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Analysis Of Apple According To Value String Evaluation Marketing Essay

This assignment examines Apple regarding to value chain research. For proper review of this group relating to value string examination one must understand what value chain evaluation is. The idea of value chain evaluation was launched by Michael Porter in the 1980s. A lot of the businesses and organizations do have some activities or procedures that add to value of that firm. When these activities are connected collectively they form value string for that corporation. Generally chain of these activities includes components such as purchasing treatment, product manufacturing, syndication and marketing.

Apple has completed thirty years on the market. It has been one heck of drive for business. This thirty year journey has been filled with fluctuations. And that's rather obvious with innovative organization like Apple. Innovator of this company Steven Jobs has been in charge of Apples rapid improvement. Several successful products have been launched by Apple. But on several occasions that they had to bare huge deficits. Apple was attempting badly to survive during 1996-1997. Within 13 years talk about value of apple rocketed through skies and 2010 was miraculous for Apple as talk about value of Apple proceeded to go before Microsoft. This has been fairytale to say the list. (Singh et al, 2009)

Apple rightly offers all the credit to its ipod device in single yr of 2005 y 32 million ipods were sold body like these never been herd before. (Griffin, 2007)

Value chain analysis performed important role in Apples progress. Apple never played pioneer in the market they will have been excellent second movers in the market.

Apple always attempts to find disadvantages in other products and then they tend to present their product which is clear of these disadvantages. (Offer, 2005) For instance, in earlier days and nights there were excellent music players available for sale but they all lacked one essential aspect that was portability. People ware uncomfortable using products with limited facilities like walkman. (Haberberg & Rieple, 2008) People were buying portable music player with considerable safe-keeping capacity and excellent music quality. Apple ipod satisfied all those needs, it was a lightweight very good music player with excellent music quality and large storage space capacity. No think about sell of ipod touch broke all information and had globe shattering following. (Karki, 2008)

We can also see amazing use of value string analysis incase of Apple when they offer substitution for their own products. Apple presents such a variety of products, as a result of this; probability of consumer moving towards other products gets reduced considerably. (Monczka, 2009)

Apple is did very well in value string analysis credited to factors stated below;

Inbound logistic, where principal operations are controlled which includes activities like, obtaining the materials from suppliers, safe-keeping of this material and the way it is dealt with inside any business.

Operations, in this section process related to production and services are dealt with. Apple gains plenty of ground in this factor. In case of apple creation and services are so complicated and vast in nature that lots of subdivisions are created for syndication of work. (Apple Inc. Strategic Management Analysis, 2008)

Outbound logistics, where end product is provided to common users, distribution system of any firm should be excellent to do better in this section (Grimm, Lee, & Smith, 2006). With this sector Apples stores which are devoted only for Apple products are excellent samples. Where not only circulation system is up to symbol but product monopoly also plays its part.

Sales and marketing, Apple score seriously in these industries because of their intense campaigning, slick looking products, creating heavy buzz on the market during kick off of new product, and long selection of products. Apple always has been seen innovating new products regarding to user's requirements and to understand requirements of users in genuine manner Apple constantly completed some demanding market surveys, made accurate predictions, and then produced products which fulfilled consumer's requirements. (Martin, 2009)

Complete service, complete service always has been forte of Apple where they have certain provisions which work excellently because of their growth such as end user have to utilize Apple software if they're using any Apple gadget. This not only develops product monopoly but also improves products bottom and increases consumer's commitment. (Timber & Murphy, 2002)

Strategies Used by various companies for competitive advantage

Some of the IS/IT strategies used by various companies to get competitive advantage are pointed out below: (Inside CRM Editors, 2010; 12 Effective Strategies Apple uses to produce Loyal Customers, 2007)

Store for only Apple products

Apple always has been troubled by big package staffers, because of this Apple always found it difficult to bring in or demonstrate new and unique products that have been different from the prevailing crowd on the market. Need to offer with this problem introduced concept of Store for only Apple products where products are only specialized in Apple. Apple could add any product according their convenience in these stores.

Providing complete solution for users

Companies like Microsoft are known for providing complete solution for users regarding all products and encouraging systems.

Attractive campaigns

Pepsi always presumed in ambitious marketing. They regularly pushed for strong id within young people. Popular encounters and attractive adverts are main marketing features for company.

Wide range of products

Groups such as TATA are recognized for wide selection of products. Their products supplement with each other and they contend with one another too. TATA provides substitution because of its own products. TATA electronics is not that popular but vehicles from TATA group are extremely popular. TATA can build consumer relationship for their not so products taking help using their company popular products.

Artificial publicity

Users can go through the hype around every Coke product unveiling. This is created by selective and deliberate leak of information and their competition with Pepsi. Coke intentionally spreads information that really helps to increase speculations and buzz about Apple products.

