .

Apart from the rise in sea levels, global warming also affects the planet’s see life. That’s what many essays about global warming warn of. Corals are absolutely intolerant of rising temperatures. Even the slightest increase in the temperature can kill them. Other marine life has to migrate to new places, this distorting the global biological balance.

Besides this, global warming disturbs natural patterns of sea water circulation. Cold water has to move towards the equator, while warm water makes its way to the poles. This process is known as thermohaline circulation. It’s very important for ocean life. Thanks to this circulation, oxygenated water finds itself in seas. Unfortunately, because of global warming seas get water a very low content of oxygen, thus endangering many ocean organisms. Undoubtedly, an essay about global warming is a good way to draw attention to this problem.

As for fish, these creatures are also sensitive to temperature fluctuations. For instance, when the water is warm in the summer, salmon boasts a higher metabolic rate. In the winter, its metabolism slows down and it’s very good because food is less available at this time. Global warming increase water temperatures and this fish faces a higher metabolic rate even in the winter. During the winter months, less food is available and many salmon die. People still don’t realize the whole importance of it. Attract their attention by means of a persuasive essay about global warming .

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