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It is genuinely impressive how vast is the distribution of the French language in the modern world. Since the time of the Révolution française, the position of French has constantly become stronger whether as the first or second language. However, according to a CSE paper format that is telling us about a growing number of English graduates, the French language also faces English as a real rival in contest for the place of the most popular international language. Of course, at the time when French reigned insuperably as an international language, it was called ‘international’ exclusively in the sense that it was used by a large aristocratic élite. The uniqueness and incomparability of the French was shaken in 1919 at first when Lloyd George and President Wilson have drawn up the Treaty of Versailles in both English and French. Since that time, English and French have become a working linguistic pair, yet soon English started to prevail as the language of scientific publication – and this occasion may be considered as a good topic for writing a contrast essay. The diversity of remedies and reforms also has not fixed that unevenness.

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The first and crucial reform relates to spelling. French is generally considered to be a difficult language due to complex spelling, therefore, as the argument runs, some improvements in the phonetic system and reduction of its anomalies may become a good way to make French attractive to non-native speakers. At present, we can retrospectively estimate, it is almost impossible to rebuild French spelling in any suitable way – to this very day it has not been found any worth-while alternative phonetic system. Hence, the only possible method to learn French and obtain a French coursework help is to spend an awful lot of time and efforts on learning.

Secondly, in 1951 there was founded an association, called Le Monde bilingue. It proposed the scheme of interrelated language learning: thus, all English-speakers should be taught French, while all French-speakers must study English – whereas all other people should be taught either French or English. However, this scheme had its flaws, and therefore, was not adopted. Thus, if all those people, whose native language is neither French nor English were free to decide what language to acquire, how would two given groups be able to talk to each other? Obviously, the people from different groups could not even come to an agreement on how to make a PowerPoint presentation!

In addition to the initiatives mentioned above, there exist lots of institutions which are trying to improve the experience of learning French as well as stimulate the propagation of this language. Absolutely all of them exist in order to guard the best standards of spoken and written French, and they could be listed as follows:

  • - The French Academy takes the first place in this list due to its eagerness to maintain the development of the French language. The first publication of The Academy took place in 1932 and it was not someone’s doctoral coursework, but a simple and firm grammar book. However, there were many scandals around the book, because of its adherence to outmoded French; The Academy insists that the book plays role exclusively to record usage. Nevertheless, the ninth edition of the Dictionary has successfully appeared in 1992 and the work on it still continues.
  •  The Office du vocabulaire français is an institution, founded in 1957, which main goal is to filter and regulate neologisms as well as check the improper use of modern French expressions. Nowadays, the French language is inundated with terms and special words such as ones that may be used by a scientist in a lab report example or a scholastic article.
  • - The Comité d’étude des termes techniques français is another famous organization, which was founded 1954 and which is working both with the precise meaning and the form of new technical terms, inventing the French equivalents of terms from other languages.
  • - since 1967, the Conseil international de la langue française is the most notorious and prestigious institution in contemporary France, which pursues three leading aims: 1) to create strict standards of French spelling and grammar; 2) to publish technical, scientific and specialized dictionaries on the way to ensure that the speakers employ the appropriate vocabulary; 3) to promote and publicize French in every possible way. Well, that is, truly, the rightful organization for a French coursework help for young learners!
  • - the serious and thorough Organisation Défense de la langue française was created in 1959. Since then, it presents reports from the French Academy in the form of journal Défense de la langue française, of which five issues appear each year. One may find a brilliant French thesis literature review example, practically in each number of the journal.

Certainly, the spoken and written French language continues to evolve and adjust itself to the needs of a changing world. One the one hand, we should be devoted to old traditions of connecting elegance with the accuracy of expressions. On the other hand, it is an undoubtedly good thing, that our understanding of spelling, grammar, and literary appreciation are undergoing rapid changes and rectifications. It is great to believe, that a conscious linguistic policy, educational standardization and cultural expanding of the spoken and printed word – all these constitute a proud awareness of being la Francophonie.

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