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Facts about describe yourself essay writing

The fact remains that most of the essays you will be writing as an individual will be as a result of tests coming to you from your teachers in college. However, there is one essay that most students are advised to use when they want to learn the practice and process of writing. This essay is the descriptive essay about you. Most of your writing college application essays in the form of personal statements fall within this category, and there are some unique things about this type of essay. The major thing about the describe yourself essay is that it is not one you need research to write about. If you are researching about this essay, you are only looking for samples and templates that will give you guidelines on the format for the essay, and not about the subject of the essay which is you. You already know yourself and you are the custodian of the best information about you. These are the things you are expected to organize and present in a systematic 1000 words essay . However, in the bid to get the perfect guideline that will direct your essay scripting, you should seek help from the professionals. We may not be the people to do the essay for you, but we will give you a proper lecture on the best possible system, style, guide, and format to use in writing the essay describing yourself . This is our work and we offer this with all sincerity and commitment. There are many other similar academic works that we will offer you. Things like templates, samples and topics are offered in our website too.

Our services also stretch to those areas many people would not have believed. Yes, do you know that you can pass the bulk to us when you are stuck in the middle of an essay? This is one that we will also accept and execute in all fairness. For those who are through with their essay about themselves and would want a professional hand to give finishing touches to the outcome, we will also delve in with our renowned essay editing service and give them what they want.

Now, the classic describe yourself essay will come with 5 different divisions or sections. These include the introduction, the topic paragraph of three and then the conclusion. If you are however given a different structure by your lecturer, then you have to obey them and scribe your essay in that direction. You have to start your essay by doing a bit of brainstorming. If you wait till you pick up your pen or sit on your computer to write the essay in full, you will get distracted because you may find it difficult to articulate what you will write from nowhere. This is why you should brainstorm on a separate time and come out with an outline of points to make before you start writing. When on a mission to come out with essay describe yourself , your brainstorm should focus on important events and aspects of your family life, your friends, sports, jobs, growing up, education, hobbies, and other things. When you have these categories, you can also make some subcategories with particular things that fall within them. When you have all these, you should now look at them and choose the three most interesting aspects. Remember that the three must be relevant to the type of essay you are writing about you. When you have these, then you should look at the structure for describing yourself essay. There are two main structures. You can use the chronological, where you list things according to their time of happening. Here, events follow as they happened. The other is the topical structure where you place them according to their order of importance.

Describe yourself essay body writing

Having mapped the things to write about and the structure, you should start by making an introduction with a very important hook. This should be at the first sentence of the introduction of the essay and it is meant to capture and hold the attention of anyone who reads it, especially your target audience. This can be in the form of a quote, an anecdote or any wonderful expression. Whichever one you choose, it must be relevant to your topic. We are also in the service of offering such hooks in our firm. We even do dissertation editing services too. From the hook, you have to move to the thesis statement. This should also be part of the introduction. When you write your “ how would you describe yourself essay ,” the statement should come at the end of the introduction and it should be a synthesis of your three major arguments in the essay. Because three major arguments are leading to one conclusion, this is where you map them and the relationship between them. You can also include the importance of the essay in the introduction. Now, it is good to tell you that the thesis statement is almost the same thing as the dissertation abstracts in huge essays like the bachelors and masters theses and doctoral dissertations.

The next part of your describing yourself essay should focus on the three main arguments, all revolving around the main idea and supported with evidence and examples. Here, you should pay attention to your transition. Make use of things like, therefore, however, next, etc to transit from one paragraph to the other. After this comes your conclusion and this is where you should have a general look at the written work and drop your verdict about you.

  • In this type of essay, you should examine your strengths and weaknesses when it comes to teamwork, patience, confrontations and in relationships with others.
  • Also look at motivational level and ability to stand up for the right thing when all others are drifting towards the wrong things.
  • You must endeavor not to make false and empty claims.
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