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A peek into the story where animals rule

The fascinating world of literature charms and captivates, inspires and angers, according to the plot, theme and background. The George Orwell satire ‘Animal Farm’ draws parallels with the Russian Revolution of 1917 when the monarchy was overthrown and Lenin and Stalin assumed communist power. The fable shows animals like pigs and dogs in power and human bosses on the farm are overthrown! The fable structure is politically safe in the assumption that it is meant for children in all innocence, a story of animals. On the deeper level, the story carries fiery meanings against communist principles. After the bitter struggle to come to terms with the entertaining story text, it would be possible to take on the animal farm essay questions successfully.

The writing of essays early in the student school life lays the foundation for case studies, stories, reports, reviews, and letters that may be attempted later. The same basic skills of language and planning, ideas and thoughts would go into the writing of far more complex texts that may generate good incomes for writers and teachers. An writing an expository essay is one of the basic types and involves a thorough investigation of the subject with supporting information that reinforce the claim being made. The classic five paragraph structure suffices for many kinds of brief writing with all the evidence and arguments packed in the central three paragraphs, beginning with an introduction and ending with concluding remarks. Matter is mostly factual and avoids feelings and emotions like the negative impact of social media upon student life, a dispassionate explanation.

Can the expository approach be adopted to answer animal farm essay questions? Yes, in principle. If the story is treated as a case, though fictional, a thorough explanation using cause and effect, exploitation and justice, retribution and class conflict as political overtones would help clarify the plot and characters. Though referred to as a fable, the complex political undertones make the story a hard nut to crack.

Attempting a more serious writing requires dedicated approaches

Compared to the cursory expository writing, a case study format would be far more detailed on the level of research. Such a format would require surveys and data collection methods, and more intensive multimedia efforts to bring to light. If an essay is written at a single sitting, this approach may take several days, depending upon the length required. If social media was studied, the analysis would be a far more exhaustive in-depth examination. This kind of study could extend to a problem, a place, plan or existing infrastructure. Some element of debate in examining the pros and cons would apply like turning a public park into a multi-tiered parking lot.

On the way to developing answers to animal farm essay questions, aim to build awareness of a few common modes of writing that apply not only to student life but to the larger society. As we can well imagine, writing a business plan is the most common writing activity with the immense proliferation of the business world. Imagine yourself contemplating the setting up of a bakery or health care concern. You need to be aware of market conditions of a course and possess business acumen besides adequate funds, loans and licenses. After locating the business spot, you need a blueprint or a road map to take the plunge. Essentially, the plan would include human resources, equipment, services, products, pricing, management and all the nuts and bolts. Looking into the future, maybe you contemplate the expected business path over the next five years. Such a plan is officially required for grants of licenses and loans too. The internet contains free templates that help the process of planning.

Maybe some people are more interested in religious studies rather than animal farm essay questions and answers. The study of religion is truly multi-dimensional and covers many areas like culture, anthropology, philosophy, psychology and more. Most international universities conduct courses in the study of religion where you qualify for a bachelor’s or master’s degree. Yet such courses do not take any stance with regard to which religion is greater. A scientific view of religion studies their history and background, genesis and the situation today with several conflicts raging.

The problems concerning how to make a thesis may put off many would be research aspirants but then starting problems are usual in professional writing. What is crucial is the argument itself that the thesis is trying to prove. Supporting evidence, data collection, and several methods like interviews, internet sources and files from offices and newspaper reports may be necessary. If the subject was waste collection, segregation, disposal, and recycling, the existing literature would have to be reviewed. What is important is that the thesis presents new knowledge, a new slant, and a new light on an old problem. The written thesis looks very professional indeed when the process is completed. The title page, abstract, literature review, findings, conclusion, references and appendices are the most important parts of the printed thesis. Guidelines exist concerning fonts and sizes, margins and spacing.

Regarding essay questions on animal farm, a thesis could be developed with a suitable claim about the totalitarian communist regime. If we considered a topic like ‘Non-democratic governments are doomed to fail after practicing unjust means,’ it would be possible to critique what happened in Russia in 1917. A government of pigs and dogs being the police is the world of Animal Farm! Not all would sympathize with such a story structure, certainly not the communists themselves. Yet the struggle for power is universal at all levels! The animal farm essay question could be handled like a mini thesis by those who possess the courage of convictions. A lot of satisfaction is derived from writing animal farm essay questions.

Some animal farm essay questions that are worth the while:

  • Write three aspects of the story that communicate the political messages?


  • In what way is language used to create influence in ‘Animal Farm?’


  • Explain the terms ‘Animalism’ and ‘Seven Commandments’ in the context of the story.


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