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Writing a coursework is an essential part of educational drama course. It gives students an opportunity to demonstrate their academic capabilities away from the pressured environment of a college or university room and is favorable for those who cannot show their proper knowledge during exams. However, the time allocated for writing a coursework in comparison to the amount of time given for an exam can mislead some students because of a false sense of security. The truth is, the coursework is as much challenging and difficult as an exam, although they are different. The difference is that the more time you are given, the more and higher are expectations from you work. To meet these expectations successfully you have to plan your coursework carefully, prepare for writing by means of picking a good topic, essential information collecting and actually writing the first draft.

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Usually this type of research paper is made in a form of an extended essay or project. The goal of your coursework may be various as long as it is up to your professor. Nevertheless, it should help you pursue your theoretical interests and broaden your knowledge of drama elements, such as acting, directing, costume, setting, mask and technical design, etc. Also, your drama coursework may take different forms like presentation, performance, video, artwork and, as it has already been mentioned, an extended essay. Anyway, you are going to do independent research into a field of drama course. This is your investigation which means looking for new issues in regard to your topic and analyzing them. Here, we will describe you what steps you should take in order to write your coursework from preparing and planning to proofreading.

  • The first and most important thing you should realize when writing your drama coursework is that there is no way you can plagiarize. Accept it as a fact and don't even try to do a copy. If your professor notices that your work is written with somebody else's words (and he certainly will, if it is), you will have serious troubles with further getting a degree. For this reason, make an effort to do original research.
  • Now that you know that your paper is going to be written from scratch, it's time for picking a topic. But first, check the list of allowed topics. Then, you have to open your mind and think thoroughly about issues that you are really interested in. Writing a research paper takes much time, so in order to spend this time with pleasure (or at least without hatred against drama course as a whole) you have to choose a rather fascinating topic for your research. Remember that your topic should be narrow enough so you could focus on it, and broad enough so you could have the essential amount of needed information; but not too broad because you won't manage to submit it on time.
  • Once you have chosen a good topic, proceed to planning how long it is going to take. Your coursework should not be delayed further even if you have great writing and research skills. You can never know what difficulties you may face during writing the paper so pay much attention to the deadline. It's useful to schedule blocks of time for doing research and to have some additional time.
  • The next step is collecting essential information. Since your coursework is mostly a kind of research, don't hurry up to start writing immediately. First of all you should look for data sources. The amount of data can be as big as possible. Try to use all available literature, including books, journals, articles, newspapers, television, internet, etc. Don't forget about libraries. Nowadays libraries keep data in electronic form, so it's not that hard to use it. Also, you have to decide which kinds of scientific methods and methodology itself you are going to use and find additional information background concerning this issue.
  • Now you have to think about the structure of the paper. Probably you are already aware of the fact that the success of your paper significantly depends on its structure. By this, we mean proper introduction, the body of the paper and conclusion. The structure requirements are common for the majority of research papers, so you must have dealt with it during your studies.
  • Here, the writing process begins. You have a chance to show all your writing skills. It is important to write in a quiet place where nobody and nothing could disturb you and prevent from effective work.
  • If your paper provides supporting materials, like images or an interview, you need to attach them appropriately. The requirements for additional data attachments are usually in the list of instructions which your professor must have given to you.

Writing a coursework is rather difficult piece of work, isn't it? You might need support when doing this and we are going to offer you something really helpful. We can provide you with drama courseworks help, including all the above-mentioned stages of writing process with all specificities that may be in your personal instructions. This is your decision, whether you are ready to devote a huge period of time to researching and writing or maybe you prefer to let us do it for you. Note that is you ask us for help, you will get a professionally written work just on time. Moreover, we would like to inform you that it's not the end of our service list.

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