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Company account and SWOT research for Saravana stores

Saravana stores is a chain of shops situated in the heart and soul of Chennai, TamilNadu, India. It provides textiles, jewellery, vessels, leather goods and other huge selection of products under one roof structure. It is the No. 1 shop in Chennai which is the leader in the sector.

The founder of Saravana Stores is Mr. Selvarathinam, died in 2003 following which his elder brothers namely Rajarathinam, Yogarathinam requires control of their different shops.

The company has began as a textile showroom in Ranganathan Street, T. Nagar, Chennai and later varied into Apparels and Accessories, Perfumes, groceries, Restaurant, shoes and much more. The company's tagline 'Good Quality at Realistic Cost" is much attractive that the customers in Chennai always choose good deal products which offers fair quality.

Saravana Stores ensures the customers an array of products and choices in virtually all categories of products it includes. It's the to begin its kind in Chennai to start out a multi-storeyed retail center spread over 100, 000 Sq. feet with 5 floor surfaces.

It is now working under 4 complexes in T. Nagar, Chennai including three in Ranganathan Avenue and one in Panagal Park, T. Nagar which is operating under the name 'New Saravana Stores' which is specially designed to avoid overcrowding during festival months.

1. 1 Perspective AND Quest STATEMENTS

The company's eye-sight and mission assertion is stated in Tamil saying 'Truth, Effort and Development' ( ‡ ‡  ‡  ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡).

"Our target is to provide customers with huge range of choices in almost all the categories at fair cost".

Saravana Stores - The name Chennaites consider as this is of TOP QUALITY at Reasonable Cost.


Any company stand on the surroundings and not by themselves. The business environment and external environment are connected with each other and has a close relationship. The main goals of any company are profitability and sustainability. The optimal positioning of the business in the powerful and complicated environment is achieved through proper proper planning. How exactly to achieve optimal positioning? It is attained by analysing all the surroundings factors - both interior and exterior environment.

The organisation's environment is depicted as below.


SWOT can be an essential and the most important method to analyse the entire position of your company. SWOT includes research of Advantages and weaknesses of the company within its internal environment and matching them with the opportunities and risks that is present in the external business environment. This analysis can be utilized as a benchmark to develop tactical alternatives and concentrate on planning for enough time ahead.

Now why don't we analyse the advantages and weakness of Saravana Stores and the opportunities and risks it faces from its competition and external environment.


Saravana Stores has better understanding of the customers in Chennai and targets providing them better.

They provide wide range of products under one roof structure which helps in attracting customers who prefers shopping with their family alongside one another.

They contain the To begin its kind benefit as they are the first ever to provide such shopping experience in Chennai.

They offer good deal and sensible quality on products which is the primary reason for the clients.

Diversified business in Chennai offering most of the consumer much needed products under one roof covering.

They offer variety of discount rates and deals everyday providing affordability shopping to the clients.

The consumers in Chennai fall under serving class plus they do not think twice to look even at packed places. They expect value for money even in a packed environment and ready to bargain on quality with an magnitude. Saravana Stores has realized this and provides such products that your customer exactly desires. Understanding the client preferences is recognized as one of the major durability of Saravana Stores.

Saravana Stores follow large organisation framework as this type of business needs the employees to be highly supervised. It has also lot of advertising opportunities for the employees.

Their simple viewpoint is 'Low Margin - High Move Over'.


There is an extremely high attrition rate of employees in Saravana Stores.

The staffs are not well trained, not informed and not determined. Most of the staff originates from rural areas and they are paid less. These people join the company because of poverty and compulsion that still is accessible in many rural elements of India.

The functional level people are being suppressed and sometimes being treated as slaves. It really is a company pursuing THROB model in which a single person needs control total his stores in Chennai. Due to this, the responsibilities and the freedom which should can be found at least somewhat is restricted. Despite the fact that THROB model is considered as the perfect choice for this kind of store especially in India, the simple truth is Saravana Stores suppresses the functional level and dominates to exert its vitality and control about them.

The management will not care their employees in any way.

Saravana stores does not want to sell the majority of the reputed brands. Nowadays the objectives of customers are changing and expect more quality. But Saravana Stores compromises on the product quality aspect and sell products that are of low quality at cheaper price.

The customers are increasing daily and Saravana stores is not able to deal with the crowds properly (especially during the festival times). There are not adequate staff to manage them.