Educating consumers

Hewlett-Packard deliberately provides their products to schools and universities. Due to this students from very early age get subjected to products. Being well-known for its "Q" company logo, they get comfortable with all the Hewlett-Packard interfaces. Hewlett-Packard indirectly invests in their future costumers by these strategies. (http://www. nytimes. com)

Customer satisfaction

Cisco is known for their deep and extensive general market trends. They know need of the clients well in advance credited to such researches. They offer exactly those products which are needed on the market and you will be popular all over the board. (http://www. cisco. com/)

Getting from dissatisfaction

When customer purchases any product he doesn't really contacts customers care unless he encounters any issue. Customer bothers to contact manufacturers only once he is not satisfied with the service or annoyed by billing or other administrative strategies. By

Outsourcing customer care to other companies, FedEx has managed to getaway from all the negative vibes. (http://fedex. com/gb/)

Maintaining persistence with products

When Nokia launches any new product in the market, it makes sure that it is not drastically not the same as earlier products. All of the Nokia products follow some basic structures, that's why after getting familiar with one Nokia product customers think it is easy to take care of almost every other product. That is fantastic way of keeping customer devotion. (www. nokia. com)

Consistently ground breaking approach

Samsung always has been impressive in their way. It's been seen that architecture of Samsung products is consistent, its collection is not. Samsung always tried out their best to gauge customer requirements well in advance and keep producing new and innovative products for them. (www. samsung. com)

Slick looking products

Smart looking product has been the USP of Motorola. Because of products using their good looks many of these have been harmoniously popular in children. (www. motorola. com)

There are other types of companies using IS/IT strategies to gain competitive edge. Companies such as electric power large ABB, financial big house Canadian imperial standard bank, house maintain name like Canon, olive oil exponent such as Indian olive oil, vehicle large Fiat, bae systems, one of the very most influential bank in the world is Bank of china, Aviation pioneer Boeing are prime examples of companies doing excellent job using IS/IT strategies.

Technological Changes in a variety of companies on the Years

No company is as good as Cisco in domains such as server networking and virtualization.

Company has made swift progress in technology such as, storage area networking.

Modern techniques such as Tele occurrence and common gateways are features of Cisco.

Video and content delivery is also one of these technological brilliance. Microsoft is also known because of its technical progress over the years. People can see the difference in every version of the os's. Each version attempts to get over the defects of past version

Einfochips Limited It had been formed in the entire year 1994 in Ahmadabad. It is the leading silicon company and authentication services, fixed system solutions and IP cores.

Einfochips is rolling out IPNETCAM which is composed hardware and software for the security IP camera. The hardware involves intelligent object acknowledgement algorithm songs that helps identify the moving things and software really helps to differentiate between the human and the automobile. (www. einfochips. com)

CI India is the first choice in the e-procurement and e-sourcing industry. It helps organizations to improve their entire buying pattern from flex to payment. They use the net technologies to reduce the paper work processes whereby organizations may take control of spending, improve their distributor and inventory management and minimize the time utilization on the whole supply functions. (http://www. c1india. com)

Via Systems is one of the China's leading be aware book processor supplier which in June 2009 released their new Tongfong S30A 13. 3" slender and light processor which engage powerful. In addition, it has a higher ability efficient VIA NANO U2250 central handling device along with put together VIA V*800 MPS and distinct s3 design chromes for HD videos. HD sound and a HDM assures that Tongfong customers will be able to enjoy the mass media content in the best form possible. (http://www. via. com. tw)

. Company like Albertsons is a well known name in food industry. Company handles products such as, bakery, dairy products, deli, frozen food, and meat. Company has truly gone through plenty of complex changes in food preservation and storage area functions since 1939. Alcan is the next largest primary metal producing company in the world. Company has immensely benefited through progressive progress in techniques such as, anodes, automotives, food product packaging and foil making and their techniques. American electric power is one of the major energy companies on the planet. Since the corporation is formed, scheduled to intensive market search and progressive changes it has reached fortune 500 list.

AMR is one of the greatest airline companies on the planet, this company always looked for customers comfort and facilities. Technical engineers in AMR focus their efforts providing due comfort and convenience with their customers and work matching to that. (http://www. aa. com)

Central Japan Railway graduated from coal engines to bullet coach in tiny time span that requires extremely sensible technology and Central Japan Railway always complies start.

Apple inc. was founded in 1976. But Apple were able to achieve their finest performance during first fanatical 1 / 4 of 2009 they monitored record total earnings of $8. 16 billion and net earnings of $1. 21 billion. On January 27, 2010 Apple launched their most expected large screen ipad tablet, which got tablet like shape. Apple were able to sell more than 300, 000 models of this ipad device till Apr 2010.

Scope of Improvement

Companies which sell superior products, costs shouldn't be that very important to them. These businesses should focus on most important goals such as availability, Velocity, capacity management rather than cost. These organizations have to enhance resiliency in their supply chain. Sectors should be prepared for physical disasters, disaster management, this capability generally lacks even in leading business. Companies can improve their customer support services everything can not be outsourced. These organizations also can improve in areas such as Accountability through business integration.


In this task value chain evaluation of a business was discussed. Apple Inc. recently known as Apple Computer systems was chosen because of this assignment. Apple experienced its ups and downs, today show value of Apple proceeded to go in advance than software large Microsoft. This might have been considered as impossible dream couple of years back. But Apple found its way through each one of these obstacles and proceeded to go quickly at the very top; mainly due to providing enough focus on value chain evaluation and efforts of fantastic innovator like Steven Jobs.

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