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Beginning your animal cruelty essay

Writing assignments about animal cruelty, like your animal cruelty essay , are meant to make students feel compassion towards different animals that suffer for many reasons, the main of which is people's brutality, cold-bloodedness and indifference. In fact, not everybody is aware of the fact, that animals are used in medical, pharmaceutical and cosmetic purposes. However, not only the purpose of animal exploitation matters, but first of all, the way in which they are exploited. In many laboratories and factories animals are suffering because of cruel treatment. Also, they are killed all the time, even if is illegal. Here, you will find some information concerning cruel treatment towards animals and guidelines that will help you complete your writing assignment.

When you are asked to write an animal cruelty essay , at first, you need to select a precise topic to write about. Keep in mind that your topic should meet the requirements and instructions to your writing assignment, as well as match your knowledge and area of expertise. Your topic should be broad enough to cover certain issue completely. However, at the same time, your topic needs to be narrow enough, in order to not confuse your potential reader and not to make him bored. Also, make sure that you have enough of informational sources, where you can get essential facts supporting your main idea. The point is, all your claims, ideas and thoughts should be supported by argumentation. The argumentation, in its turn, should be presented in the form of facts, evidences, examples from real life, documents and so on.

Ideas for a topic to write in your cruelty towards animals essay

  • Write about the ways, in which animals are treated cruelly. What areas of industry exploit animals for their needs?
  • Do a research on the companies exploiting animals for their needs. For example, Olay is a world-wide famous skin cosmetics company, carrying a great number of tests every year, the majority of which are conducted on different animals.
  • Write about the ways of preventing animal cruelty. For instance, not buying products that are made by means of animals exploitation. It concerns not only meat and milk products, but cosmetics, such as skin care lines and shampoos.
  • Write about advantages of local farmer's markets in comparison to global production. Prove that global production is always characterized by cruel treatment towards animals.
  • Do a research on how the fact that lots of young people in contemporary world become vegans and vegetarians impacts animal cruelty. Does it help prevent animal cruelty? Is there a tendency that more and more people will become vegans and vegetarians soon?
  • Become a participant of organization, that specializes on fighting with cruel treatment towards animals. If one cannot directly participate in such organization, there is always a possibility to donate, which is also very helpful.
  • Write about legal ways of preventing and fighting against cruel treatment with animals. Where should people report about animal cruelty?
  • Sharing views and position concerning animals protection from experimentation and testing is helpful for spreading right attitude to this issue.
  • Volunteering is always helpful. One may volunteer at an animal shelter, bring food for animals and spend time with them.

Cruelty to animals essay foresees that you understand the causes and consequences of cruel treatment towards animals. You are expected to do a research and provide your personal opinion and attitude in this regard. More than that, you need to follow the structure of your paper and include all necessary components.

You will start with animal cruelty essay introduction , where you are going to present your main idea, the topic of your paper and a brief overview of all the text you will write in the rest of the paper. This is the part, when reading which, your reader will decide whether he wants continue further reading. This is the part, where you announce the key ideas of your essay and introduce it to the audience. Additionally, this is the part, where you may include a special hook in order to grab you reader's attention. The hook needs to be in the opening sentence of the introductory paragraph. The hook may be of different forms and types, although you need to consider the mood of your paper. As long as your are going to write an essay about animal cruelty, we suggest using a hook in the form of a quotation of a famous animal rights defender or a quotation directly from a legal act of United Nations concerning animals legacy.

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