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Analysis Of Sia Engineering Company Management Essay

The goal is to investigate how SIA Anatomist Company managed to gain customers rely upon term of the security of the journey. It comprises of a SWOT analysis to evaluate the business, their services and how it expands and becomes a successful company.

SIA Executive Company


Together using its 22 joint ventures and subsidiaries across eight countries, SIA Executive Company (SIAEC) forms the SIAEC Group.

The Group provides wide-ranging Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO) of airplane to more than 85 international airlines worldwide.

With accreditations from more than 20 airworthiness specialists, SIAEC's six hangars and 22 in-house workshops in Singapore provide complete MRO services in airframe, component, engine, aircraft conversions and adjustments to major airlines from four continents. In additional, the company has 16 component, engine and adjustments joint ventures forged with the world's leading engine and component manufacturers, in so doing strengthening its MRO service offerings.

At Singapore Changi Airport, SIAEC provides series maintenance services to more than 60 airlines passing through Singapore. They ensure that customer flights will departure on time without delay. The business also has an evergrowing network of lines maintenance support which includes prolonged to more than 40 airports in Australia, China, Indonesia and the Philippines.


SIA Engineering Company (SIAEC) was set up in 1 Apr 1992, a subsidiary of Singapore Airlines. SIAEC started off from the Engineering Division of Singapore Airlines (SIA) which was established in 1972.

As the year goes by, the Engineering Company have been spending greatly in term of improving its functions (e. g. conversion of people to freighter airplane), facilities (e. g. having the 6th hangar to accommodate the biggest aircraft, A380) and gadgets (e. g. engine motor test cell up to 150, 000lb thrust) in a way that they will be able to cope with the latest aircraft that SIA will be buying in the future. This helps to accomplish and develop Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO) features and you will be able to have hands-on experience on the latest airplane in the market before other MRO companies.

In 1992, along the way of further increasing output, the Engineering Department was segregated and was owned by another company of SIA - SIA Executive Company Pte Ltd. THE BUSINESS have gained increased independence and permits a sharper focus on output, efficiency, quality and more value-added services for customers. Since then, their business has been growing very fast. In yr 2000, the business marked a new milestone in its background as these were outlined on the Singapore Exchange.

Organization Hierarchy

Other than the Board of Directors, there is also an Exec Management team. In the Exec Management team, it includes a Chief Executive Officer, an Professional Vice Leader and 6 Senior Vice-Presidents (SVP). Each SVP manage different departments.

The various departments are as follow:

Service & Clark Project

Aircraft and Aspect Services


Human Resources

Line Maintenance and Business Development


9 Directors



Board of Directors

Mission and Main Values


SIAEC is involved in providing aviation engineering services of the highest quality, at competitive prices for customers and a profit to the business.

Core Values

They try their best for the best professional specifications in their work and aspire to be the best in whatever things they certainly.

Pursuit of Excellence

They shoot for equality in their business and working affairs.


Safety is very vital for all operations. They set regulations and practice them to ensure that their customers and personnel are well looked after.


Employers treat all staffs with admiration and dignity. Opportunity are given to all or any staffs by undergo training to upgrade their skill in a way that they can excel in their employment opportunities.

Concern for Staffs

The priority of the customers will always be ranked first plus they do more than what they are anticipated to meet customers' anticipations.

Customer First

Bonding is made within the team which allows them to reach your goals.



The continuous strive for brilliance and high adaptability to changes are two key contributors towards sustaining the leadership role in the airplane technology.

Striving for Excellence

There are 2 initiatives within the business. The first one is the 'Productivity initiative LEAN'. It is rolled out in the functional areas with an shoot for better resource utilization. The other one is the 'Risk management initiative HIRA'. The target is to prevent workplace accidents that will then produce a safe working environment.

The company also invests intensely in updating the skill of the worker. Through training, it helps to ensure that the labor force is fully prepared with the data on how to take care of the latest selection of airplane technology, thus improves their capabilities to settle before their challengers.

High Adaptability

To the business, change is frequent which is their mantra to flourish on it. Despite the huge changes in functioning landscape, they may have overcome the hurdles and continued to remain a respected company in MRO.

They are always ready to adjust to any changes in the surroundings and take on all challenges as an opportunity for them to stay forefront of the aerospace industry.


Not only is SIAEC a one-stop MRO service provider in the aviation industry, the company has also achieved achievements in the following areas:

Being the first MRO professional to maintain the largest aircraft, A380

One of the first on earth to convert traveler plane (B747-400) to freighters aircraft

One of the first in the region to provide preliminary cabin conceptual design and certification

Airframe Maintenance and Overhaul

Provide total support answers to their growing stock portfolio of third party consumers.

*The 6th Hangar is completed in mid this past year, 2009, to accommodate the biggest plane, A380 and B747 plane.

Base Maintenance Facilities





Comprise Floor Region of 43, 200m2

Some with their functions are such as:

Prevent aircraft corrosion

Conversion of Passenger-to-Freighter (PTF) aircraft

Install/Changes to In-Flight Entertainment Systems

Modifications of Cabin

Paint-stripping and painting of airplane exteriors

Given the considerable maintenance facilities possessed by SIAEC, the business is fully equipped to provide total support to the flight customers.