Saravana Stores does not have many counters for cash and card payments. Because of this, Customers need to wait in an extended queue for obligations.

Most of the products aren't properly organised and aren't found in their particular place. Many products are found on the floor and the staff too will not worry about it.

Customer Service and Customer Satisfaction are incredibly less. That is because of the carelessness of the employees as they are not at all motivated and managed efficiently.


They have many opportunities to expand their market in other cities including Madurai, Trichy, Salem, Coimbatore etc.

Since Saravana Stores has known the needs of several customers who largely fall under lower middle class categories, it will offer more products and services.

Saravana Stores has a first-mover advantages.

They have a reputation.

Customer preferences are evolving. A lot of the customers prefer to go to stores offering wide selection of products under one rooftop.


The properties of Saravana Stores are created by violating almost all of the security rules. It may have to face legal hazards by the concerned authorities.

There was a fire automobile accident inside the building on 2 September, 2008. It includes led to the death of two employees and much more than 10 million worth of products damaged. The primary reason considered for this incident is ignoring the safety precautions.

The notion of the clients towards Saravana Stores is changing and many customers are transitioning with their rival stores.

The rivals of Saravana Stores provide a pleasant shopping experience which attracts customers towards them. Saravana Stores may lose almost all of their upper middle income customers.

Rising quantity of competitors create threat to Saravana Stores.

The cleanliness and hygiene factor is absent in the premises of Saravana Stores. This might act as one of the factors to lose the clients.

Saravana Stores encounters many legal issues that influences its reputation.

The customers believe that the merchandise are over-priced for his or her quality. Primarily, they offered good deal and sensible quality. However now Saravana Stores has increased its price on all its goods. Customers also accepted the increase in price.

The Government plans are changing and the company would face increasingly more problems.

Other International competitors look forward to type in Indian retail industry.


Ansoff's Matrix is utilized to analyse the expansion strategy of a company. It provides as a conclusion making tool to choose the right product and market development strategy for a corporation depending upon the internal and exterior environment. Ansoff's matrix implies four different tactical options for a company. They are as follows.

Market Penetration

Market Development

Product Development


Saravana Stores can adopt Market Development strategy geographically. It could pass on into other major places in TamilNadu and can gain additional market stocks and increase its earnings. The biggest good thing about producing its market along the areas is that customers from those areas find the store of their reach and shop over there. As many folks from other metropolitan areas come to Chennai to visit their relatives, they shop at Saravana Stores and they don't want to skip the opportunity. However in circumstance Saravana Stores is within their locality, they can shop anytime as they wish. That is a great opportunity because almost all of individuals in the mentioned towns fall under middle class segment plus they wish to buy products at low prices and good quality. Saravana Stores already presents many new fashion and material range constantly which is one of the core competencies. If indeed they continue to do that in the new geographical areas, they can surely do well.


This analysis is supposed to analyse the internal strengths and weaknesses of the organisation i. e. , the inner environment evaluation. The role of any organisation is to add value to all its stakeholders. The greater important stakeholders considered in the organisation are described below.





Financial Institutions



Every company competes using its competitors with their particular resources and core competencies. It is these two capacities that drives the company to maintain in the competitive market. The greatest good thing about being participating in the competition is getting more margin than others in the specific segment and set up itself from others.

In order to be competitive successfully, analysis of the stable process and the work system of the company is needed in time. An organisation is often seen as a string of value creating incidents. To analyse the firm's activities which can create a competitive benefit, Michael Porter defined a model called Value Chain in his book 'Competitive Benefits: Creating and Sustaining Superior Performance' shared in 1985.

Porter categorised the organisation's activities into 2 types - Most important Activities and Support Activities.


These activities are most significant for any organisation which is the main activities. These activities cannot be outsourced. These activities includes the next to be able they operate.

Inbound Logistics : This consists of the received inventories, inventory control and storing of the input materials. Saravana Stores have the completely made products and store them in their warehouse located underground of these main store.

Operations : That is concerned with the control of the suggestions materials received through inbound logistics. The functions part of Saravana Stores is service oriented. The activities include providing the products and services to the customers, maintaining the shelves and store with the products and stock management. To gain competitive edge in this team, Saravana Stores must closely screen the maintenance and filling of stocks nicely. When customers reach the shop, they find the majority of the merchandise found scattered in the premises which is annoying. Saravana Stores could try focussing upon this and can gain even more benefit over its competitors who provide excellent services in this office. However, rectifying this issue has to package with the motivational factors of the employees.

