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Adventure Tourism In India Travel and leisure Essay

Adventure tourism is an extremely challenging term. This is of the term ranges from individual to individual, organization to firm. However the nearest definition from what majority would agree is Outdoor activity relating to the natural environment where the outcome identified by the participants is unknown.

World background of Excitement Tourism

It is difficult to trace its source but first trip travelers were vendors. To brush up your memory a bit here are some example; Erickson found out North America. Columbus found out America and Vasco Da Gama found out India. But that was when modernization was not an integral part of our day to day lives.

The trip travel as we realize it today began three and performed decades back when people started discovering the Nepalian Himalayan mountain amounts. The wanderers learned all of this unintentionally. They journeyed to Bhutan, Afganistan, Algeria Bali, Nile and incredibly just lately the Alps. On the planet folks have been going around however in India adventure is rolling out quiet recently. But the surge has been constant and India is believed to be one among the top ten locations of the world.

Present Situation

In India tourism is the largest service industry bringing in 6. 23% of the national GDP. It brings in 8. 78% of the total employment of the country. Each year there is increase in quantity of tourists visiting India by 5 million make. Besides foreigners, locals alone total to 527 million. In US numbers Indian travel and leisure industry is a 100 billion money affair which is predicted to increase to 275. 5 billion by next decade. All the credit can be given The Ministry of Travel and leisure which is the key working institute behind advertising in India. To make interest in tourism, the ministry unveiled an 'Incredible India' campaign. The punch line of this plan is 'Atithi Devo Bhava' which means guest is our God.

Everything is not as rosy as it looks. India falls behind certain countries it encounters serious issues when confronted with inadequate quantity of resort rooms. Until per annum back again India only possessed 25000 tourist resort rooms. Other reason why tourism lags in back of is that getting visa to the country is a complicated process. The Indian international airports are crammed and foreigners do not take that truth too well. But despite all of it tourism is only expected to grow in the approaching years.

This year saw a considerable drop in International travel and leisure everywhere throughout the world. But remarkably the hospitality business in India was active and flourishing. This took place consequently of service tax exemption and concluding of fringe profit tax.

This has resulted into luxurious expansive tourist destinations like the Kerala Backwaters or the Golden Triangle Travels to be affordable to foreign tourists. English have gone ahead and voted India among the top 10 abroad travel destinations.

Tourists that come to India are mesmerized with what they see here. The abundant distinction of culture and varied topography topped with an enormous diversification in weather is more than just what a stranger in this land can handle. When he lands in a modern airport so when he steps out in the avenues to honking horns and crammed streets with beggars on the roads and even cows posting that space, the comparison mesmerizes. Which contrast is just what they come looking for. The vibrant culture and vibrant helpful people, the lands, mountains and waterways, the spiritual places and thousand season old Yog tradition, India goes on attracting.

Major Experience activities that you can avail here are:

Camel Safari

Thar Desert safari is one of Asia's most popular experience holidays. This safari also goes through camel treks. These include camel treks which go through the fine sand dunes of Jaisalmer.


The Himalayan pile ranges will be the major reason why mountaineering and other related activities are so popular here. The mountains are perfect for climbing and rappelling. The gorges and valleys are challenging. People who go mountaineering also try jeep safaris, motorcycle travels as well as biking travels to these high altitudes.

Elephant Safari

The large number of countrywide parks and tiger reserves in India makes elephant safari the most done activity in India. Be it in Jaipur in the Amber fort or seeing the tiger from behind the elephants back, th experience of sitting on this giant pet is one you can never forget.

Scuba Diving

The long shoreline line of India makes scuba a much popular sport. The marines' life in the Andaman and Nicobar Island, Lakshadeep and Goa are so wealthy that one can have a helluva time simple snorkeling.


Abundant snow and mountain in the winters make winter sports a sport for all age group. Snowboarding in Alchi or any other frigid place is a very evident activity among tourists.

White Normal water Rafting in India

The streams like Ganges, Brahmaputra, Kali and Yamuna are turbulent and offer great opportunities to the vacationers to try white drinking water rafting.

As much there exists for a person to desire, India continues on quenching the thirst of all adventure enthusiasts.

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