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Interesting Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde Essay Topics

As a student, you are often asked by professors to write interesting and catchy book reports. When it comes to crafting Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde essays, they are about the interesting story told by Robert Louis Stevenson, which is a great addition to any college or high school literature class. This brief novel offers quite an interesting and unique plot, elegant writing styles, vivid characters, and provocative themes that are still relevant nowadays. When it comes to your writing an informative essay, you may need some help for different reasons, such as not having enough time to complete this assignment by yourself or lacking the necessary knowledge or skills. If you feel stuck, don’t hesitate to contact our team of talented academic authors who will provide you with fast and excellent results while not asking for high prices.

  • Pay attention to the different stages of Jekyll’s experiments with Hyde. Do his feelings about these transformations change? Why?
  • How does Jekyll treat his relationship with Hyde? Do you agree with this kind of understanding? Why?
  • Focus on the role played by all minor characters in this story, including Carew, Enfield, Lanyon, and others. How does the connection of Utterson to each one serve to advance it?
  • Hyde is called a troglodyte in the plot. Find out more about this term and answer a few basic questions. How can it relate to the main themes? What is its significance?
  • Why did the author decide to tell readers this story from the point of view of Utterson instead of using Jekyll at the very beginning? Does this decision increase the suspense of this book? Be sure to answer these questions when writing the best Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde essay.
  • Do you believe that men can’t always be good? Why can’t Jekyll resist his temptation to turn into Hyde, no matters how hard he tries to live a sober and good life? Will people ever be able to build a positive and good society? Is it true of mankind?
  • When reading Jekyll’s versions of all important events and assuming that you believe him, how much blame can you assign him? Do you prefer to blame the lack of his moral character or the oppressive society? Is Jekyll a sympathetic man?
  • Is it good that there are no female characters in this book? Would it be different? When it comes to your writing an argumentative essay, choose this original topic to stand out.
  • Take into consideration the psychological accuracy of this novel. Do all characters think just as real people? Why?
  • What is your personal opinion about the way how everything is told? What about its multiple viewpoints? Do they work well?
  • What effect is achieved by having 2 narratives at the end? Do they have anything to do with the main character’s dual nature? Is it used just to give an eyewitness account?

A List of Excellent Study Questions

  • What is the nature of communication between Enfield and Utterson?
  • How are Jekyll’s lab and house situated? Do they have any symbolic significance in this story? Look for relevant and reliable peer reviewed articles to find answers to these questions.
  • Why are most readers interested in Hyde’s evil character?
  • Focus on Jekyll’s physical appearance and compare it to the one of Hyde.
  • What important qualities does Utterson have? Do they make him a perfect narrator? Why?
  • Take into account the important role played by the names of all characters.
  • What about the relationship between Lanyon and Jekyll?
  • What did Enfield and Utterson see in Jekyll’s face that horrified and astounded them so much?
  • Do you think that it’s possible for Jekyll’s confession to be written by Hyde? Why?
  • Do you agree that Jekyll is under the full control of Hyde at the beginning of this story? Why Hyde controls Jekyll at the end? As a student who need to know how to write academic papers, such as a research proposal, you should show the targeted audience how this reversal is made possible.
  • Do you believe that the narrator is honest and objective? Does he come with the wrong conclusions about such important matters as Jekyll’s motives, forgery, Hyde’s appearance, and others? Concentrate on Utterson’s character and find out how often he is misled in opinions.
  • Compare and contrast Lanyon and Jekyll in terms of their responses to science and medicine, the nature of evil and metaphysics. This is what will help you write a unique essay on Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde.
  • Do you agree that it’s a mystery story? Can you demonstrate and prove that there are many clues that lead readers to solve this mystery before the main solution is revealed by the author in final chapters?
  • Use this novel as your basis when discussing the nature of evil and good in addition to the duality of people’s nature reflected in it.
  • What traits does Utterson have that let so many prominent characters (such as Lanyon, Jekyll, and others) trust him entirely? If you don’t know how to answer this question, don’t hesitate to use our professional essay writing services because our skilled authors can complete any assignment, including case study interview.
  • Why did the author decide to make all important characters, Jekyll, Lanyon, and Utterson, be respected, well-known, and prominent men?
  • Don’t forget that there are several narrators in this famous novel. It’s advisable to discuss the role and significance of each one.
  • Take into consideration the Jekyll’s character. What are his changes?
  • Is weather important in the plot?
  • What is the role played by all settings?
  • Write more about the significance of symbolism in this story.
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