Outbound Logistics : It really is related to delivering the services/products to the customer. Saravana Stores creates and adds more value to its customers through its Home Delivery system. However, it requires to boost on its parking facilities, shopping bag, security, bill counter staff and systems which if done effectively, can save the customer's time and earn their loyalty thereby gaining more competitive benefits.

Marketing and Sales : Saravana Stores appeals to the clients through adverts in Media, Papers and Radio programs. These promotional initiatives are completed more perfectly as Saravana Stores has endorsed the majority of the leading top stars and actresses because of its campaign to promote its current offers (Eg. , Festival Discounts). The advert in it shows up once every ten minutes and this is obviously one of its competitive edge. This division works perfectly and this has helped Saravana Stores in tasting the success.

Service : It offers the service of the merchandise after it's been sold and sent. It means keeping the customer content with his product and holding on the activities to ensure his satisfaction. Saravana Stores will not provide after sales service for all your electrical and electronic digital items whereas it includes exchange system for its textile section. Though they offer after sales service for few products which they provide at low cost (below market price), the service is not at all satisfactory among the clients as a result of very poor service. If this area is increased, customer satisfaction which is one of the intangible resources can be gained which in turn can become a very big competitive benefit. Additionally, it may help in increasing the profit margin.


The support activities are the functions that helps the most important/core activities within an organisation. These activities are as follows.

Infrastructure : This is concerned on the departments including accounting, funding, planning, managing, quality assurance and universal management. The planning and control functions ensure the business's cash and cost control with a strong and continuous focus. Saravana Stores has emphasized on the security to avoid the inner and external robbery by setting up more security camera systems and experienced staff.

Human Learning resource Management : HRM contains the activities starting from the recruitment to dismissal or lay-offs. It takes care of pursuits like hiring, training, expanding, compensating. . etc. Saravana Stores is good in terms of its recruitment but fails in providing proper training and drive. The staffs of Saravana Stores are not at all motivated and motivated. The service is also not associated with their wages. They pay suprisingly low wage and remove more work from the employees which is unfair. Hence the HRM part is absolutely poor in Saravana Stores. Most of the customers in Chennai understood about the staff treatment by Saravana Stores management plus they feel it is highly unethical and unfair. Due to this, the trustworthiness of Saravana Stores, an intangible source is deteriorating nowadays.

Technology Development : It is worried about the innovation, complex knowledge, hardware and software which is important for the companies today to survive on the market. As mentioned earlier, Saravana Stores continues to be lagging behind the technology and a strong focus is needed in this team to include more value to the customers and the company.

Procurement : This office is responsible for purchasing the essential materials to be employed by the operations team. In Saravana Stores, procurement office is operates well as it buys the materials at suprisingly low cost and markets it a moderate price with modest quality.

6. MARKET Research - STP


Market segmentation is the process of segregating the market into groups of customers with specific needs and requirements, specific characteristics and behaviours. This process pays to in identifying the competitors, segments, the power of the rivals based on which the right segment is picked to attract the clients. Segmentation of a market is important because the marketplace is heterogeneous. Segmentation can be predicated on several ways. Some them are lifestyle segmentation, Psychographic segmentation, Age group & Lifecycle segmentation, Behavioural Segmentation, Geo-demographic segmentation.

Saravana Stores targets the lower middle income and the low course customers. This segmentation is based on the behaviours of the customers. It really is now targeting the upper middle class segment in order to get market show. Customers under the above mentioned categories would prefer to buy products with low priced and sensible quality made available from Saravana Stores. In addition, these customers serve the highest human population in the town. The perceived quality and the price tag on the merchandise helps Saravana Stores to flavour the success further when producing a new product or service. This is very well noteworthy in their stores such as Saravana Stores Jewellery and Saravana Stores utensils section.


After the most appropriate market sections are being preferred, the company starts off targeting those decided on segments. Certain other factors are also to be looked at such as competitive evaluation and internal examination. The internal research include activities such as analysing company's potential to outperform its competitors in the segment.

As in the case of Saravana Stores, family and youths are being targeted. Recently, youths who work in corporate and business prefer to look most of enough time whenever they log off. A typical family shopping is being found only during the festival days. Saravana Stores offers more discounts and discounts in the textiles section to family shoppers during festive days and nights whereas it raises its prices marginally during other times when the teenagers shop.


