Basic Analytical And Structural Tips on Writing Law Review Articles

Students are often asked to complete different academic assignments, including law review articles. The latter ones serve as a great source of their legal research, and this is where they analyze legal topics in addition to working with extensive references. Basically, this kind of coursework includes both short essays and long articles, notes and comments, and so on. They all are written by students and focused mostly on emerging or innovative areas. If you are asked to write such articles, make sure they are dedicated to specific topics, such as environmental law, and include the necessary contents and structure. The good news is that you can always get professional TOEFL homework help, such as the one offered by our team of credible and experienced writers. Pay attention to effective and simple tips that should be used to write a perfect law article by yourself.

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  • Start with writing a compelling and concise introduction, as this is what grabs the attention of all readers. You should avoid all kinds of platitudes and banal generalities because they don’t make academic articles sound perfect. Make sure you state your personal thoughts and main thesis in the most forceful way. For instance, you can use a concrete and interesting example to illustrate specific issues before making your statement.
  • Avoid writing a sleep-inducing, front-end, and ubiquitous description of the main content of your law review articles because it sounds boring and unprofessional. All headings must provide readers with the necessary guidance!
  • You need to back up your detailed analysis with current laws, academic articles, and other sources of information from the same discipline. It’s advisable to remain selective and focus only on the most essential authorities, but this doesn’t mean you must survey the history of law.
  • Be attentive and accurate when representing the facts, thoughts, and ideas of legal or academic authorities, or your readers will distrust the main body of your articles.
  • Think about making counterarguments and address them in logical and proper places, so that they shouldn’t be saved for separate parts. Check out paid book reviews to get a better understanding of how to do that.
  • Avoid writing long paragraphs (longer than a few sentences) because your readers won’t read them entirely. Keep in mind that a perfect paragraph is about 3-4 sentences or no longer than 150 words.
  • You also need to use topic sentences and ensure they all connect with the main thesis because their basic purpose is to summarize your idea (a separate one in every paragraph).
  • Do your best to minimize substantive or talking footnotes because they should be saved for citations or short parentheticals. When completing your law coursework, if you think that your material is worth making footnotes, try to wave them into the main text. If you fail to do it, your academic articles won’t be really useful for readers, just like footnotes. Remember that any page with long footnotes is a bad sign for professors and readers.
  • Make sure all footnote numbers are at the end of their textual sentences, but not placed in the midsentence. If this task is hard to complete, think about a possibility to buy dissertation and other academic projects from our professional writing company.
  • For most propositions, you need to cite only a few authorities instead of providing an endless list. Sometimes, law students are allowed to cite more if their basic goal is to show readers the real value of authorities and their controversial points of view.
  • If you feel obliged to footnote each sentence you write, you’re making a huge mistake! Try to use some personal judgment and provide readers with a credit because they don’t like a footnote clutter.
  • Guide readers by providing them with many informative and helpful heading and subheading because they are just as important as writing a thesis.
  • Using all capitals to underlie headings when writing your academic articles is a poor idea, and that’s why you should use bold, italics, and their combination.
  • Use specific graphic tools, including numbered lists, bullet dots, diagrams, and charts, because they can help you make all points easy to grasp and understand.
  • As a writer, you need to make your law review articles readable, informative, concise, and lively. This goal is easy to achieve if you avoid clichés and succeed to give fresh and evocative ideas.
  • Try to write in a more conversational and polished style to attract readers’ attention successfully.
  • All academic articles should be written to be easily understood by every person. Too often, students write their articles while taking into consideration only their academic colleagues, so you need to avoid making the same mistake.
  • Ensure you vary sentence lengths (medium-length sentences are perfect), and they shouldn’t be longer than 2-25 words.
  • Use special connectors to create a better flow in your academic words, and allow yourself to start sentences with «and», «but», and so on. If you don’t know how to do it, contact our professional cv writers who will help you.
  • You should minimize all long block quotations because they don’t make your articles look attractive and well-structured.
  • Avoid string citations and use parentheticals to tell readers why you decide to cite multiple sources of information.
  • Turning verbs into nouns is another bad idea, and you also need to root out all prepositional or unnecessary phrases.
  • Stay away from initialisms because they sound ridiculous in any text. Finally, don’t use long and unfamiliar words when you know better versions.

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