Line Maintenance and Complex Handling

In Singapore Changi International airport, SIAEC provides brand maintenance and ground handling services. They'll ensure that they need to not cause any air travel delay, therefore, they need to react to situations.

SIAEC has been accomplishing range maintenance with other countries airport terminal. There is also a professional Quick-Action-Team (QAT) which is on 24/7 (a day daily, seven days each week) on standby. In the event of situation such that aircraft confronted any problems (e. g. problem with the engine motor, cracked windscreen and etc), QAT will solve the problems immediately without triggering the journey to delay.

This demonstrates SIAEC is dedicated to providing customer care to the clients.

Component Maintenance and Overhaul

SIAEC has a complete of 22 workshops situated within their hangar which test, repair and overhaul components including the ones that were removed from the plane in the hangars. Inside the workshops, they are well outfitted with up-to-date test stations.

One of the workshops has the highest in-house component overhaul capabilities on earth. They have also built an intensive component overhaul capacities for the B777, by encouraging Singapore Airlines, which happens to be working the world's largest fleet of B777. To become in a position to service A380, the workshops has started to focus more in areas such as airline flight controls, landing gear, simulators and etc. From these examples, SIAEC shows high adaptability to changes in the panorama of their flight industry.

Fleet Management Programme

The main function of the Fleet Management Program is to provide complete and custom-made engineering and component support programs to air travel customers.

Fleet Management Program provides complete engineering and part support programmes that may be customised to provide full support with their customers.

Engine Overhaul

Engine support is the most important process when an plane is being directed for maintenance repair. They will provide services such as repairing of engine unit parts and with their joint ventures, they could service powerful engines up to 150, 000lb thrust.

Passenger-to-Freighter (PTF) Conversion

SIAEC is one of the first on the globe to develop the ability and skills to convert a B747-400 which really is a passenger airplane into a freighter airplane.

PTF conversion is the hottest services offering conversion services. Out of this, it clearly signifies how the company has benefited from ongoing learning with the staffs acquiring new skill pieces, thereby boosting their MRO services.

The benefits associated with converting a passenger aeroplanes to cargo plane, is the fact that it stretches the economical life of the airplane. With the nice payload, B747-400 traveler aeroplanes is a sensible choice for conversion. Given that the payload performance of B747-400 passenger aircraft and development freighter B747-400F is similar, this results in personal savings for cargo airline customers. This opens another chance for the business.

Cabin Modifications

Again, SIAEC can leverage on the joint venture with Singapore JAMCO to become one-stop centre for aeroplanes interior improvements.


For the past four years, SIAEC Engineering Training Section has been executing courses because of their staffs to meet up with the constant and demanding training that is needed for the aerospace industry. They have a team of experienced trainers and instructors who provides training for both inside and exterior maintenance technicians and technicians. Their trainings are conducted in the totally outfitted workshops which includes all the necessary gadgets. This makes the content of the lessons more beneficial as staffs are able to have hands-on encounters that are related to their job opportunity.

SWOT Analysis


Position the business in the superior market space.

Provides one-stop end to get rid of life circuit fleet maintenance solutions to the international airlines.

Forges 23 strategic joint projects with renovated oe supplier across 8 countries.

SIAEC staffs undertake ongoing training to upgrade their skills and knowledge.

Huge investment funds in infrastructure numerous first-mover advantages.

Able to adjust to changes immediately as company assumes changes as an issue and also give them opportunities to stick out of the group.


Budget Flight (e. g. Tiger Airway), people need to pay (S$15) for in-flight entertainment system unlike SIA flights which is free, which means alternatives for SIAEC to correct defective entertainment system is very thin thus, it reduces the revenue of SIAEC.


Continues to explore new joint venture.

Stay innovated by implementing new technology and employing it to boost customer journey experience.

Expand the PTF change service by tapping on the global market.


Viruses (e. g. H1N1, SARS and etc) and financial downturn would be major risks as this reduces the flight services, thus reduced airplanes will be dispatched for maintenance services.


Based on the study, I come to a conclusion that SIAEC has been placing lots of effort in term of effort and money in getting the latest infrastructure and training for the workforce. With these purchases, it allows the company to provide an excellent service to the flight customers which has a chain effect. For instance changing the In-Flight Entertainment System permit the in-flight customers can enjoy themselves when they are up to speed. If the experience is good, the clients will likely to choose the same flight again. And this will improve the airfare service of the airline, thus more opportunities for MRO services for SIAEC. In additional, the business emphasizes on the safe practices of the flights (e. g. corrosion avoidance).

SIAEC has also been working with other popular companies through joint ventures. It will allow SIAEC staffs to enhance their understanding of newest airplane or aircraft that SIAEC have never handled before. It will also help SIAEC in increasing their businesses, keeping its leading position.

SIAEC is determined in upgrading the skills of the staff as they went for trainings to upgrade their knowledge and skills and present the best to their customers. They will take every opportunity as challenging for themselves and this is one of the key reason why they could develop as a team and not as a person.

The company has also shown various advances and whatever problems that they faced, it'll just show they are just remaining with some more a long way to success as they take the opportunities they have as a kind of learning despite making blunders whether or not it is small or major.

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