When the targets are being targeted, the company decides on the marketing mix or technique to position itself compared to that targeted segment. Saravana Stores has placed itself as a store offering low priced and good quality product among the center and lower class customers efficiently. This can also be considered as one of these competitive advantages over its competition like 'The Chennai Silks', 'Pothys', 'RMKV' etc. Now Saravana Stores is more developed in the town.


7. 1 Infestation ANALYSIS

PEST analysis is used to analyse the external macro environment where the company works. Several factors are believed to get the opportunities and the hazards that is accessible in the macro environment. Infestations means of 4 factors which includes as follows

Political Factors

Economic Factors

Social Factors and

Technology Factors


Political factors should be considered for the easy circulation of business. It has a high affect on the business enterprise rules and spending electric power of the clients. There aren't many factors to be looked at for Saravana Stores as the very best management has set everything which consists of influence in the ruling party. To state basically, Saravana Stores has considered advantage of the bribery that prevails in the STATE.

The steadiness of the politics environment also influences the industry. In TamilNadu, the forthcoming condition assemblage elections play a essential role for all your sectors. The earning party's plan towards businesses and taxation schemes is expected to create an impact on retail industry.


The financial factors are considered the most crucial aspect for any industry in any area. A company's growth will depend on the market of the country where it manages. The financial system of India is good and so the GDP is also good. The growth rate of GDP is roughly 6-6. 5%. The Indian retail industry is likely to develop by 25% on a yearly basis and its worth is expected to be $175-200 billion by the year 2016.

All major economic factors such as inflation rate, exchange rate, interest considerably affects the buying vitality of the clients as well as the organisation's capital cost. These factors also decide the price tag on the merchandise. People in Chennai get started to shop in the beginning of every month and almost all of enough time their shopping place is T. Nagar. The inflation rate is now high nowadays which has led Saravana Stores to increase their prices.

7. 1. 3 Sociable FACTORS

The ethnic and communal factors differs in one country to some other. In India, these factors vary from one status to other. It is often said about India as "Unity in Diversity". In TamilNadu, the sociable and ethnic aspects will be more traditional than the other claims. These aspects directly impacts customer needs. Though European fashions are launched in TamilNadu, people still favor traditional apparel and other products. For example, in cosmetics division ayurvedic and natural basic products are preferred by the clients more than the other International top quality products such as Lo`real, Neutrogena.

Saravana stores is facing many claims regarding the cultural issues such as ignoring the safety rules and polluting the surroundings. Other factors likewise incorporate heavy traffic in the region on a regular basis which creates a soreness for the customers to look peacefully. Furthermore, customers are not preferring T. Nagar as their shopping place anticipated to high traffic and the inconveniences that prevails. Saravana Stores doesn't have a special parking area because of its customers and so the customers have to get the spot independently. This even worsens the trustworthiness of Saravana Stores as it is in the verge of burning off the majority of its customers.

People nowadays favor to shop in the neighborhood stores near by that are within their reach at a satisfactory price. The customers are shifting their tastes in product and services. Saravana Stores should react immediately before the situation worsens.


The technology is considered as the important factor for competitive gain. These factors can minimise the barriers of entry, aids in efficiency and can even affect the decisions.

Saravana stores hasn't focused till now on the technology team. They still use the old system for billing and services.

The supply chain management, customer marriage management, store management is not yet computerised.

Card repayment counters are relatively very less in the store. Most of the customers would desire to pay by greeting card and there exists a long queue for credit card payment.

There is no online service such as online shopping till now. Though online shopping is not suitable for clothing and clothing department which is the key section of Saravana Stores, it can still provide that service to other portions like Consumer Electrical and Consumer electronics. But Saravana Stores is not happy to offer online shopping by any means.

Since Saravana Stores lack in technology aspects, it is difficult to maintain the Customer Marriage Management (CRM) and communication with the clients (Feedback). These are absent with which business can be increased by analysing the customers more flawlessly.

Saravana Stores can concentrate on its scientific factors which might improve the quality of the products and services they feature at an inexpensive. These innovations benefits customers and the business as well.


Porter's five make analysis is a straightforward but effective tool to figure out the potentiality of the organisation in a given business scenario. It's very useful to determine the advantages of the current position and the position where in fact the company is intending to get into. That is considered as an important tool for planning as it helps in taking good thing about the strengths and steer clear of the faults by recognising the weaknesses. It is an interior micro environment evaluation.

