A Guide on How to Write Academic Papers

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A Guide on How to Write Academic Papers

Students need to submit academic writing tasks as per the universitys guidelines and instructions to get better grades. Usually, there is a tight deadline to follow. If you are overburdened with some pending tasks and are looking for a reliable company to help you, then hire the services of Studybay. A team of professional writers and experts are here to help deliver quality content within the given timeframe.

An academic paper is an original work presenting a detailed analysis on any given topic. You must read and take information from different sources - i.e., books and articles.

For research papers, you are expected to do an in-depth analysis of the given topic. Take material from the course readings and cite them in the bibliography as well.

Step-by-Step Guide to Writing a Research Paper

A Good Topic is Important

Select a topic on which you can find the relevant literature review, information, and data. In some situations, the instructor suggests the topics name, or in some cases, he gives a guideline. You must follow the instructions and select a topic that goes well with your subject.

Hold Group Discussions

Before beginning to write an assignment, you must hold group discussions with other students, peers, and professors. This will broaden your knowledge and help you write in a better way.

Do Some Background Reading

Another important step that you shouldnt miss out on is to do some extensive reading. The more papers you read, the better your understanding will be. Read articles and different academic essays to know how the job is done. It is a good idea to save the sources you take information from for the bibliography. The citation style can be different, but if you keep the sources saved in your web browser, it will help you prepare a bibliography fast.

Write the Thesis Statement

Formulate a thesis statement that is the crux of your paper. College students mistakenly ignore the importance of this statement. Make sure to incorporate the answers to all the questions. It should be definitive and suggest the reason and purpose behind your academic essay.

Suggest an Outline

Draft an outline and get it approved by your instructor. This way you can save some time. An outline has all the points that you can include in the paper. You must also write what will go in each paragraph. This will make things more organized.

Compose a Rough Draft

The first draft always takes a long time. Composing all the main points and delivering high-quality content can be challenging. Your rough draft should have:

  • All the main points you have taken down as notes in the margins;
  • All the things you want to cover;
  • Include information you have found out through background reading and group discussions.

Edit and Proofread

Once you have written everything in detail, then edit and proofread the document. Remove unnecessary points and add more information and details. Improve the flow of the content and make sure everything gels in well. If you find this step difficult, hire proofreading services.

Structure of an Academic Paper

The structure of an academic paper is clearly defined. Every persons writing style is different, but you must focus on the different sections of a paper to write a compelling writing assignment.

The introduction leads to the methods section from which the results are derived, and the last part is about analyzing them. Let us take a look at the structure of a research paper:


Spell out the research question in the introductory paragraph. The process of writing an introduction seems difficult, but if you are focused, you can write an interesting introduction. The intro should not be a repetition of facts. But it should reflect what the topic is about, give some background information, and offer a prelude to the literature review. You should mention the following information in an introductory paragraph of your entire paper.

  • Why is this particular study important?
  • Is there anything lacking in the present study?
  • What is the future scope of the study?
  • What will this particular topic address?


This section refers to the methodology used to extract the data. This section is more detailed, concrete, and technical than the rest of the paper. The study setting, methods used to find the data, questionnaires and surveys, data collection tools and instruments, and different analysis strategies are all mentioned in the methods section.


This section is fact-based and straightforward. All results related to the research question are given in detail, stating simple percentages. You can also enrich the results section of your writing assignment by giving details and tables of non-essential results. This will show how much in-depth knowledge you have about the topic.


This part of the entire paper gives you the most liberty, which is one of the main reasons it is difficult to pin down. You can give your perspective, but you cant share your personal experience in the research paper. Providing detailed discussion and giving insight into what the research is all about is one of the key assertions you have to make in the discussion.

Reference List

From where the information is mentioned should be given in a reference list. Make a listless complicated. Dont add references to unpublished work, or else it will reflect badly on your entire papers quality.

We hope our detailed guide to writing an academic paper will help you succeed. If you dont have enough time to write it from scratch or dont have the required writing skills, you can hire our paper writing services. In case you are writing it on your own, then remember that the citation style (e.g. MLA, APA, Harvard, etc), formatting, and page numbers must also be mentioned in the paper.

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