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Application Of Ethical Theory TO SOME Case Study Philosophy Essay

John is a faithful staff and has been working at the same organization for many years, because the current supervisor was a child but a year ago John's son and wife passed on in an crash, which resulted in John being depress. He arrive for work late, sometimes drunk and frequently absent. He has been consistently warned but his behavior hasn't change. The manager decides to keep him on the job; do he do the right thing?

It can be acknowledge that business ethics is the procedure or the analysis of standard and ideas that guide the expected behaviour in the business world. Although businesses must make a profit to ensure survival, efforts must be produced to be able to balance the aspiration for revenue against the wants and needs of population. (Ferell 2002).

Ethical decision-making is the procedure by which one makes choices about ethical issues, based on a couple of standards that independent right from wrong. It reflects an understanding of the guidelines natural in ethics, and the various philosophical approaches to ethical decision-making. Moral decision-making also requires a systematic platform for tackling difficult and often controversial moral questions, as talk about in the event study on whether Michael has done the right thing by keeping John face to face.

With the business enterprise world changing all the time, a sizable variety of stakeholders may don't mind spending time with an establishment, such as customers, shareholders, the mass media, government, non- government, employees and shareholders. Certainly, they have a shifting level of specialist on the growth and procedure of the business. The case study demonstrate 4 key stakeholder; Michael the manager, employees, members of the family and customers. It is vital that each stakeholder is considered before a conclusion is manufactured. As mention by Freeman (1984) a stakeholder of the company is people that can effect or is impinge on by the achievement of the business enterprise objectives'. For example to sack John, does it help his family? Does it help other employees? Does it benefit the business enterprise? Each one of these questions must be taken in account before sacking John.

A factor that establishes a decision is based on how pertinent or important the truth is, or the level of the problem. The need for issues varies from time to time, and is affected by one's principles and values. Individuals and their ideals is one of the biggest challenges confronted as it relates to organizational ethics. Specific factors are important in assessing and resolving ethical issues. Issues between co-workers usually arise in the workplace and decisions that are created derive from their beliefs and moral philosophies. Honest issues importance reflects an individual's thoughts, in that way activating the ethical decision-making process. The management can influence an honest decision through rewards or punishments. Employees should teach workers on how to handle honest issues which really is a step in expanding the employees' ability to make decisions which will also improve organizational ethics.

Without a doubt, the decision to dismiss John will have a significant impact on him. That is because of the fact that he's unskilled. Getting back again to job will be difficult as all businesses will look for anyone who has skilled. In addition it will be hard to return back to employment because of the fact that businesses may ask him why he remaining his prior job and say "I acquired the sack" won't please to the employee.

However considering that John is a loyal employee to the business since Michael was child, and the business enterprise was run by his grandfather. To dismiss John may well not please the grandfather, because of the fact of the distance of service John have directed at the company. Alternatively is your choice of keeping John influencing other employees at the same time? For instance it is stated in the case review that John frequently arrived for work overdue and sometime never, and therefore other employees may need to cover his change or duties. This might indeed impact the service of the business to deliver high quality goods, which may lead to the loss of customers. We must also remember that employees covering for John might not exactly be trained to do that particular duty, that could lead to employees being less encouraged and this again could impact the service.

Adherents to the idea of right, which is derived from Deontology, think that humans have certain moral privileges simply by virtue to be human, which, therefore; everyone should be entitled to realize/exercise these privileges. A few of these rights (such as the right to life, the right to be left by itself) are widespread across all human being cultures, while some (such as the right to education) may be based upon the individual's situation in accordance with those around them. Generally, the more complete privileges, the negative rights are considered necessary for real human dignity, and can be liked/respected by all individuals. The positive rights, those which relate with minimum expectations of well-being, are probably less highly relevant to individuals. These rights, however, are extremely reliant on the ethics of federal and corporate and business entities, which are empowered to uphold such rights. Generally, the main element to being moral under this process is to respond in a way that respects the individual dignity of other folks. This is attained by honouring or guarding the reputable moral privileges of others. Michael's demonstrates he look after John and consider of his personal problem (the actual fact that he lost his kid and wife in an crash) by keeping him face to face, though it is probably not the preeminent image resolution for the business enterprise in the long run.

On the other hands under a utilitarian way, the ethical act will be the the one which will produce the best benefits and minimal harm, the one that provides the ideal good for the best number. Egoism, in comparison, suggests that an ethically permissible function is one that is wonderful for the individual, and results whatsoever harm to him. Altruism, on the other hands, supports an action that is good for all and could cause some injury to the individual. We can remember that because of the fact the market is occurred, cutting unnecessary cost is a remarkable idea. To sack John and save all the money from his salary can keep the business away from making a lost. In addition it might be cheaper to employ a new prospect for the job and pay him less from what the business enterprise used to pay John because of the fact the his service level is low. This might also relieve the pressure of employees to protect for John, realizing that the individual who replaces John will turn up to do his/her job. But by dismissing job this may also influence the labor force because they could be concerned about job security.

Taking both ideas into account we can see that they differ to a great extent or in other word contradict with each other. The idea of right give attention to the individual however the utilitarian approach will focus on the business's benefits. We can claim that John is a individual and every man deserve another chance however at the end of the day, the business issues must go on, as Milton Freeman dispute "an enterprise is there to increase its revenue for shareholders only". But privately I completely disagree with Milton Freeman argument as I believe every individual needs to be looked after by its business for their personal well-being and in exchange the worker is likely to give his one hundred percent work rate back.

To conclude if the right decision was made by Michael to keep his John on as an employee at his company can't be justified. The explanation for this is that people cannot predict the near future. John may defeat his personal issues and work towards his best again, like he has over time at the company. However if he does not improve it'll be a huge damage for the company taking into account that the economical recession is currently happening. As we know it is quite crucial for the business to deliver high quality goods to be able to survive and with worker like John not arriving, can prove to be decisive as they might not deliver high quality goods to its customers.

Placing myself in an area to how I would proceed in this specific situation, would be a way where the business and the employee will be profited. The primary step is have a discussion with John and ask him whether he required a personal leave where he'll get time off to get his life back again on track again. The next option which I will offer John is to employ a personal advisor for him where he can get the best help to aid him overcome his personal matters. With a while off and counselling service, this certainly will definitely help John to gain a brand new start when we return to work. But this all is determined by the characteristics of John whether he have a strong perseverence or not.

The last subject which I will look into certainly is the dismissal of an employee particularly if he has been devoted to the company for some a long time. Dismissal can be frightful to any employees, but especially to John because as we realize he is going through an essential key phrase in his life. The main reason I will enough time sacking of John is because of the fact that dismissal can lead to suicides. This is due to the fact that the employee can face severe pressure of finding a new job and without regular income; this means that the employee will neglect to match loan repayment or home loans.

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