However, the analysis is generally static. The competitive environment is powerful and it is changing constantly. There is a high potential for these makes changing at any time quicker. Though it is considered as an internal environment research, this framework ignores the individual source aspects for proper analysis. But this model functions as a starting place for environment evaluation.

According to Porter, there are five different causes deciding the competitive advantage of a business in a company scenario. They are

Bargaining ability of suppliers

Bargaining electricity of customers

Competitive rivalry within an industry

Threat of the substitutes

Threat of new entrants


Here, we can evaluate the bargaining ability of the suppliers that determine the prices of the merchandise they supply to the business. It is described as market inputs. The factors responsible for increasing the distributor power is unlike that of the buyer power.

Saravana Stores' company electricity is low as they offer with large amount of stocks and shares. And furthermore, those brands are not recognised by the customers often. Customers just get them for their low price alone. In the current circumstance, the suppliers find it hard to sell their securities by establishing a new store. Their access cost is too high that they cannot manage. They run their businesses by supplying huge level of securities to Saravana Stores and gain income.

There are many suppliers and there are many substitutes for the coffee lover. So it is highly likely to have less bargaining electric power of the suppliers of Saravana Stores. The cost of turning the suppliers for Saravana Stores is not too much because they are well balanced and monitored in these aspects. Because the retail industry in India is unorganised, it has dominant position within the suppliers.


The buyers are called customers who exerts more vitality under many conditions. A few of them are mentioned below.

If the clients are focussed and there are few of them

Undifferentiated product

Vulnerability of Backward-Integration

The customers are always price-sensitive. The perceived value by the clients is the strong benefit for Saravana Stores. The clients are also not concentrated and prefers unbranded products as opposed to the branded items. Therefore the threat of backward-integration (influencing the energy of suppliers) is also low. The availability of many alternatives is the main issue to be looked at in the case of Saravana Stores.


New entrants foray into the market if the income are highly attractive and their obstacles of accessibility is low. Relating to Porter, there are seven resources of barriers to enter into the market.

Economies of scale

Product differentiation

Capital requirements

Switching costs

Access to circulation channels

Cost disadvantages 3rd party of scale

Government policy

In the situation of Saravana stores, Federal government policy operates as a higher hurdle for the International companies. FDI plan of the Government is unfavourable for the International companies.

The local domestic companies such as Wipro and other conglomerates are organizing to start out the retail chains in India. This is very a threat for Saravana Stores as it must devise a fresh strategy and intend to minimise these dangers.


In the business enterprise scenario, substitutes tend to be considered as the most crucial threat to any business. If the company offers products, it could be easily replicated on the market. More regularly, substitutes bring in new technology or decrease the prices of the same product but do not replace the prevailing products in the market. To be specific, the profit gained from the substitutes is held low by the fans.

Unorganised retail industry is the primary risk for Saravana Stores. As there are more substitutes for the unbranded products, customers are more likely to switch where the prices are incredibly low than Saravana stores offers. This risk is relatively less in grocery store department as there aren't much substitutes for the top quality products. Though some substitutes are available for the groceries, customers choose branded in this team. The rest of the departments like textile, jewellery has more substitutes and Saravana Stores is pushed to keep its prices low to attract customers.


Some of the opponents for Saravana Stores are 'The Chennai Silks', 'Pothys', 'Big Bazaar', 'Kumaran Stores', 'RMKV' and few others. These stores are situated in and around T. Nagar shopping area. The rivalry is high between these businesses as each battles to gain the market share. Because of this extent of rivalry, the profits show up. But Saravana Stores is the larger company amongst the rivals and is able to interrupt any activities taken by its small opponents.

The growing 'Big Bazaar' poses a high hazard to Saravana Stores as it gaining its market show significantly over the years within a short period of time. Your competition is price-based and hence it's very hard to get the customer devotion. In a recent study, middle income customers are transitioning from Saravana Stores to Big Bazaar as both companies offer same products and services. Saravana Stores is shedding its middle income customers and really should action immediately.


This is also called as the 4 P's of marketing. The decisions for marketing a product or service can be produced considering the 4 P's the following.



Place (Distribution)


Just like baking where all the elements should be contained in the right amount and at the right time to obtain the appetizing food, these 4 P's are believed at the right time to style the success of something or service. Note that the internal and external constraints of the marketing environment is to be considered while making marketing decisions. The objective of right marketing combine is to create a positive value and positive response from the customers in the targeted market portion.


Saravana Stores offers wide range of products that runs from Apparels, Accessories, Food, Furniture, Groceries, Utensils, Textiles, Playthings, Electricals & Gadgets, Stationary items, Jewellery etc.

Apparels - Casuals, Formals, Jeans, Tops, Get together wear, Under clothing, Evening wear, Sarees, Silk Sarees, Females wear, etc.

Home & Personal Care products - Utensils, Shampoos, Detergents, Soaps, Creams, Plastics, Cookery, etc.

Electrical & Consumer electronics - Cell phones, TV, Radio, Audio speakers, Computers, Peripherals, Wrist watches, Scalp trimmers, shavers, etc.

9. 2 PRICE

Saravana Stores' target of charges is to gain more market show thereby sustaining its position as a leader in the portion. The pricing strategy of Saravana Stores lays balanced between penetration rates and economy pricing but it is more willing towards penetration rates.

Saravana Stores adopts Value costs, promotional pricing and Bundling. They guarantees consumers low prices each day with no coupons. They also caters special event costing on special occasions such as Diwali and Pongal. Bundling is also done by incorporating related products and retailing it as a single package to boost the sales. Because of the perceived value of the customers, Saravana Stores has just a little increased its prices on almost all of the products it includes.

9. 3 PLACE(Syndication)

Place is concerned with the syndication of the merchandise or services to the customers. Saravana Stores has opened 4 new split stores for Jewellery, Gadgets, Furniture & Utensils and Textiles in the busiest area of T. Nagar. It's the heart of Chennai which is reachable. Saravana Stores is also planning to start new stores in other places including Madurai, Salem and Coimbatore. It has additionally opened a new store in Purasaivalkam, Chennai. Saravana Stores has also launched its online shopping site where customers can order the merchandise and get it provided through their door. It includes received a great response from the clients. This also supports saving enough time of the clients.


Promotion handles the communicating the information with the customers about the products. Some of the deals of Saravana Stores include

Exchange offers

Money Again Offer

Advertisement including print, TV and Radio

Brand Endorsement including many leading South Indian stars and stars.

Advertisement and brand endorsements are the key promoting tools for Saravana Stores. New songs are composed on a monthly basis and new advertisements are created to attract people.

A recent catchy collection in the advertisements is 'There is a reason to go to Saravana Stores in this season' in Tamil. The other line says 'Bramandamaai' meaning Massive range of collections.


"Customers demand low charges for basic goods, but pay reduced for products that subject personally. Subsequently, those best located to grow and succeed will be huge mega retailers on one end and targeted merchants on the other, while undifferentiated companies, lost in the middle, risk fading into irrelevance, " says a study from the IBM Institute for Business Value.

Saravana Stores need to boost on its Customer Relationship Managemenet (CRM) and assistance in stores.

It must build customer devotion and increase its base for more earnings.

Suitable training should be provided to the sales personnel. Insufficient proper training and information leaves the employees of Saravana Stores de-motivated.

It must boost the morale of the employees.

Many advertisements banners and hoardings can be placed in other busiest areas to appeal to customers.

It needs to focus on the branded products also.

The offers should be well explained to the clients to avoid misinterpretation.

Since there's a huge rush in the stores, more waiting around chairs and chairs can be provided to comfort the customers. Lack of this leads to many customers frantically sitting on the floor and relieve themselves.

Long hanging around queue for billing the merchandise purchased should be minimised. Many customers feel that selecting a product is more easier than billing them. This will be avoided and more billing counters can be added to deal with the inflow of the clients.

Saravana Stores should recognise the needs of the customer somewhat than offering the available products in store. Proper inventory management is necessary.

It should make investments more on its support activities as explained by Porter. Proper care is to be taken in case of Human Reference Management specially. In any other case it may need to handle Human Privileges legal implications.

Right now Saravana Stores is offering Home Delivery to the customers around T. Nagar only. If it can increase this program to other places, Saravana Stores can preserve more customers.

It can still focus on the grade of the merchandise. Many customers believe that the quality is poor.

It can provide exclusive car parking facilities to avoid more congestion and it facilitates in attracting upper middle class people.

Saravana Stores can enter in other major towns including Salem, Coimbatore, Madurai to gain more profit and market share as they have a solid reputation.

Saravana Stores must focus more on customer satisfaction and customer service as this is the department performing worse than others.

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